Bags Schatz Austria - new collections, quality, price, reviews

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23 May 2016

Bags Schatz Austria - new collections, quality, price, reviews Austrian brand Schatz, specializing in the production of bags, is a real and very serious competitor to the leading Italian brands.

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content of the article:

  • Features brand Schatz
  • For whom are the collection Schatz?
  • most fashionable collection of bags Schatz
  • Price bags Schatz
  • Reviews of shoppers bags Schatz

Features brand Schatz, set it apart from competitors

main criteria of the company are expressed in the position, which is to promote:

  • highest quality;
  • originality in the design of the model;
  • affordable prices;
  • replenishing the collections.

Using only high quality Italian materials and accessories, the collection Schatz made not only from genuine leather and synthetic.There are
brand Schatz from the sea of ​​diverse bags

  • variety of design and colors;
  • original production design, the use of accessories, the choice of colors and color combinations;
  • present Austrian quality in every
    thing from the legs to the technologies used in the production;
  • Stylishness, practicality and harmony each model;
  • diversity of the lineup;
  • Follow all the latest fashion trends;
  • highly experienced designers;
  • prices that are accessible to everyone , when the abolition of the quality of products.

Without exaggeration: brand Schatz able to translate into reality any of your dreams.

For someone created a collection of bags Schatz?

Variety collection of Schatz allows any woman of any age any preferences on everyone, even the most unconventional case, find her purse, in harmony not only with clothes, but also appropriate to the mood.
brand manufactures a line of bags as a casual , and evening model , par youth stylish, classic and sports options accessories.

most fashionable collection, rulers, trends fashion bags and accessories Schatz

Bags Schatz Austria - new collections, quality, price, reviews

Wonderful roomy bag for every day of high quality leather.Excellent keeps its shape, it can accommodate A4-size documents.Stylish, strong, bags are made in a classic style with embossed crocodile skin.Bag closes with a zipper.Short handles are not adjustable in length, allowing you to carry the bag in the crook of the elbow or hand.At the bottom are metal legs.Outside the bag has two zippered pockets - one on the front, the other - on the back.
inside the bag has two large departments with a pocket-separator with zipper.Location inside pockets traditional: at the rear of the bag - zippered pocket for documents on the front side - two open pockets for mobile phone and small things.

Bags Schatz Austria - new collections, quality, price, reviews
This classic bag also made with embossed reptile skin .The unusual form of attractive bags immediately draws attention to themselves.The stylish design is complemented zipper flap with the logo of the brand.Furthermore bag closes with a zipper.Short handles are not adjustable in length and allow you to carry the bag in your hand or just in the crook loktya.Ee important advantage - capacity (A4-size documents), the presence of metal feet on the bottom, to the same bag keeps excellent shape.
Outside pocket bag is complemented by a zipper.Inside - two large department divided zip pocket and three pockets - for documents on the rear wall to the smallest detail - on the front.

Bags Schatz Austria - new collections, quality, price, reviews
This bag not only spacious and stylish, but also very elegant .Sufficiently long handles are not adjustable in length, but are allowed to wear a handbag like the crook of arm and shoulder.Bag closes with a zipper at the bottom, there are metal legs.Outside, there is no additional pockets.
internal space is conveniently organized: spacious main department provided with a plurality of pockets.Two pockets on the rear wall of the zipper, the third - the open.On the front wall also are two additional open pockets.

Bags Schatz Austria - new collections, quality, price, reviews
small stylish handbag very convenient.A long strap allows you to wear it on the shoulder.The handbag is complemented by an external zip pocket on the back wall and an inner pocket as well zippered.

Bags Schatz Austria - new collections, quality, price, reviews
Stylish bag with the logo of the brand made of genuine high quality leather.Not long handle allows you to carry a handbag on the forearm or shoulder.Itself bag closes with a zipper.Outside, there is an additional zipped pocket.The inner space of the same very well structured.Divided into two parts as the main space is equipped with pockets for small items that will keep in order all the necessary things.

Bags Schatz Austria - new collections, quality, price, reviews
Stylish bag made of high-quality leather , attract attention with its bright and original color scheme.Besides roomy bag (put it on A4 paper).Short leather handles, attached to the purse rings, allow to carry it in your hand and forearm.At the bottom are metal nozhki.Sumka keeps the shape well.
pocket zipper divider divides the inner space into two parts.Additional pockets - on the back of her purse on the front - will keep the documents and all the little things right.

Price bags Schatz

cost of brand handbags Schatz is very diverse and varies from 1480 to 8950 rubles .

Do you like Handbags Schatz?Reviews shoppers

Alevtina, 28 years
I really like this company.Bags are stylish, comfortable, roomy.But the main advantage of the brand - value for money.Even if you do not have a lot of money, you can still choose from a handbag like Schatz.This is one of the few brands that monitor the quality.Even the cheapest models still look stylish and very high quality made.
Excited about bags, I recommend to everyone.

Vasilisa, 36 years
latest collection, in my opinion, not the best.Classic bags presented in dark colors - black and brown or quite shocking color combinations and designs.In general, either for ladies, or for the very young.A bit disappointed - planned to buy a new bag for every day, but never picked up anything.We'll have to wait for the new collection - a favorite brand did not change.Bags from Schatz not only quality, but also undemanding in care: usually need only wipe the dirt, do not even have to use special wipes.

Galina, 45 years
Listen girlfriend and decided to buy a handbag from Schatz.Overall satisfied: a cheap brand, quality products.However, I can not say that a good choice of models.Classic bags are not very impressed with the choice of any color or style.Although the sock were very comfortable form of well-kept, can hold documents in A4 format and it does not look huge.
Overall satisfied.I recommend.

Rosa, 18
been looking for a handbag that would be inexpensive, but the quality (so that you can wear every day), and at the same time stylish.She found his dream in the new collection Schatz.Honestly - Seller assurances about the quality did not believe.Well, can not really cost so much high-quality bag.But the model I liked so much that she decided to buy it - though how many Ponos.I wear for a long time - like a new bag.Paint quality - not oblazali, not painted.A couple of times thinking that will scratch - but no, material quality and excellent skin treatment.So I recommend to everyone - you will not regret!