The types and the best models of three-wheeled bicycle for children

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09 May 2016

Rating children decided to buy a three-wheeled "friend" to your child?So you might want to learn how to correctly choose a transportation and tricycles which models are popular among modern parents.

content of the article:

  • Types of children's bicycles tricycles
  • benefits of cycling for the child
  • Features tricycles for children from 1 to 2
  • Features tricycles for children from 2 to 4
  • best ratingmodels of children's bicycles tricycles

first candle birthday has to blow out?So, your child has grown out of the carriage, and transport it requires more serious.Surely, he was sadly looking at his bike owners and dreams too, pedaling and transported in a convenient shopping their toys.

Types of children's bicycles tricycles

The types and the best models of three-wheeled bicycle for children

  • Velokolyaska, designed for children from one year and up to two years.Controls such transport mom or dad.The child got the role of a passive passenger.Using a special pen, a bike can be rolled like a stroller.
  • Classic tricycle , designed for children from two and up to four year
    s.This option is suitable bits and pieces that may already own pedaling and want a fast ride.The main selection criteria - technical specifications.
  • Bicycles, combines the functions of classic and velokolyaski .As soon as the baby grows up, velokolyaska, flick of the wrist, becomes an ordinary tricycle.That is, foot rests, stops, handle and safety rim shot, and transport is ready to operate.

Why buy a tricycle to the child?The benefits of cycling for the child

The types and the best models of three-wheeled bicycle for children reasons, all parents are different.One bike is needed as a bright toys for crumbs, others take the transport, so as not to drag the heavy carriage, others ascribe baby to sport and physical activity.It should be noted that the bicycle will be useful in all cases the child.Health benefits from it beyond doubt.What is particularly useful bike?

  • Strengthening leg muscles.
  • development coordination.
  • Increase stamina and vitality.
  • Immunity.
  • Train vestibular apparatus.
  • Improved blood supply.
  • various prevention of visual impairment.
  • also cycling, according to doctors, useful in case of problems with the development of the knees, feet and pelvis , while valgus curvature of the stop, when hip dysplasia.But, of course, only after consulting a specialist.

Features tricycles for children from one year to two years

Features children First of all, a modern three-wheeled transport - this is one of baby's favorite toys through lighting effects, music and other entertainment panel elements.Toddlers love to not only put pressure on the button, but also to ride a bike to your favorite toys, driving traffic with a special folding, short handle (handrail).What other features worth noting velokolyaski?

  • Rockers.Some models tricycles transformed into rocking.To use the vehicle for its intended purpose only required to attach the rocker handle.It happens that the rocking chair just made up, and then fixed between the bicycle wheel.
  • Trainers .Certain brands are offered bicycles trainers that can be used (in addition to the direct appointment) as a simulator for training or cycling.
  • A safety chair with back or removable seat with limiter (belts, cloth "trousers" and so forth.).
  • rim safety. additional protection against loss of the baby.
  • Footrests. better when they are in the form of pallets for the safe and correct position of children's feet.
  • Upory- "pedalĀ» can be raised and locked for the repulsion feet from the ground.
  • parent handle. Height adjustable steering controls.
  • roof-tent. indispensable when it's spitting rain, and the sun beats down.
  • rack .It has many forms - from the glove compartment built up baskets, bodies and containers.

Features tricycles for children from two to four years

Children Traditionally, these bikes are carried out in strict classical forms, without further details.Their main purpose - to pedal and catch the wind speed.Key features:

  • bicycle saddle or seat -chair.
  • wide wheels with rubber tires for better cushioning and quiet ride.
  • horn.
  • handbrake , which allows not only to stop the trucks on the road, but also on an incline.
  • steering limiter and a special insert to protect the baby from falling out during sharp turns.
  • pedals. rotate easily, not too small, not too rendered forward.

best if transport can "grow" with the small owner.That is, when the additional parts may be removed, handlebars and seat - height adjustable, frame - apart.And well, when the bike can be folded for easy transport.

rating of the best models of three-wheeled bikes for children, according to parents

tricycle Lexus Trike

Bike Lexus Trike

  • Fashionable design.
  • belt.
  • soft seat.
  • beep.
  • Easy chrome frame.
  • step.
  • large rubber wheels.
  • Tent.
  • luggage basket, backpack and basket for toys.
  • Handle (112 cm), controlled.

tricycle Profi Trike

Tricycle Profi Trike

  • lightweight frame.
  • step.
  • pen-pusher.
  • seat prams type.
  • sun shade and rain, plus a protective hood with mosquito window.
  • Wide tires.
  • excellent cushioning.
  • belt.
  • soft front bumper.
  • removable rear basket.

Tricycle Firefly

Tricycle Firefly

  • strength.
  • Ease of use.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • sun shade.
  • Music.
  • footrest.
  • kuzovok back and front.
  • seat with support.
  • control knob.

Tricycle Funtik Luntik

Tricycle Funtik Luntik

  • excellent grade.
  • ideal height for toddlers.
  • Easy grip (adjustable) with space for bottles and removable backpack.
  • figurine cartoon character front (seven tunes from the cartoon, a battery).
  • holds the handle (rises, falls).
  • Sun awning.
  • tray feet.
  • Frame with spring buffer.
  • Shopping for toys behind.
  • transformation to normal when renting a bike handles, pan and tilt.

Tricycle Mini Trike

Tricycle Mini Trike

  • attractive stylish design.
  • versatility.
  • excellent maneuverability.
  • reliability.
  • metal parts.
  • Robust comfortable handle with adjustable height.
  • Pocket for small items, a basket for toys.
  • convenience upon arrival at borders.
  • sun shade.

Tricycle Capella 108S7

Tricycle Capella 108S7

  • practicality and convenience.
  • Music.
  • conveniently control knob.
  • footrest.
  • Easy to fold for transport and placed in the trunk of a car.
  • quickly turns into a regular bike (no need to buy a second).

Tricycle Smeshariki GT 5561

Tricycle Smeshariki GT 5561

  • frame of metal.
  • Music panel.
  • baskets for toys (plastic and fabric)
  • fences seat.
  • high cost.
  • wheels of metal.
  • removable awning.
  • High footrest (does not touch the curbs).
  • Soft protection from loss.

Tricycle Giant Lil Trike

Tricycle Giant Lil Trike

  • ease.
  • height adjustable seat.
  • sleeves with ball-bearings.
  • stability.
  • back step.
  • No parent handle.
  • ideal for the physical development of the child.

Tricycle Princess 108S2C

Tricycle Princess 108S2C

  • ideal ratio "price-quality."
  • Easy transformation of an ordinary bicycle.
  • footrest.
  • two baskets.
  • Mirrors on the steering wheel.
  • colorful comfortable armrests.
  • handle for skiing (adjustable).
  • Removable-tilt sunroof.

Tricycle Jaguar MS-739

Tricycle Jaguar MS-739

  • maneuverability.
  • ease.
  • rubber wheels.
  • Manageability without effort.
  • Adjustable handle.

It is worth remembering that any tricycle is, though tiny, but nevertheless transport.During operation, check carefully fastening parts .Also, it does not interfere timely cleaning wheels, footrests and pedals of dirt, grease and parts .