Clean the apartment every day and do not spend the weekend cleaning: the ideal schedule for a week

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
16 April 2016

Reliable cleaning of the apartment for a week performing housework, the woman has to reckon with their interests, hobbies and desires - washing, cooking and cleaning can not be postponed, these things require a lot of time and effort in their daily decision.More difficult to account for those women who are working or who have a small child that needs constant attention.As a routine house cleaning to do business easy, gradual?

content of the article:

  • it possible to dispense with the general cleaning of the apartment?
  • Basic Principles cleaning schedule for the week - what to consider
  • ideal schedule for a week cleaning of the apartment, which takes a little time

it possible to dispense with the general cleanings apartment?So

opened that cleaning of the apartment often leave at the end of the week .Since the majority of women in everyday work often takes place in the cleaning of free days, which is good to use for the rest - on Saturday and Sunday.How to make the cleaning housing spread evenly over all the days week, spending it is not so much time?

Attempts to create a cleaning schedule, a certain order for Home Affairs have always been.In some housewives it acquires a certain algorithm and was part of everyday life, and the other mistresses, without achieving success throwing this venture and returned to his old usual schedule.In 1999 the West came even such a thing as «flayledi» («finally loving yourself» - or "finally love yourself!») , which marked a movement housewives suckroutine household chores, and trying to give them some sort of orderly system , uniform in the week and easily workable.This progressive model housekeeping immediately start to conquer the world, and today, many housewives use it with pleasure to organize such uninteresting, but it is always necessary work.

to housing was clean and tidy, you must much work one day a week or little busy household every day .When a reasonable and thoughtful plot harvesting apartments weekend - Saturday and Sunday - you can exclude from them, leaving them only for rest and favorite things.Below we present an indicative timetable cleaning apartments , which will help you unload your free time at the weekend, dedicating it more enjoyable pursuits.

Basic Principles cleaning schedule for the week - it is necessary to take into account in drawing up

cleaning the apartment for a week the most important thing - to achieve a uniform distribution work on weekdays, otherwise the whole procedure was organized sooner or later "break", ceases to exist.

  1. Reliable cleaning of the apartment for a week number of rooms in the house - they should be divided into five zones (eg: 1. Kitchen. 2. Entrance hall, toilet and bathroom. 3 bedrooms, dining room. 4. Nursery. 5. Living room,Balconies. ).
  2. Some "zones" should be removed more often than others - for example, a toilet, kitchen, bathroom, children's room.In addition to the day assigned to them, a little cleaning in these areas must be carried out, for example, every other day.
  3. to cleaning does not become a routine matter, you must provide a maximum of convenient and effective means for her and accessories - mop with nozzles, a vacuum cleaner with water filter, wet wipes for furniture, household detergents and cleaning chemicals, gloves on his hands.
  4. Despite the fact that every day you have a maid to a certain area, it devote no more than 15 minutes .Believe me, it's enough to make a clean one or two rooms, vigorously moving.Those women who lack the exercises can use this time to maintain a healthy body.
  5. for cleaning encouraged to include any music , that you like, or audio books - so you'll be at the same time to clean up, and "read".

ideal schedule for a week cleaning of the apartment, which takes a little time

Monday we - kitchen cleaning .If the kitchen has a balcony or a closet - these places also need to make Reliable cleaning of the apartment for a week clean.We begin cleaning the kitchen to the farthest lockers, locker under the sink, behind the refrigerator .First, you need to spill detergent powder on the surface of the plate, in the sink - it will help the old fat is easier to "move."Rearranging jars and dishes in the cabinets, wipe the shelves underneath, door locker.Once a week you need to wash the hood , and once in two weeks - clean filters her.Start cleaning necessary with cleaning the kitchen cabinets, then you need to wash the oven, stove and sink, complete cleaning washing floor.

