Where can I go with a newborn - affordable fun parents with a child up to a year

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07 May 2016

We have gathered the best ideas of where to go to parents with a child in the first year after birth.

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And, above all, these ideas of family, "the publication of" guided mode newborn's needs and physical abilities .

Where to go parents with a child up to a year

content of the article:

  • 1-3 months
  • 4-8 months
  • 9-12 months

Mom After birth, life becomes a series of similar events feed - a walk -They showered - sleep.Occasionally, this chain is broken, "grand" campaigns in the medical center or clinic.

Such uniformity often leads to postpartum depression or complex "bad mother."For the active woman feels dissatisfaction with their lives and connects it with the birth of the child.And the thing is that you as a newborn needs time to adapt to the new conditions.And that does not mean - to adapt to the restrictions, it means - find a way to connect their desires with the development of your child .

Things to parents with a child 1-3 months?

  • at a photo shoot
    arrange a photo shoot of your baby may be using the services of a photographer or independently podsmotrev some ideas on the Internet.By the way, my mother's inspiration in photography sometimes turns into a professional hobby.
    Where to go parents with a child up to a year
  • CafĂ©
    First, choose a cafe not far from the house.The cozy atmosphere, soft music and a small number of visitors - that's the perfect place for your gatherings.Experienced mothers are advised not to use this sling, and take a car seat for the baby.So your child will be able to take a nap or play while you relax a bit.As for feeding, it is possible to take a special blanket or choose a bar with a separated room.
  • psychotherapist
    often after delivery, we are tempted to speak on topics of concern, but they are too intimate to others.Put in order thoughts and to establish harmony in itself will help you experienced psychologist.By the way, not necessarily choose a professional women.In fact, after the birth it is important to hear the men's solid stance on many issues.
  • a visit to relatives
    After 1 month, you can go with the newborn to visit relatives.The kid has got stronger, and you have recovered and are ready for positive communication.
    Where to go parents with a child up to a year
  • At a meeting with friends
    you will feel more comfortable if the girlfriend waiting, or already have children.You can simply collect their home or have a theme party.
  • on picnic in the forest park
    Yes, you - Mom and your life is full of worries, but no one bothers to organize a mini-walk outing.You can leave the city, or to restrict the nearest park.
    Where to go parents with a child up to a year
  • on your favorite show
    Follow exhibitions where you can go with your child, your municipal website.As soon as something good, take the sling, and feel free to go for new experiences.

where to go with the child of 4-8 months?

  • club Mom
    In large cities there are special clubs for Mom, where you can come with a child of any age.There you can socialize or find a friend to walk.Usually, there is a comfortable room for nursing or making baby food.
    Where to go parents with a child up to a year
  • jogging with a stroller
    very developed in Europe, the trend - sports mom.They are not looking for obstructions, they are looking for opportunities.The major European parks no one is surprised mom traveling with a stroller and Energize player in my ears.Thus, sports couples can keep the tradition of joint runs even with the birth of the baby.
  • shopping
    Typically, children are happy to regard the goods with his mother.Problems with movement does not occur, people will help you to pull a carriage and hold the door.But if you shop clothes, there is a problem fitting.In this case, it is best to take a friend who at the time to look after the baby.
    Where to go parents with a child up to a year
  • On slingotantsy
    There are large communities slingomam who organize dance classes.So you spend a pleasant time and get to know your baby with rhythmic movements.Happy mum - and happy baby!

Ideas for parents where to go with the baby 9-12 months

  • on the nature (of the city)
    With a child at this age can go for a day in advance by providing the opportunity to sleep in a stroller or gamachke.
    Where to go parents with a child up to a year
  • The park
    Such an approach will be different active behavior of the child.Most likely, during this time you do not relax, but definitely going to enjoy.
  • The mall
    in advance, make sure that your stroller is not stuck on the track of the escalator.
  • The restaurant
    go to a restaurant with her husband, and to miss a pair of glass of wine (of course, if the mother does not feed the baby breast) - ideal holiday for busy lives Mommy postpartum.It is unlikely that the baby will sleep, even if it is on the treatment of hours of sleep.It is better to take a favorite toy and baby sling.
    Where to go parents with a child up to a year
  • the exhibition of butterflies
    Ironically, it is this show like the kids, in the opinion of our mothers.
  • in children's play center
    In a year you will be some of the attractions available to play complex.In addition, you will not feel embarrassed for the loud behavior of the child, because there is everywhere the same kids.By age you fit the carousel, dance machines, water ducks.Once a maze with a dry swimming pool, trampoline and a small slide.Consider labile psyche of the child, and be prepared for the fact that the baby will sleep poorly, but in a smile.
  • The pool
    Where to go parents with a child up to a year
  • studio in child development
  • at the photo exhibition
  • The Museum
  • shopping toys
  • InZoo
    combine business with pleasure can be a walk around the zoo.The mass of useful experience, fresh air and protected area will help you to relax and enjoy with your baby.
    Where to go parents with a child up to a year
  • a massage
    joint massage by two therapists will relieve the strain in the lower back and soothe your child at bedtime.Since therapists can agree on a call at home in convenient time (half an hour after feeding).