How to choose the right clothes for the type of figure - the right advice to help

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22 May 2016

How to choose the right clothes for the type of figure All women, without exception, dreaming about the ideal shape to be able to wear the most diverse clothes.But as you know, the ideal in nature occurs infrequently, and therefore the fair sex has to go to all sorts of tricks to make their shape better - at least visually.Today we'll talk about how to choose the right clothes to his type of figure.

content of the article:

  • main types of female figures
  • How to choose the right clothes to the type of trapezoid shape
  • Type Triangle - select the right clothes
  • correct choice of clothes for a "square" type figure
  • Best Choiceclothing for women with hourglass figure type

main types of female figures

Types of female figures in the design of women's clothing is divided into four main types of female figures:

  • line, cone type, pear (hips much wider than shoulders, waist brightexpressed).
  • Triangle (shoulders significantly wider than the hips).
  • rectangle, or a flat type (proportional to the shoulders and hips, the waist is not expressed).
  • Hourglass, round typ
    (shoulders and hips are proportional, pronounced waist).

How to choose the right clothes to the type of trapezoid shape

Body type trapeze women with such a figure will approach clothes with poluprileganiem .Such type of shape completely contraindicated fitting, tight clothing, as it will only accentuate flaws.Direct styles of clothing for women with this type of figures should be avoided, as they make the silhouette is very heavy, with massive bottom.

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Skirts skirt women with type trapezium shape is recommended to choose a length below the knee, flared, trapezoidal or wedges.The skirt should be sure to expand downwards, you can wear skirts, tailored on the bias.The color of the skirt is better to choose black, gray, brown - all soft, desirable dark colors.Women should avoid large prints on the skirt, decorative stitching on the hips, waist to hips.If the woman still wants to wear a tight skirt, pencil skirt, then it certainly should be selected elongated cardigans and tunics that cover a broad thighs.A woman can draw attention to a suit with a short jacket or semiadherent it profitable emphasize the dignity and hide figure flaws.

pants or jeans
How to choose trousers with the figures?Women with trapezoidal type of shape can not wear pants, wide at the hips, because they further increase the already wide hips.It is best in this situation semiadherent suit trousers classic style, with legs straight line can be slightly narrowed or extended to the ankle.But much narrowed down trousers, especially when a cut wide at the hips, women with type figure "trapeze" should be avoided, as they are strongly increase the already massive thighs.Women can pay attention to the trouser suit, which pants are made in a classic cut, free cut and jacket with poluprileganiem (but not direct), up to the line groin.Colors for the trouser suit is necessary to choose the quiet, dark - black, gray, dark blue, brown.Jeans preferred dark tones need to buy direct, you can - with a little low waistline.The trousers and jeans shows a flared from mid-thigh.

Blouses, tunics.
These things in the wardrobe of a woman with a trapezoidal type of shape should preferably be light colored (you must wear them with a dark bottom, to align the imbalance figure).Blouses better to buy plain, pastel tones.

Dress Dress a woman should choose a form-fitting.Because of the hips need to divert attention, you need to focus on the chest in the form of interesting cutout decorations, original collar, trim, flaps and pockets.Dresses (like blouses), you can choose pink, purple, white, light blue, light green shades.Dresses women with type figure "Keystone" is best to choose from flying, flowing, light fabrics that drape perfectly and do not create volume.

woman with a trapezoidal figure is better to abandon the use of straps and belts.If, however, a woman wants to use straps in clothes, preference should be given to the most narrow, and put them on a dress or tunic with poluprileganiem freely without pulling the waist is very strong.The shoe should be avoided massive heel can be a pin or a small neat heel of medium length.Ballerinas wear is not recommended.

Type Triangle - select the right clothes

Body type trapeze Women with this type of figure is necessary to focus on clothing waist and hips .Top clothes is preferable to choose dark colors, and the bottom - the lighter can be bright, with bold prints.

blouses, tunics, sweaters
These things in the wardrobe of a woman with type figure "triangle" must have no horizontal and vertical stripes.Show more patterns.Cut is best to have a V-shaped pockets have to be quite large.Jackets better to choose not direct, and form-fitting.Ton clothing should prevail cold dark blue, burgundy red, green.

