The list of necessary products for a week.

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
20 April 2016

The list of necessary products for a week of the list of products for a week - this is important and necessary action (some prefer to make a list of the necessary products and items once a month).Every housewife is useful to master this skill.This will help you plan your cooking and buying for a week, which, in turn, will help to avoid such situations, when all of a sudden come to an end some foods in the house. content of the article:

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of the list of products for a week - how to save while

The list of necessary products for a week to help you make list of products for a week ?It's simple.You need to choose a quiet hour of time, so that no one and nothing to distract, and to make the menu for the week for your family.Although it is possible to do, and vice versa.Compile menu is not alone, and the whole family .After consulting with the people in the household, you will be able to take into account their preferences.Thus, the menu will be perfect.Because of t

his, you will make the most detailed list of products for a week , where each product is necessary and nothing will be lost and will not deteriorate.You get a clear saving your family budget .With access to the list of necessary products for a week , you do not have to spend time on a daily "walk" through the store with the idea of ​​"what to buy?" Yet not visit the store for a week did not happen.Perishable foods - such as bread, milk or yogurt - do not purchase in store.In addition, in drawing up the weekly menu and a list of products is another important plus.This exercise will help you get rid family diet of unhealthy foods .Planning cooking for the week ahead, you probably will not become to enter eggs with sausage or fried potatoes, which are usually prepared from a lack of time and imagination.Read also on our website - a list of 20 foods that can be bought cheaply.

exemplary list of products for a week

The list of necessary products for a week Weekly list consists of products that must have in every kitchen.Having them on hand, you can live for a week without worrying.Other products - such as for example canned or sausage , or rarely demanded peas and beans - is planning to purchase monthly.

  • potatoes, cabbage, onions and carrots .
  • chicken or chicken legs , a little pork and (or) beef .
  • 1 or 2 dozen eggs .
  • Kefir, milk and sour cream .
  • 1-2 varieties of pasta .
  • Buckwheat, millet and rice cereals .
  • Fruits and fresh vegetables in season (radishes, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers).
  • Cheese and curd .
  • Frozen Fish (one day a week should do the fish).

It is clear that the list of products may be changed periodically, to add something, but something is removed.But in general, you can not go wrong if you make there most necessary products , without which it can not imagine your diet.Tips

women with experience in drawing up the list of products for a week


If you find a foundation for yourself, then you will not be problematic writing such a list.Under the foundation, I mean diet.We have, for example, porridge every day for breakfast.In this connection it is obligatory presence home different cereals and milk.For lunch, I prepare the first and second, always with meat or fish.Priority is given to our diet vegetables.In the evening again meat or fish with a side dish, and often cook cottage cheese casserole.I try to rely fully on the day of the week.Do not forget about fruit.Instead of sausage, I bake the meat for sandwiches.Quite simply, if the right approach to everything.


I usually keep a pre-prepared list of what has to buy my husband, he is addressing the issue we buy products.The list is as follows: seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, jelly different, a dozen eggs that some of the meat or chicken or beef or a combination of both, certainly some fish.So periodically added something of ended products, such as butter, yogurt or kefir.For the bread I go herself.Bakery stall near the house, very comfortable.


You should not think that this is very difficult.Maybe just really tried to approach this issue.Just something in one week, I realized that it's more convenient than every day thinking about cooking and go after work to shop for the right product.Usually my husband and I make up the menu for the next week and a corresponding list of products on Saturday, and on Sunday we go to the supermarket and buy everything you need, except that quickly deteriorates.There does not need any special knowledge and accounting talents.Just preparing for the pre-planned menus, because products must be required to have at home.Thanks to what we have unnecessary expenses.Purchase of the list - the best budget savings.


menu I plan not so long ago, after the birth of his daughter.At that time, the husband left alone to support his family, and there was a sharp shortage of money.After all, we have never planned our costs.When there is a situation that the salary of her husband in a week, and we have nothing to buy food, then we are already thinking about making specific changes to our former way of life.Now we are much less likely to go to the local shops than before.All the products we buy in the hypermarket, and every day just bread and milk.We go there with a ready spisochki, which made all the necessary products for a week.I adhere to the principle of one fish and one cottage cheese days a week, as well as the obligatory presence in the diet of meat and various vegetables.Sometimes this rule is broken, but not very often.They are very happy that there are no unnecessary purchases, and it's a good savings.