Makeup, hairstyle and dress for the mother on New Year

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22 May 2016

're not much time before the New Year holidays.And we women, even when they are in an interesting position, I want to look great.Feminine image is composed of the following factors: well-chosen dress, beautiful hair and perfect makeup.

Makeup, hairstyle and dress for pregnant on New 2014

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Secrets festive make-up for pregnant women on New Year

Makeup gives a complete image, a woman adds mystery and hides minorlimitations.A pregnant woman a daily make-up is not necessary - and it is so beautiful on its naturalness.But New Year's Eve - it's still a reason to look at 100%.Pregnancy brings about changes in the appearance of a woman, and therefore -up for pregnant women is different from the makeup, which was previously .
Makeup for pregnant on New 2014

appearance of age spots, skin problems (the skin is dry or vice versa, oily), the occurrence of acne - with that faced by many pregnant women.Therefore, make-up for pregnant should not be provocative, bright .
Makeup pregnant on New Year

Where to start?

  • First you need to hide the blemishes using makeup base.You can use cream or powder creams bright colors.
  • then apply shadow or use eyeliner .To make emphasis on the eyes, ieto make them more effective, you should use a pencil in a tone line with the applicable Eye shadows.
  • After that - give length and volume of your lashes using mascara.It has to be hypoallergenic, however - like the entire cosmetics, which uses a pregnant woman.Lipstick or gloss is necessary to create the desired image and try to outline the lips and the corners were flawless, high quality traced.
  • At the end of makeup can emphasize cheekbones using a blusher .To do this, apply blush from the temples to the corners of the mouth, then the person is visually acquire an oval shape, and it will seem fresh.

Makeup pregnant on New Year

What hairstyles are comfortable and beautiful New Year's Eve?

for beautiful hairstyles need to apply styling products (foams, gels, mousses, varnishes, etc.).But you - the expectant mother, and from that time until the baby is in your womb, should care about the health of the baby .So you need less contact with the chemical cosmetics.
Hairstyle pregnant for the New Year

Hairstyles for pregnant women can be done on the basis of harmless natural products .For example, as the gel can be used soaked gelatin in water , instead of lacquer - sugar syrup .
Hairstyle pregnant for the New Year
always trend will «ponytails" and a variety of bundles .

Mom having long hair black or dark brown color (the color of the hair in the coming 2014 will be the most popular, according to many stylists), will present a Christmas queen of the night, if he does hair "ponytail», example,so:

  • Hairstyle pregnant for the New Year wash my hair;
  • lower his head down and dry the hair dryer;
  • do a little bouffant hair basal;
  • of hair to create a tail to put on a broad and elastic cloth;
  • own tail comb or you can just cheat on curlers or with the ironing.

Maternity best suited hairstyles with medium length hair , when the hair is at shoulder level.

too short hair emphasize your round face, and visually it will seem even rounder.
Hairstyle pregnant for the New Year

If your hair require painting (there was a touch of gray), you can change to the usual synthetic natural hair color - for example, henna or basma .
Hairstyle pregnant for the New Year
Choose a hairstyle that, first of all, will like you - and then just make you look attractive and radiate good cheer.

Fashion Christmas dresses for pregnant women on New Year

New Year's Eve - a great excuse to wear a dress.In stores now huge selection of beautiful and stylish clothes for pregnant , so pick up a great dress for New Year's pregnant is not difficult.
Make-up, hairstyle and outfit for the mother in the New 2014
Make-up, hairstyle and outfit for the mother in the New 2014
Dresses for pregnant women in the New 2014

In the early stages of pregnancy, when the stomach is not so visible, it will be good to sit dress-case .Fashion focuses on the details - for all sorts of drapery, asymmetric tops or bottoms, non-standard forms of the bodice.Emphasize the feminine look dress-case on the floor.
Dresses for pregnant women in the New 2014

In the later stages of pregnancy glamorous look dresses in the Empire style , which are characterized by deep neck bodice, long skirt with pleats and high waistline.These dresses not only hide round belly, but also will give the comfort and convenience of the expectant mother and the V - shaped neck profitable emphasize chest.

this season popular models of dresses in the Empire style, both strapless and decorated with lace or rhinestones .Fashionable dresses are made of light silk or chiffon pleated.
Dresses for pregnant women in the New 2014
Dresses for pregnant women in the New 2014

Furor produce dress with naked back .You can pick up a dress for a holiday or a floor-length to the knee.
Dresses for pregnant women in the New 2014

dress that fits clearly pregnant - it dress in Greek style .These dresses are made of air, light, weightless fabrics in you emphasize femininity, softness, brittleness.The figure looks in proportion and on the chest and tummy to make a beautiful accent.
Dresses for pregnant women in the New 2014

Today especially popular asymmetrical dress with a high waist long cut direct silhouette with draped skirt and bare shoulders.This combination of contrasting pregnant fashionista leave a lasting impression.
Dresses for pregnant women in the New 2014
special role is played in such dresses accessories .It can be thrown, precious stones or other decorations.

to carefully prepare for a long-awaited holiday, you will meet New Year unforgettably .In the future, after the appearance of the child, will be with the warmth and nostalgia to remember this celebration and your interesting position.