Women with type figure "triangle" can wear any pants cut.Good will look light colored jeans, light pants, trouser suit with vertical stripes.

length skirts for women with this type of shapes can be any - most importantly, to allow the legs to wear short or long skirts.Fabric is better to choose light, warm colors, very well, if it is an oblique strip or cell.On the skirts can also be a variety of prints, patterns, pattern, lace, valves and pockets.

Belt woman with a triangular type is better to choose a figure, and it must be worn with a wide skirt or trousers.From jewelry to be preferred different long beads and chains, pendants pretty massive, sloping down almost to her waist.

correct choice of clothes for a rectangular type shape

Body type box women of this type must be to focus on the waist to create a slim silhouette, the right proportions , emphasizing the dignity of the items of clothing.From wide clothing should be discarded, preferring semiadherent silhouette.You must choose a geometric pattern in the clothing, but not wavy lines.The clothes should be avoided lapels, winding joints, big dissection horizontally in prints or in a cut of clothes.

blouses, tops, blouses, jackets.
Shirts and blouses must have a length just below the waist, have a slightly fitted, it is possible - with the Basques below the waist.Sleeves do not need to do extensive.Very good these women will cut sleeve "raglan".Jackets must be purchased straight cut, in any case not excessively shortened.Top of better withstand quite juicy shades - red, blue, green and cream, warm beige.Jackets women can choose this style "Chanel".Jackets, cardigans and coats you can choose short or long straight.Women of small stature can be worn short jackets, shoes pretty high heels.

Skirts Skirts
to representatives of the triangular type of figure you need to acquire or to sew without a belt, with a low slung, their color should be combined with the upper part of the garment.

these women dresses will suit straps, straight cut.You can not wear a dress, trapeze dress-cylinders, because they are visually increase the waist region, and hence - will portray the woman kilograms, of which she is not in sight.Women with a rectangular type of shape, you can wear a tight-fitting dress and a jacket-cut dress, dress in the style of "safari".Round deep cut is best avoided.Cutout on dresses and blouses must be V-shaped, oval or square.Visually help reduce the waist bodice and a lush full skirt of the dress.

woman in trousers with a rectangular type shape to avoid any extremes - too wide or too narrow, overly bright, etc.If the legs are beautiful, the woman could not afford to wear capris.

belts and straps woman rectangular type of shape is best not to wear, because they will only highlight the problem.Talia is necessary to emphasize only the brim clothing.The shoes should be heeled mid-length, flat platform or sole, depending on the selected sets of clothing.If a woman still wants to wear the belt, it should be chosen with the buckle of his geometric forms, and on top of her blouse to wear a jacket or tunic, covering the sides of the belt, to reduce the visual waist.

best selection of clothing for women with hourglass figure type

Body type hourglass Owners of this type of figure can afford to put on anything, it will be all right and to the point .The clothes need to avoid excessive volume - things have to have a clear form, otherwise the dignity of the figure simply get lost under the folds of matter.

Closet Trouser women with type figure "hourglass" has to have things with a low waistline.Very wide pants will look good only in combination with contrasting blouse and a belt or corset.Under blue jeans can be worn classic cut and blouses juicy colors - for example, red, green.With slender legs on such women will look very good shorts.

Skirts and dresses
These things in the locker room owner "circular" type pieces can be completely arbitrary.In harmony owner well be a mini dresses and skirts.Skirts can be high-waisted, will look good pencil skirt.In the evening the woman of this type of figure can wear a long dress with a very curvy bottom.

As for belts, belts, thin straps at the waist, a woman with an hourglass figure type can afford to wear whatever she wants, without any restrictions.Her figure is not even a ruin and a tight belt, girdle, which tends to hide the waist.Heels that woman can choose any - from very low to high heels studs.