How to care for furs and fur products in the home - housewives tips

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20 April 2016

1 Russian harsh and snowy winter makes people be warmed fur things.Finishing coats and fur hats are also prevalent - is beautiful, stylish and trends every winter fashion.But to the owners of these warm and beautiful things is always a question - how to clean them, how to take care of fur?

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  • 15 of the Care of fur Home
  • best means of home care for the fur

15 most important rules of care of fur at home - how to carefor fur?

  1. buying fur, it is necessary to determine the correct place in the home cabinets.The fur should not be tightly pressed against the walls of the cabinet or other things - he needs ventilation, cool and dry air .Fur products should be away from heating appliances and the sun's rays .2
  2. disastrous for fur are chemicals - hairspray, perfume, foundation.If a fur coat is in a room in which people smoke, it easily absorb the smell of cigarette smoke , and from it will be extremely difficult to get ri
    d of.
  3. hats made of fur or with fur trim should be stored, put on special block for storage, or three-liter jar , so they do not touch the fur edging cabinet shelves.If
  4. fur products was soaked in the rain, or scored a lot of snow, which subsequently melted, things should be well shake , removing moisture and "raising" the pile, and then put to dry in a ventilated area - and coats with furfur collars, fur vests - on hangers , hats - banks or blanks .For drying, you can not use heaters to dry over the stove, use a hair dryer, heater.
  5. If the product of the fur a little dirty, you must clean these places mixture of salt (sodium) and ammonia , the proportion of 3 to 1. Brushing should be a soft cloth or a sponge, never - hard brushes, rubber lips.
  6. badly contaminated fur on things you can clean gasoline (cleaned!) , fur growth.Things must then be very well ventilated to smell vanished.If the degree of contamination of fur products is large, you should clean it bran, semolina, starch, fried oatmeal , hammering funds in the fur, and then vychesyvaya his fur with a soft brush in the direction of growth.
  7. Removing fur products saving storage, the owner must make sure that it is clean and kiln dried.Keep fur products better not in the package of cellophane, and glued newspaper packages (hats, scarves, gloves), punched nonwoven covers (coats, coats with collars).
  8. to keep fur from damage by moths and carpet beetle, bags and cases should be placed pieces of scented soap, peel of oranges, dried leaves of lavender, geranium, special sachets and cassettes from moths .No need to pour fur mothballs - firstly, from its smell will subsequently be difficult to get rid of, and secondly, naphthalene and spoils fur scrapings, they become brittle, dull, loose.
  9. Boas and couplings must be stored in cabinets in limbo as , necessarily - in free space.
  10. for storage of fur can make yourself special cases .To do this, take the bags made of cotton or linen to suit the size of the products.Soak the bags in a concentrated salt solution, or a thick lather soap, do not rinse, let dry.These bags folded fur on storage - with the proviso that they are not crushed therein.
  11. During the summer you need 1-2 times to get fur, aired outdoors , and then again to remove them for storage.
  12. Combing the fur on things can only comb with very few teeth , or fingers.
  13. sew on buttons on the fur must be to "stalk» , or enclose it under circle of genuine leather .
  14. glossed fur products possible by wiping the fur mixture of equal parts vinegar, alcohol, water ;then thoroughly dried product.Things
  15. fur otter, beaver, mole should be cleaned toasty hot oatmeal , combing them with a soft brush pile or hot calcined sand (dry).

best means of home care for the fur - how to care for the fur and you clean?

  • Ironed fur can not be! If creased lining, it can be spread vertically "iron" with steam room at the product on a hanger.Even ironed cloth on the ironing board can not - fur primnёtsya, and it can not be spread.
  • stripped fur products possible on delicate mode , and only by putting a fur coat - on hangers, hat - on disc, boas and clutch - hanging.The output of the steam generator can not be pressed close to the fur - it is necessary to make sure that steam is only slightly touch the surface of fur, or you may be "sealing" flesh side and damage the product.Stripping must be used only in very rare cases when the goods are persistent creases and crumpled place.3
  • If room for fur are very strong, they should be treated first mixture of alcohol and water , a ratio of 1 to two, then to steam.
  • wash your fur house can , but on condition that the owner is confident in the strength of inner side.When washing should be used only manual way , warm water, liquid detergents for wool.Fur products should be thoroughly rinsed, the last rinse must have cold water to fur glistened.
  • Dry laundered fur products is necessary for good ventilation, without using air conditioners and heaters, and not posting the sunlight.During drying, it is often necessary to shake the product to give it its original shape.Expensive and very delicate thing fur should be given to the dry cleaners for professional approach to expensive products.
  • Care fur hats is proper storage and proper cleaning of this product.If the cap is sewn on the dense adhesive frame, you can not use the laundry, as well as a deep steaming.Keep the fur hat on a pig is necessary (you can make your own out of cardboard cylinder for this purpose), or on the three-liter jar.Hat fur can not combing thick comb or brush is very hard, because the fur could smooth and loose fluffy, but if membrane was initially strongly stretched, then the hairs begin to fall out.It is better to spread the fur fingers, shaking the product, or use a comb with very few teeth (preferably - antistatic).
  • Above all wearing fur polluted bottom occipital portion of which is in contact with the neck and the collar of clothes, as well as lining forehead.Women face a problem when the tone cream and powder, applied to the forehead, contaminate the lining of hats.To wash the lining, must be carefully otporot her in a circle, and after washing and drying - to sew exactly the same stitches to his cap.If you remove the lining is not possible, it can be cleaned with foam cleaner carpets "Vanish" - this thick foam placed on contaminated sites fabric lining, a little rub them and immediately cleaned with a vacuum cleaner (on the tube wear the smallest nozzle. This procedure can berepeat, then wipe with a cloth pad of cloth dipped in water with vinegar (1 teaspoon per cup), shake and put the product on a pig, or a bank, in a well-ventilated place.
  • fur collar coat on easiest to clean offwhen they are removable. To clean the fur collar, you can use the same tools as for cleaning fur hats - starch, refined petrol, bran, hot sand, roasted oat flakes, etc. Clean the collar must be pre-hung it on a wide comfortableshoulders, or on a mannequin.
  • If the collar on the coat nonremovable, by cleaning it and fur cuffs should be used other tactics.Most of all polluted places collar that touch the neck and clothing;Cuff fur soiled and rumpled from the inside of the sleeves.If you need to clean these products, it is necessary first of all to protect the tissue lining of the coat and drape that after cleaning them were divorced.When cleaning the coat should be spread out on a broad table, under the collar and cuffs drape a thick cloth and put the cellophane tape.
  • General cleaning fur collar and cuffs consists in driving in fur starch and other means, as described above, and then comb it from the product.To clean up the most contaminated the collar and cuffs, you can prepare the mixture: mix equal proportions of alcohol, vinegar and water.Dirty place gently wipe the foam sponge, which is dipped in the liquid.Then you need to take a dry clean linen cloth, and wipe it brushed place.Then, the product should be shaken if necessary - with a soft brush to comb, giving the correct direction of the pile, and place on a hanger to dry.
  • Fur coats clean just like the fur coats.But the outside surface of the suede coats require a completely different approach.Minor scrapes and stains can try to clean eraser apprenticeship.Zalosnivshiesya place on the elbows sheepskin can hold over steam from the kettle, and then clean hard brush.
  • spots on the fur coat do not need to be cleaned with salt and any other means that can leave stains.It is necessary to use starch or semolina, gently brushing them suede brush, then shook off the product.Starch, semolina and bran, grind oatmeal, cornmeal not leave streaks, and good scrub thing.