The list of necessary products for a month.

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
17 April 2016

List of products for one month Many housewives, especially just starting to learn the family life, seriously thinking about drawing up a specific list of necessary products for a month, some lists are divided into products for a week.And this is the right way.With access to such a list, you can not wrestle before each going to the store, and most importantly - it can be used properly to save the family budget.
content of the article:

  • example of a list of products a month
  • tips on improving basic list of products
  • principles of saving money to buy food
  • Tips housewives, their personal experience

detailed list of productsa month for a family

List of products for one month analyzing certain current economic situation, as well as market supply and demand, you can make a list of basic products month , which can be initially taken as a basis, and within a few months to edit and adapt "by itself", with a focusto the needs and financial capabilities of your family.It listed the points of which shall consist of wholesome and nutritious food.


  • Potatoes
  • Cabbage Carrot Tomatoes
  • Cucumber Garlic Onion
  • Beet greens


  • Apples Bananas
  • Oranges Lemons

dairy products:

  • Butter
  • Kefir Milk Sour
  • Curd Cheese Cream cheese


  • Fish (sardine, saury, etc)
  • Stew Peas
  • Corn
  • Condensed
  • Mushrooms

freezing meat products:

  • Meat set for soup (chicken, pork)
  • Drumsticks(thighs)
  • Beef Pork
  • fish (pollack, plaice, sole, etc.)
  • Fresh mushrooms (button mushrooms, mushrooms)
  • meatballs and burgers
  • dough flaky

Products for garnish:

  • Pasta (horns, feathers, etc.)
  • Spaghetti
  • Buckwheat Barley
  • Figure
  • Hercules
  • Corn grits
  • Peas

Other products:

  • Tomato
  • Honey Mustard
  • Vegetable oil
  • Eggs
  • Vinegar
  • Margarine
  • Flour
  • Yeast
  • Sugar and salt
  • Soda
  • Black and red pepper Bay leaves
  • Coffee
  • Black and green tea
  • Cocoa

Someone could add to that list their individual products, which have come to an end as quickly as the food - say, garbage bags, food bags and film, sponges for dishwashing .

hostess who loves to cook and often oven in the oven, of course, adds a here to test baking powder, vanilla, foil and special paper for cakes .
have family that lives a cat is sure to be a fad and the stern of the cat litter.

List of products for one month addition to adding some housewives are sure to delete some products that are not in demand in their family.People with vegetarian views and does opolovinili to this list.But the foundation is the basis, it serves to facilitate the preparation of their own list and can be transformed, somehow.

Tips for saving the family budget - how to buy a month only what you need?

In fact, a list of products is not so difficult.Be sure that you get to create your own list of products is necessary to your family.What will help you with this?

budget saving tips when buying a product:

  • List of products for one month Within two to three months write each of his purchase of products .Specifically, it was bought and in what quantity or weight.At the end of each month, summing up, laying everything on the shelves.You can even copy all nice and clean with a "draft."When you will 3 of the list , everything will fall into place.
  • can also try first make a rough menu days of a month in advance .This, of course, is not so simple.But efforts will show results.You will only need to calculate how much you need and what to prepare each dish and then calculate the result within 30 days.Over time, you will make adjustments to the list and it will be perfect.
  • If any perishable products and it is necessary to throw them, you should make a note and this , the next time to buy less, or else do not buy.

main principles of saving money when buying food

  1. List of products for one month need to go to the store with his only list in hand, otherwise there is a high probability buy extra products that are not necessary at all, hence it is a waste of money.
  2. Do not monthly, and even weekly purchases in conventional stores.In order to buy a variety of food products with a minimum wrap, you need to learn large hypermarkets your city and see where prices are most favorable.
  3. more favorable option is to purchase on wholesale bases .This option is useful only if you have personal transportation.Because usually, such bases are located on the outskirts of large cities.More profitable, if you agree to relatives and friends on joint procurement as wholesalers and even delivery products wholesalers.In this case, you do not have to spend on travel time and gasoline.

What do you get monthly?Family budget and spending.Reviews

Elvira: We have a lot of things growing in the garden: potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, raspberries and strawberries, beans.Also, my husband often goes fishing in the river, so it, too, we do not spend very rarely buy morskuyu.Nu a sample list of such, and the time on time is not necessary, almost always buy something that in the previous month did not buy.From fruit often take apples and pears, cereals - buckwheat, rice, peas and millet, buy meat from chicken and beef, smoked meat and ready beef, dairy products - butter, cheese, yogurt for kids and ice cream.In addition, every month demand canned meat and fish, tea often are candy, cookies, etc.For everyday purchases include bread, loaf, rolls, milk and yogurt.

Margarita: It seems to me that it is impossible to make any universal list.After all, everyone has different tastes.Here, for example, our family of two adults and one child 13 years.This is something to remember.No wonder if something zabyla.Myaso: beef, chicken breast, beef liver, ready minced ryba.Krupy: oatmeal, rice, millet and buckwheat, goroh.Muka, noodles, sunflower oil and butter, pasta izdeliya.MolochnokislyeProducts: milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, cheese, vegetables smetana.Sredi mainly potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions, several varieties zeleni.Frukty: apples, bananas and apelsiny.A mayonnaise, sugar, coffee beans, tea, eggsbread, sweet chayu.Pomimo to all this, there are many conservation and freeze their own production, so this type of products do not buy.

in my kitchen products never come to an end.Always short of what is needed for cooking - salt, sugar, butter and flour, various canned food, etc.Just when I opened the last packet of pasta, then I go to the refrigerator, on which hangs a sheet of paper, and I bring to the pasta.And so with each product.It turns out that I often do not list out for a month and a week.Plus, I cook at one time for three days, and plan meals in advance.Therefore, there is no such that the beginning of cooking, I suddenly realize that some of the desired component is not available at home.In this list there are fruits and vegetables on a mandatory basis.In general, each family a different budget, so you can not create a single list that is suitable for everybody.