Tip: order to clean the cabinets took as little time, as all the products and items were ordered and were in plain sight, it is recommended to buy the banks for the storage of bulk products, and not to store cereals, pasta in pouches, from which theycan easily wake up.

this day we remove hallway, toilet and bathroom .First, apply the cleaner to Reliable cleaning of the apartment for a week enamel bath, the sink, the toilet, so it began to operate.Then you need to sprinkle means for tile walls bath, toilet, wiping them with a dry cloth, rubbing to shine.Rinse plumbing, be sure to wipe with a dry cloth, nickel-plated surface - shelves, faucets, handles lockers, shower rack.If they remain very much plaque is recommended remedy lime in spray or gel.When you are finished with the plumbing, it is necessary wipe the mirror in the bathroom, washing machine, shelves , wash the floors.In the hallway, you must first clean up the mess in the closet before the door, on the hanger - remove the clothes that nobody puts, put in packages and storing it winter hats, sort those things that need to be washed before storing in the closet.Shoes should be wiped, leaving the door only those pairs that you and your pets wear, the other pair of shoes should be removed in the closet.In the hallway to wipe furniture, do not forget about the front door - it should be cleaned and on the inside and from the outside.At the end of cleaning, clean the floor, on the street and shake mats to lay at the door.

Tip: to housekeeping in the hallway and in the bathroom did not take long, and teach his household to wipe over a tile in the bathroom after a shower, clean the sink from toothpaste and a bar of soap to wash, cleaned every day and clean her shoes for storagetime without accumulating on the threshold.

Reliable cleaning of the apartment for a week Wednesday.
this day you take away bedroom and dining room .The bedroom is necessary, first of all, remove things in place , change linens, made the bed.Since this room is always a lot of things, dust must be cleaned very carefully, carpet - vacuumed.On painted surfaces you must first remove the dust with a dry cloth without any means.Then, the same process space cloth coated with a special tool for lacquered surfaces, polishing furniture to shine , achieving it is completely dry to avoid divorce.In the dining room should be wiped with furniture, which is tableware, kick back chairs, picture frames, vacuum the carpets.As a result, you need to wash the floors.

Tip: that dust does not accumulate in the week, the furniture in the bedroom should be cleaned daily.Good will work tool for furniture with antistatic effect - will be less dust.Things you must not pass the buck in the chair, and hung in a closet or send in laundry basket.

Reliable cleaning of the apartment for a week Thursday should be removed in nursery , and incidentally you can do washing laundry in a washing machine , ironing dried laundry.On this day, we can take it a rule watering houseplants , wipe the furniture and flooring on the balconies, clean shoes, clothes repair.

Tip: to underwear after washing did not have long to steam when ironing with ropes need to shoot it a little wet, are stacked, and stroke - the next day.For cleaning baby's room did not take long, you need a week to teach a child to clean up after themselves all the toys and things fall into place.At first, this process is not very fast, but then it will be a child honed to automaticity.

Friday.Reliable cleaning of the apartment for a week
the last day of the working week is necessary to clean up the living room , it needs to wipe the furniture, appliances, vacuum the carpets, wipe the windows, wash the floors.All extra stuff have to get out of this room during the week , and then the order will always be in the living room.If cleaning the living room is small, then on Friday, you can wash the floors, a stove, a sink in the kitchen, clean the plumbing, mirror and flooring in the hallway, toilet and bathroom.

Tip: to Friday you do not have to literally shovel of living things thrown in the household, toys, set a rule that during the week, all these things have spread in its place.

Reliable cleaning of the apartment for a week Thus, the working week is over, clean house maintained properly.Two of the upcoming weekend, you can devote recreation, hobbies, cooking delicious lunches and dinners, walks with the child .Products can also be purchased among the working week, one evening , to the weekend you have not spent time for standing in line.Here is a sample list of necessary products for a week.Most small business cleaning can be performed at the weekend - for example, away in dresser in closet with toys, pet wash it, to fix the clothes that requires repair .In Saturday should be thoroughly cleaned shoes , dry it well and polish cream, suitable for this type of material.Napkins to wipe the dust should be well rinsed in water and dry - cleaning next week.