Choosing children's laundry detergent for babies right!

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07 May 2016

baby's health - is a list of measures and precautions which are mom and dad should be remembered every day and night.In this very long list includes washing powder.And it's not just the risk of allergic immediate reaction, but also the risk of poisoning the child's body from prolonged exposure to the powder through the wrong clothes and underwear.

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What is he - the right detergent for infants?
How to choose a children

content of the article:

  • Composition children washing powder
  • How to choose a children's powder right?

correct detergent composition of children - the better the children's laundry detergent without phosphates?

You may be surprised, but baby powder composition does not differ from an adult .In particular, this applies to domestic funds.

How to choose a children
What usually is present in the powder, which components it is categorically unacceptable, and what to look for?

  • surfactants. This component is the active substance, whose main task - to
    remove stains from clothing.They are most dangerous to children's health (especially anionic surfactants, their maximum permissible concentration in the detergent - 2-5 per cent).Among the main effects of surfactants - in the immune system disorders, severe allergic reactions, damage to internal organs.Harmless surfactant obtained only from plant material.
  • soap base. usually used for its manufacture substances of animal / plant origin.But adding synthetic fatty acids formed in the water free alkali leads to allergy gentle baby skin.
  • Phosphates. function of these components - water softening and activation of surfactants.Their harmful effects (above all it concerns the sodium tripolyphosphate) has been written a lot, but our producers still continue to add them to the washing powder, reducing the phosphate concentration up to 15-30 percent.The consequences of the action of phosphates: the penetration of harmful substances in the body, even in the absence of crumbs sores on the skin, degreasing skin, decreased barrier function of the skin, destruction of cell membranes, impaired blood properties, decreased immunity.Most countries in Europe and America, these components have long been banned for use and replaced with harmless to health.The right phosphate powder substitute sodium disilicate (15-30 percent), water softening, and complement zeolites.
  • Zeolites (natural component of volcanic origin).Even with incomplete rinsing the laundry, they are not harmful.
  • Bleachers - chemical (chlorine and oxygen) and optical.Their purpose is well known - light stain removal from fabrics.Optical brightener operates differently from the chemical - it settles on the surface of the garment and has the effect of whiteness.Of course, it remains on the fabrics after rinsing and then comes into contact with the baby's skin.Therefore, the optical brightener is not allowed to wash clothes kids (in the right powder has been replaced by sodium carbonate peroxide), as, indeed, and chlorine bleach - it also needs to be avoided.Toddler experts recommend the use of bleach on the basis of hydrogen peroxide (they also cope with the bacteria).And if you want absolute security - just boil the underwear with grated soap or use a harmless folk methods of whitening baby clothes.
  • flavors. Of course, it is nice when there is from the laundry "smell of frost in the morning."But any perfume in the composition of the powder - a blow to the baby's airway and allergy risk.Hypoallergenic powder smell and are not sold in pharmacies - they usually go further purification.The quality powders perfumes can also be replaced by essential oils.
  • Enzymes , produced without the use of GMOs.They need to eliminate stains of protein origin.Harmful, they are only in the form of dust, but the soapy water - absolutely harmless.
  • conditioners and softeners. principle - fabric softener.These components also rinse and affect the child's skin.It is not recommended to use them to dress children up to 3 years.

Basic rules for the selection of washing powder for baby clothes - how to choose a children's powder right?

Before you throw the powder in a basket and go to the box office, carefully look at the packaging, read means structure and remember the rules for choosing baby powder:

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  • The packaging quality means always fully specified composition - absolutely all the components.In the absence of funds for the composition of packaging - looking for another powder.
  • not take children's powder, if a part has phosphates, surfactants, optical brighteners, chlorine, perfumes, fabric softeners and conditioners.
  • The packaging mandatory should be marked - "hypoallergenic┬╗ .
  • All components of the powder should completely rinse at hand and machine washing.That is, they should be natural.
  • sharp or too specific "frosty" (flower and so on.) The smell - a reason to abandon the powder.No perfumes!
  • Additional features proper powder (alas, you can check only at home) he perfectly and quickly dissolves in water, it does not form lumps , it leaves no residue on clothes during the drying and it foams very modestly.
  • Note: large foam - an obvious "symptom" of having the surfactant in the powder .
  • powder for the smallest crumbs should be extremely soft.Note - whether the package marked "for newborns."
  • strictly prohibited adult powders for children under 3 years .Components for color retention, whitening, giving softness, easy utyuzheniya etc. - A health risk remains.
  • sure to check the integrity of the packaging and shelf life.
  • not to buy a fake, looking powder only in pharmacies and large stores .
  • Whatever you convince manufacturers that children conditioners used after washing - this additional moisture underwear, "soft fluffy" and absolute safety, remember - use them for newborns is prohibited.
  • Even if the powder - Import, the packaging should be instruction and composition in Russian, as well as all the data about the manufacturer.

How to choose a children
not be guided by the experience of other families. If your neighbor's kids are not allergic to the powder adult and they are quite well creep into sliders, be removed by using an optical brightener, that does not mean that you are allergic problems will bypass.

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not risk the health of their crumbs - better safe than blame themselves for "negligence".