Choose an apron in the kitchen - do it wisely

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17 April 2016

Choose an apron in the kitchen - do it wisely Kitchen in the house - it's like home.They spend a lot of time the whole family, but especially women.At the same time, any housewife dreams of a comfortable and beautiful kitchen, which, moreover, in no case should not take a lot of time washing.Therefore, all the thinking not only about what practical flooring for the kitchen, but also about the design of the apron.After all, it can be both functional and aesthetic.

content of the article:

  • Why do you need an apron in the kitchen?
  • The most common materials for kitchen aprons
  • color apron in the kitchen
  • Reviews mistresses of the kitchen aprons

Why do you need an apron in the kitchen?

Choose an apron in the kitchen - do it wisely Apron Kitchen called wall space, located above the countertop, sink and stove .It tends to get dirty very active during the cooking and washing dishes.So important is considered not only the beauty of design apron, and convenience in its cleaning.After all, very few people want to cook even after regular cleaning and waste time that could be devoted t

o family or leisure.

Apron protects the wall from splashes of fat and oil with hot pans from the particles of food that can fly in the preparation of different dishes that are not uncommon.

material kitchen apron What to choose?Pros and cons.

Ceramic -Cheap apron in the kitchen, and practical option for the thrifty housewives


  • Practicality and durability material, easy to clean.Choose an apron in the kitchen - do it wisely
  • neutral reaction water and cleaning products.
  • resistance to high temperatures and fire safety .
  • small dirt on the tile not very noticeable .
  • Long service.
  • wide range to select different colors and shapes.
  • Choice ready images or order your own.


  • relatively complex stacking, takes time.
  • Not everyone can cope with self-styling and quality.It usually takes a hand master .
  • Cost of this apron above costs apron made of plastic or MDF.
  • difficulty removing after a certain period of service.

Apron from MDF - a great kitchen design for little money


  • Choose an apron in the kitchen - do it wisely best price.
  • Fast implementation and low costs on the installation, which sometimes even free of charge, as a bonus from the company, which was acquired by MDF.
  • possibility of self-installation and withdrawal after the end of life.
  • easy combination with kitchen design , especially when choosing a skirt the color of countertops.


  • negative reaction to water and cleaning agents , which will eventually ruin this apron and appearance and form.
  • Weak fire- and poisonous substances during combustion.
  • low degree of aesthetics .

Glass apron - for kitchens with good ventilation

  • Choose an apron in the kitchen - do it wisely Originality , novelty and modernity.
  • Easy to wash and resistance to scouring powders.
  • ability to place actually selected images under glass up to the photos.


  • lacks universality on a combination of the interior.
  • easily contaminated and requires frequent washing.
  • hardened can deliver scratches with time.
  • Expensive .

Mosaic - an exclusive and stylish apron for your home

  • Choose an apron in the kitchen - do it wisely Spectacular and rich look , providing beauty and originality.
  • possibility of achieving harmony apron in combination with all the kitchen thanks to a wide color choice.
  • resistance when exposed to water and cleaners, spot removers.
  • resistance to temperature .


  • difficulty cleaning due to the large number of seams and joints.
  • required wizard for preparing the wall surface quality and laying of tiles.
  • high costs for the purchase of materials and payment for work on the installation.
  • need to use the best waterproof grout for joints , in order to prevent browning.
  • Difficult removal when changing apron.

savings and ease of installation - plastic apron kitchen

  • Choose an apron in the kitchen - do it wisely most economical of all.
  • Quick installation .
  • sufficient convenience washing .


  • may be neotmyvaemye spots .
  • weak resistance to scratches and deformation due to exposure to water and cleaning agents.
  • most less aesthetic .
  • releasing hazardous emissions some types of plastic.
  • high fire hazard when exposed to fire.
  • Isolation toxic poisons during combustion.

Mirrored apron - an exquisite decoration for the kitchen with good ventilation


  • visually enhances the space small kitchens.
  • unusual and attractive this design.


  • low degree of practicality .
  • Mirrors prone to fogging in contact with hot air.
  • The difficulty in maintaining cleanliness .
  • Daily housekeeping .

Metal Apron - modern monochrome hi-tech

  • Originality in high-tech style.
  • Resistance front of the fire.
  • Enough reasonable price .


  • clear visibility of any stains and splashes , which requires regular wiping.
  • weak combination with various other interiors.
  • required correct add individual elements of a different material to give comfort.
  • Certain metal hard enough to wash without leaving streaks.

color apron in the kitchen

There are some unique colors recommended.It all depends on personal desires .Still, you should not choose a very bright color, if it is not supported by the presence of other components in the interior of the same color.And in the event that there are difficulties in the selection of the desired color, the designers are advised to give preference white , as suitable for any other color and design kitchen.The practicality of this color shows a good side.

Choose an apron in the kitchen - do it wisely Thus, when choosing a skirt is best guided by their own needs and opportunities, rather than the desire to follow a trend or be "on the wave."Sometimes in fashion are completely impractical things created for beauty and admiration.We should not choose cheaper materials if you want to get on the apron a long service life, given that it takes only a few square meters, but at the same time plays an important role in giving beauty, individuality and comfort of your kitchen.

And what is your apron in the kitchen?

What is your kitchen apron?What to choose?We need feedback!

We apron mosaic is.Something already tired of 9 years.Ease average.This figure that drops and dirt can not see much, but washing is not very convenient.Now we decided to put a new kitchen decorative stone.However, first it is necessary in any way about the present, that happens.

Three years ago we were doing your kitchen.They decided on the countertop and wall panels in black.At first it was scary as it is, it will end up ugly and impractical, but still enjoyed it.

And you can just buy a ready-made apron and not to collect themselves.We have done so.Bought finished wall panel gray.By the way, it is very convenient indeed.

When my husband talked to the glass apron, I am not very happy.Preparing for the upcoming regular cleaning, everyday you can say.After some time had to admit that I was pleasantly surprised.For 3.5 months had never put things in large marafeta.So just wipe occasionally.Although water is constantly splashes from the sink when you wash the dishes.But why the drops are not visible after drying.