What if the money is urgently needed - a solution to all problems

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22 April 2016

Every day there comes a situation when the problem is lack of money becomes catastrophic.The money is needed urgently, a lot, and for the coveted loan people are willing to go to almost any conditions.What are the options for quick money?

content of the article:

  • in debt to friends and relatives
  • Mortgage loan at a pawn shop loan
  • at work
  • Credit and financial private companies, mortgage brokers, loan
  • bank
  • Express credit
  • Moneyon credit.Risks and dangers

Should I borrow money from relatives and friends?

This option is ideal if three conditions:

  • Such people do exist.
  • They have the desired amount and your credibility.
  • You have a confidence that you can repay the debt.

Advantages options:

  • quick money;
  • No need to collect certificates and other documents;
  • Possibility to take the money without the return (the closest people rarely require the return of the debt);
  • lack of interest.

Disadvantages :

  • the required amount is not always there;
  • money will have to give;
  • Relationship with friends (relatives) may be hopelessly flawed.The famous axiom: if you want to lose a friend - take him to borrow money;
  • not uncommon - a situation where the consequence of borrowing money from relatives or friends becomes a court, exhausting litigation.

course of any such friendly terms after trials with the participation of a third party and can be no question.To protect yourself, both parties would be better to write the receipt (preferably in front of witnesses) to obtain money and assure her notary.

Mortgage loan at a pawn shop when urgently needed money

About pawnshop and his appointment is not necessary to explain to anyone.Someone in a frantic search of money, carries pawnshop jewelry, some crockery, items, equipment or mobile phones.To obtain a loan at a pawn shop just need to bring documents to their collateral and to present a passport.Money pawnshop provides bail after evaluation by experts, together with the ticket, which contains the date of redemption and the type of collateral.

Advantages options:

  • speed obtaining credit loan;
  • Lombard can be found next to the house;
  • When unpaid loan you lose only handed over to the pawnshop thing (no sewers, no obsessive phone calls from the security services, no lawsuits in the event of non-payment);
  • The security deposit can be given almost any item ranging from silver spoons and television and ending with paintings and coats.

Disadvantages :

  • very high percentage (above bank commissions);
  • Short terms of payment;
  • In the case of non-payment, the family jewels, the favorite mobile phone or the original old canvas go under the hammer.

loan at work if need money urgently - is it worth taking?

Given the long term work of the organization and good relations with the authorities, this option may resolve urgent financial problems.The amount and the period for which it can give proportional welfare organization and the chief favor.

Credit and financial private companies, mortgage brokers

These financial institutions make loans for one day only on the passport and even borrowers with troubled credit histories.

Advantages options:

  • Money can be obtained on the same day.

Disadvantages :

  • high interest;
  • Restrictions on the amount.

a bank loan if need money urgently

traditional option, allowing you to quickly solve financial problems.Many are afraid of the amount of time it will have to spend on the application, collecting documents and waiting for the money for a positive result.To date, a significant number of banks to provide this service, as a rapid credit (Alfa Bank, Home Credit and so on.), But most banks still requires, as a minimum, an income statement, and the time to process an application.

Advantages options:

  • can take large amounts of cash;
  • can take the required amount relatively quickly.

Disadvantages :

  • significant overpayment and high interest rates;
  • need to confirm their worth - a guarantee for the bank to repay the loan (reference from work, income certificate, a receipt for payment of utility bills and so on.).

Express loan for urgent needs.Money urgent cash.

Today, many credit organizations and banks lend one a passport, without unnecessary documents, certificates and deposits.Express loans - services that addresses a lot of people who find themselves in a situation where money is urgently needed.Of course, about the sources of income there is an interest, but the procedure of obtaining money Buda is much easier and faster than a direct loan. usually for express loans traded in the following cases:

  • borrower can not provide the bank official income statement , because the main part of the salary received in the envelope.
  • borrower generally has no official work and able to confirm their income.
  • Borrower - unemployed .
  • borrower has a bad credit history .
  • If the financial institution refuses in obtaining credit , you can ask for help from friends or close relatives, and get credit for any of them.

Benefits Express credit:

  • quick money (30 minutes);
  • No need for collateral, guarantors and certificates;
  • Just one passport;
  • not need to report to the bank (financial institution) for the use of the money.

Disadvantages :

  • highest percentage in comparison with a conventional loan;
  • Significant restrictions on the amount of the loan;
  • Restrictions on credit maturity.

borrow money.The dangers and risks-when they need money urgently

options quick large amount of money a lot.However, each such option, unfortunately fraught with risks.The urgent need for money sometimes makes people careless, and that, forgetting everything in the world, agree to any interest and conditions.Quite often in dire need of money and are looking for private investors "peck" on such baits as "any amount of money urgently", "will give a loan of money urgently", and so on. The result is usually the debtor for such deplorable - deception, fraud, loss of money, nerves, and even health.Although there are certainly exceptions to the rule.

order not to fall for the bait scams, remember:

  • a loss no one works;
  • Credit office should be carefully considered before taking a loan (together with a review about it);
  • take money from a private investor can only carefully weighing every "pros and cons".At the very least, does not prevent insurance - certified by the receipt on the conditions of obtaining money.

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