Educational cartoons for children under one year

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06 May 2016

Educational cartoons for children under one year-round development of the baby - the duty of every responsible and caring mother.But mom sometimes you need just a little rest.What distract the child to a year, to win for five or ten minutes of rest?There are many options - educational toys and cartoons.However, it is worth remembering that watching television for more than fifteen minutes a day for such crumbs - is harmful.

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  • What you can watch cartoons for children up to a year?
  • development of children with special cartoon
  • Should we show cartoons for children up to a year?
  • Rating cartoons for children up to a year - the top 10
  • Reviews parents about developmental cartoons for children under one year

What cartoons should show the children under one year?

What children watch cartoons to a year all "advanced" parents know best cartoons for kids - the ones that promote all-round development, and are able to captivate a child .

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for this age, there are special educational cartoo

ns in which kids will learn a lot of new and interesting in many different directions.For example:

  • about parts of the body shown in toys and other characters.
  • About cities and villages.
  • about flora and fauna.
  • about fruits and vegetables.
  • about numbers and figures.

children up to a year and developing cartoons

What children watch cartoons to a year

  • Music. Educational cartoons for tots up to a year combines video footage and pleasant sound number.Cartoon Characters appear under quality classical music, which is very convenient for children who are just beginning to show interest in the world around them.
  • fauna. Animated cartoons are good for the children the opportunity to see the animals, hear their voice and remember the main differences between animals.
  • Artists. Cartoons from the field of culture, dedicated to artists, arts, children are introduced to the process of drawing.Thanks to these cartoons, the children very early start to draw, since seven or eight months, feeling a craving for beauty.
  • of serial cartoons for comprehensive development.These cartoons are intended to teach the child the most basic words and look at the subject from the outside world.The usual amount of information one of the series - this is the minimum, which is easily absorbed by the baby.Vivid characters contribute to a more rapid absorption of the material.

Should we show cartoons for children up to a year?

Of course, the benefits of developing the cartoon can not speak.Undoubtedly, the benefits are there.Moreover, a double - and the baby is developing, and mom can relax a little.But it is not necessary to abuse the TV.In such "early years" more than twenty minutes watching TV every day - it's points that have to carry in the school.

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Educational cartoons and psyche of the child

Can I watch cartoons for children up to a year Controversy over "Should I look up, the kid cartoons?" And "If there is, what to look at?" Does not fade away, probably never.No clear answers to such questions - every parent solves this problem by himself.Of course, the cartoons - one of the favorite pastimes of options for crumbs.But how do they affect the child's development?And affect it?What you should know , before their child to put on the screen?

  • child at this age should not be watching TV for more than twenty minutes a day .Firstly, he is just not able to concentrate on the cartoon for so long, and secondly, it is harmful to children's eyes.
  • best choice cartoons - developing .View online or download them today can be on many sites.
  • high level of crumbs, which is achieved by developing cartoons - is a myth.Of course, the cartoons themselves will be able to enrich the inner world of the child's new images, but no more.
  • most effective method of offspring - is live teacher .And if we really want to rest well, then sit down while watching the movie next to the baby and comment on what is happening on the screen.In this case, the benefit is much greater.

What cartoons selected by the parents?Rating cartoons for children up to a year - the top 10

What children watch cartoons to a year

  1. Tiny Love
  2. Riddles Jesse
  3. Cartoons Ruby and Yo-Yo
  4. Ozzie Boo
  5. Luntik
  6. Cartoons for Kids: Hopley
  7. Little Raccoon
  8. Adventures of Lolo penguin
  9. Prankish Dino
  10. Cheburashka

And what your kids are watching cartoons?Reviews parents about developmental cartoons for children under one year

- We watched Baby Einstein.However, in very limited doses.Purely for fun and development.I can not say that cartoons are developing strongly, but the child squeaked with delight, and I could not resist.But in general I think that it is better to start showing cartoons after a year.

- Children under a year, I'm sure you can not watch TV at all.Any doctor will confirm it.I'm in this sense - the absolute conservative.TV for such a tiny man - this is a serious burden on the mind and vision.Do you want a healthy baby, read a story better.

- We watch cartoons Sahakyants Robert, Professor of Child and toddler Entshteyna.Gradually look.Son really like the quality of the cartoons for children.Ten minutes a day is no longer permitted.

- Has downloaded Fixico daughter, toddler, and I can do anything.It stares.Fifteen minutes soak, then it begins to be distracted - just turn it off.I do not see any harm in cartoons, if they are, of course, age.Of course, sitting at the TV until you're blue you can not, but half an hour a day (a couple of times to 15 minutes) - normally.

- my sonny long time watching cartoons.Most love the world of insects.And I, our, domestic "spill" put - Buttermilk, penguin Lolo, Caution, monkeys and so on.And Masha Bear with our family baldeem.))

- Our daughter will not even have dinner without the movie.)) But best of all they know.Twenty minutes maximum, then strictly button "off".Even yelps not.Cartoons put only useful.Every American trash is not included.I think a reasonable everything is good.

- We have reviewed almost all cartoons, many - twice.Most Blanche son loves lamb and Dasha Diego.Our old Russian does not like cartoons - frowning, yawning.Do not want to watch.But put such as Hopley - do not tear.

- My daughter looked up to a year, "I can do all things."However, I was sitting next to, and explains.Excellent multi, perfect music.No words - I myself commented.11 Months favorite cartoon was "Professor toddler."And now (already more than a year) - Soviet cartoons watching with joy (about a kitten with Lizyukova, Just You Wait, Gena Cheburashka and so forth.).

- I do not know, cartoons have played a role, or something else, but my son forms and different colors already knew a half years.And now I remember the numbers and letters teaches.I think that an integrated approach is needed.If you put cartoons clever and useful, and combine them with additional employment, the effect can not be.Cartoons than good?They carried away!It's the same thing with the book: if read monotonously, the baby just fell asleep.And if the people, the colors, and with an expression of puppetry, the child carried away and many will remember.

- We "Tiny Fishing" looked.Cartoons really helpful.The child clearly responds - heroes smiles repetitive movements even laughs.If the palm slap in the cartoon, then he repeats after him.And Masha and the Bear look at all, opening his mouth and throwing open little eyes.))

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