All you need to feed a newborn baby - a reminder of a young mother

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08 May 2016

Every mother a list of things that may be needed for infant feeding crumbs.But besides the traditional accessories and various devices for feeding the baby, there are those that are designed to significantly ease the life of a young mom.

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What you need to buy for baby feeding necessary, and what look?Cooking "spoon for lunch."
Set for infant feeding - you need to buy?

content of the article:

  • What you need to breast-feeding infants?
  • Accessories for bottle-feeding
  • set to feed the child during feeding

What should be included in a kit for breast-feeding infants?

  • Postpartum bra (2-3 pieces at once, replaced)
    Requirements: x / cotton fabric, high-quality breast support, comfort, wide straps, buckles for quick release of the cup with one hand.Read: What is the bra for nursing mothers is right for you?
    Set for infant feeding - Bra
  • Baby scale
    to control the increase in weight of your toddler.The main requirement: stability.
    Set for infant feeding - scales
  • Sterilizers for bottles
    This arrangement allows multiple sterilize bottles for a few minutes and save time on boiling bottles in a pan.The choice - electric or steam the unit.
    Set for infant feeding - bottle sterilizer
  • Breast Pump
    useful when excess milk to increase lactation, breast massage to the case when you need to leave the baby with my dad.To the device must be purchased (if not included) sterile packages (for the storage of milk), labels / terminals and bottle-holder.See also: How to use a breast pump correct?
    Set for infant feeding - breast pump
  • Bottles with dummy in different sizes (a few pieces)
    they need, even when breastfeeding (for water and in the absence of my mother).
    Set for infant feeding - bottle nipples
  • Brush for washing bottles / I nipples
    Set for infant feeding -
  • Soft Silicone Spoon
    Set for infant feeding - silicone spoon
  • Bibs (4-5 pieces)
    Set for infant feeding - bibs
  • Disposable pads bra
    Set for infant feeding - Breast Pads
  • Silicone pad for breast
    If you have cracked nipples help to reduce pain during feeding.
    Set for infant feeding - silicone pads on the chest
  • Cream cracked nipples (eg bipanten)
  • storage containers mother's milk
    Set for infant feeding - Storage Containers mother
  • Shapers Nipple
    needed when there is a problem of flat / inverted nipples.
    Set for infant feeding - conditioners nipple
  • Pillow for breastfeeding
    This cushion is useful to a pregnant woman, and later - will sit comfortably and keep the baby during breastfeeding
    Set for infant feeding - you need to buy?
  • And, of course, will not prevent comfortable chair for feeding and footrest.

tools and accessories for infant feeding bottle-fed

  • First of all, we need bottle nipples (with holes of different diameters) - for water, mixtures of tea (4 large - on 250-260and 3 ml of little 120-150 ml).The ideal option when artificial feeding - bottle it, imitating her mother's breast.
    Set for infant feeding - bottle simulating the chest
  • not do without their brush for bottles and teats , and sterilizer - even more necessary thing than breastfeeding.
  • correct nipples for bottles (strictly on age and preferably anatomically shaped) - 5-6 pieces.
  • bottle warmer .In case you need to warm up food.
    Set for infant feeding - Heater power
  • Thermos bottle .It is very useful for walks and trips, it retains heat 2-5 hours (in accordance with the quality of the bag and the weather).
    Set for infant feeding - Thermos
  • device for drying teats and bottles .
    Set for infant feeding - a device for drying bottles

set to feed the child during feeding - you need to buy?

  • dish on the suction cup and a few spoonfuls of silicone
    Among the variety of dishes for kids dishes for suckers preferable that when the baby moves a plate was not cleared from the table.
    Set for infant feeding - a plate on the suction cup
  • Bibs
    From the age of 4 months baby bibs fabric needed in sufficient quantities, so they can be washed frequently.When the baby will sit up and reach for even the spoon, it will take a plastic bib-apron, which is easily washed from the remnants of food.
    Set for infant feeding - bibs
  • blender / food processor
    for self-feeding your child you will need a shredder that is a blender.
    Set for infant feeding - blender
  • Steamer
    To prepare steamed vegetables, fruits and meat need a good steamer.The same unit can be useful for sterilizing bottles and teats.
    Set for infant feeding - Steamer
  • Silicone ice bucket
    These containers need to be frozen baby food, which just conveniently divided into portions and stored in the freezer, folding frozen cubes in a bag.
    Set for infant feeding - tank for ice
  • containers of baby food
    Set for infant feeding - containers for food
  • chair or highchair
    chair or chair to the period when the child begins to sit confident, must be recorded in a reclining position.
    Set for infant feeding - highchair