Calendar of age crises in children and psychological advice on overcoming problems

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09 May 2016

under age crisis psychologists mean the transition of the child from one stage of development to another.At this time, the behavior of the baby is changing dramatically, and often not for the better.About that, what are the age crises in children and how to cope with them, you will learn from this article.See also: What to do with the vagaries of the child?
Calendar of age crises in children

Calendar crises baby

  • crisis neonatal

    The first psychological crisis child.Manifested 6-8 months .Kid mastered a new environment.He learns to self serve themselves, to breathe, to eat food.But talk alone, he still can not, so it needs the support and help of parents.
    The crisis of the newborn
    To facilitate this adjustment period parents need as much attention to child attention : take it to handle breastfeeding, hugging and protect from stress and anxiety.

  • crisis one year

    This transitional period psychologists have identified the first, because at that time baby begins to explore the world on their own .He begins to speak and walk.The child begin

    s to understand that the mother, who is at the center of his world, still has other interests, their own lives.He becomes afraid of being abandoned or lost .It is for this reason, only learned a little walk, kids behave quite strange: every 5 minutes check where the mother or by any means trying to maximize the attention of parents.
    The crisis of one year
    At the age of 12-18 months child is trying to compare yourself to others and receive first volitional decision .Quite often, this results in a real "protests" against the previously established rules.Parents, it is important to understand that the child is no longer helpless, and it needs a certain freedom for development.

  • crisis 3 years

    This is a very acute psychological crisis that manifests itself in 2-4 years .The child becomes almost unmanageable, its behavior is difficult to be corrected.All your suggestions he has one answer: "I will not", "do not want to."This word is often affirmative action: you say "go home," the kid runs away in the opposite direction, you say "PACK toys", and he throws them on purpose.When a child is something forbidden, he is shouting, stomping feet, and sometimes even tries to hit you.Do not worry!Your baby becomes aware of itself as a person .This is manifested in the form of independence, activity and perseverance.
    Crisis 3 years
    this difficult period parents should stock up on special patience .It is not necessary to respond to the protests of the child cry, and even more so to punish him for it.This is your reaction can only worsen the behavior of the child, and sometimes causes the formation of negative character traits.
    However, a clear need to define the boundaries of what is permitted and can not deviate from them.If you succumb to self-pity, the child will feel it immediately, and will try to manipulate you.Many psychologists recommend during violent tantrums toddler left alone with a .When there are no spectators, capricious becomes interesting.

  • crisis 7 years

    this transition period, the child is going through aged 6 to 8 years .During this period, children are actively growing, they have perfected the precise hand movements, the mind continues to be formed.On top of this, changing his social status, he becomes a schoolboy.
    Crisis 7 years
    The child behavior changes dramatically.He becomes aggressive, starts to argue with their parents, and snap ape .If earlier the parents saw all the emotions of his child on his face, he now begins to hide them.In young students increased anxiety , they are afraid of being late for lessons or homework properly.As a result, he loss of appetite, and sometimes nausea and vomiting .
    Try not to overload the child's extra classes.Let it first be adapted to the school.Try to treat him as an adult, give more autonomy. Assign child responsible for the performance of his or her personal affairs.And even he ate something does not work, continue to maintain his faith in himself .

  • teenage crisis

    One of the most complex crises, because their child becomes an adult.This period can begin, in 11 and in 14 years, and last year he was 3-4 .In boys, it lasts longer.
    The crisis of adolescence
    Teens at this age are unrestrained, easily excitable, and sometimes even aggressive .They are very selfish, touchy, indifferent to the family and others .Their performance drops dramatically, even in those subjects that were easy before.In their opinion and behavior begins to affect quite circle.
    The child is already time to start to treat, as it is an adult who may itself be responsible for their actions and decisions .Remember that, in spite of the independence, he still needs the support of parents .