25 best educational games for infants - development activities from birth to six months

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07 May 2016

biggest misconception parents of a newborn baby - that baby until a certain time does not hear, does not see, does not feel, and therefore does not need lessons and games.Far from it, the development of the baby, as well as education must begin from birth, and ideally - with his life in the womb.

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Today we tell you, how to deal with a newborn crumbs , and what kind of games you will be helpful in this.

Top educational games for infants from birth to six months

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  • 4 months 5 months 6 months

Child Development at the 1stmonth life

first month of life of the newborn can be called the most difficult.Indeed, in this period, the baby should adapt to environmental conditions outside the mother's body.The kid sleeps a lot and woke behaves depending on their physiological state.

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can say that during active wakefulness is sometimes difficult to predict, so do not plan on playi

ng with newborn advance.Just use the appropriate case when you and the baby is able to interact positively. Usually this time of 5-10 minutes after eating .

Top educational games for infants from birth to six months

  • Develop vision
    Attach a crib musical mobile.He will surely arouse the interest of the baby, and he wants to follow its movements.See also: Developing black and white image for babies from 0 up to a year: print or draw - and play!
  • Learn imitate
    Some kids even in this age of time to imitate adults.Show language or funny faces, which may amuse baby.
  • amuse hearing
    Hang on gum bell and show the baby pattern "movement = sound."The kid may like beautiful observation associated with sound.
  • Dancing dancing
    play music, take the kid on the handle and try a little dancing, shaking and shaking to the beat of your favorite songs.
  • Strange sounds
    Take the simplest rattle and shake it gently from right to left of the baby.After waiting for a positive reaction kid can be enhanced volume.The kid starts to understand that mysterious sound is heard from the outside and begin to look for the cause of his eyes.
  • girth palm
    If you lend your baby rattle or a finger touching the palm, then he tries to embrace their pen.

Developing games for the newborn in the second month of life

baby look more focused.He can carefully observe the moving object on the verge of it.He also sensitive to sounds and trying to determine where they came from .

very interesting that the 2-month.baby is builds simple causal relationships .For example, he knows that his voice comes somebody.

Top educational games for infants from birth to six months

  • Manage arms and legs
    Dress up baby striped clothes sewn with bright collars or wear funny socks.To see the items your child will have to manage their arms and legs.For variety, you can change the socks or wear only on one side.
  • Puppet Theatre
    Engage the child, and then manually move the doll so that the baby had time for her to watch.
  • Amazing squeak
    Let the kid will shrink in the fist toy food, then it is better to feel her hands.
  • Doll from the plate
    Draw on a paper plate kind and sad face.Then turn that kid could see different sides.Soon the baby will be happy and cheerful image even talk to him.
  • Top-down
    throws soft pompons up so that they fall in the child concerned.At the same time warn about its fall.After a while, the baby will wait pompom, adjusting to your words and intonation.
  • Young cyclist
    Place the baby on a safe surface, grab him by the feet and legs do cyclists.
  • Reach foot
    Secure over the crib different in texture and sound of objects.Make sure that the baby can bring up their leg.As a result of this game baby starts to distinguish between soft and hard objects, quiet and loud, smooth and relief.

Developing games for the three-month baby

At this age, the baby of the reaction becomes more meaningful.For example, you can already distinguish between several types of laughter and tears.The child has can recognize your voice, your face and smell .He willingly cooperates with close relatives, and even responds sweetly agukanem .

As for physical development, the 3-month-old pipsqueak better control lever, is able to take the right toy and can learn to clap .It is not so tired to hold the head, flipped on its side and rises on the elbows.

Top educational games for infants from birth to six months

  • Reliable sandpit
    high capacity load a little bit of oatmeal, a bowl having spread an oilcloth.Holding the baby, show how nice pass through the fingers flour.You can give him a little capacity for oversleeping.
  • Find a toy!
    Show your baby bright toy.When he was interested in it and want to take - a toy covered with a handkerchief or tissue.Show crumbs, how to "liberate" the toy by pulling the end of the cloth.
  • Search ball
    distance from toddler roll it striking the ball.Wait for him to notice it and wanted him to crawl.Thus he will learn to coordinate their movements.

Educational games and activities for baby 4 months

At this age, the baby he can roll over the back or tummy .He is well lifts the upper body, head wagging in different directions and trying to crawl .At this stage it is important to help your child deal with the possibilities of his body and his sense of space.

At this time, you can to develop an ear for music, picking up various melodies, songs and sound toys.In addition, you may notice that your baby wants to actively communicate in "their own language."

Top educational games for infants from birth to six months

  • Plastic box with toys or water can permanently interested in crumbs.
  • Paper games
    Take thin sheets to the printer, or a soft toilet paper and show kids how they can tear or crease.It is well developed fine motor skills.
  • Plaid
    Fold the blanket four times and place it in the middle of a baby.Now swing your baby in different directions, so that it can be rolled.This educational game for babies teach it quickly perevorchivatsya.

Child Development 5 months in the game

This month well baby detect changes of intonation and distinguishes between "us" and "themĀ» .He already has a information gained experience , which facilitates the development activities from birth.

recently you taught your baby to focus view on one toy, and now he can choose the desired object .Now you can teach your child to manipulate the objects, so that he could later hold himself.
Top educational games for infants from birth to six months

  • Encourage crawling
    Near the top musical baby rewound to which it is necessary to crawl.Pleasant and bright sound kind of toy motivate baby to crawl.
  • Pull the ribbon!
    to the bright attractive toy tie a ribbon or string.Put the toy away from the child, lying on his tummy, and the end of the rope or tape to give it to handle.Show your child how to pull the ribbon to close the toy.Please note that the ribbon and rope can not leave a child to play when you are not in the room with him!
  • Hide and Seek
    Cover pelenochkoy baby, then call your baby's face and open.So you teach him to his name.You can do well with close to kid himself tried to call you, or your friends.

Educational games for kids on the 6th month of life

6 months baby answers to the name and requires constant communication.He gladly develops educational games such as boxes that must be closed, or folding pyramids.

child confidently creeps , possible - independently sets and well controlled both handles .At this stage, adults rarely question arises, how to play with a newborn baby because kid invents Entertainment .Your task is only to support his efforts to self-development.

Top educational games for infants from birth to six months

  • Different sounds
    Fill 2 plastic bottles of different volume of water.A child will knock on them with a spoon, and notice the difference in sound.
  • Obstacle
    complicate crawling by cushions and pillows.Arrange them on the way to a favorite toy.
  • selection Offer
    Let the kid holding a toy on each handle.At this point, ask him to third.It is, of course, will drop the rest, but gradually begin to make a decision of "choice".