The best and convenient pan - what?

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23 April 2016

The French say: "Good pan - good lunch" - and they are right.That familiar to us dishes that we use for cooking soups or spaghetti, has not stopped in its evolution.Recently, we have seen a lot of useful devices to the pan, novelties "kastryulnoy" fashion, improving the forms and coatings.To choose for your kitchen the best pots, you should be familiar with all offers modern houseware market, and focus on those that fit your preferences and requirements.

content of the article:

  • aluminum pans: the advantages and disadvantages
  • enamel pot: the advantages and disadvantages
  • cast iron pan: the advantages and disadvantages
  • pan of refractory ceramics: the advantages and disadvantages
  • pan from heat-resistant glass: the advantagesand disadvantages
  • pan with Teflon coating: the advantages and disadvantages
  • pan made of stainless steel: the advantages and disadvantages
  • How to choose the right pan to his plate?
  • What are the best pots - reviews mistresses.
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Aluminum pans: advantages and disadvantages.

aluminum pans known to us as the main mistress of the kitchen.A few years ago, aluminum pans were predominantly on the market of the dishes;for all the housewives were affordable and unpretentious in operation.If you want to buy aluminum utensils, opt for thick-walled models, which hold heat longer, and does not deform over time.

advantages of aluminum pots:

  • It will boil water, so - it speeds up the cooking process and save a little electricity or gas.
  • But those properties that allow you to quickly conduct heat - namely, the softness of the metal, is

main disadvantage:

  • She quickly deformed, loses its shape and attractive appearance.
  • In addition, the aluminum pan with time darkens and loses its luster, but it is not so easy to bring back to the pristine purity - this crockery not tolerate aggressive cleaning pastes and abrasive powders.
  • In this dish you can not store food, cook diet dishes, as well as children's meals cuisine.

aluminum pot suitable for boiling milk and cook non-acidic vegetables, but it is not recommended for cooking acidic foods - soup, stewed fruit.The fact that the aluminum is reacted with an acid to form compounds which are harmful to health.

enamel pot: the advantages and disadvantages

enamel pot safe harbor metal vitreous enamel, not allowing him contact with food.This type of cookware is definitely beats the aluminum due to its appearance - in the kitchen this pan is always advantageous to look.The enamel on the pan is well washed and cleaned, dishes long retains the original appearance.The basis is an enamel pan cup of metal or cast iron, which is not deformed under the influence of fire or electric heat helix.

By pluses enameled pots should include the fact that it is possible to prepare all kinds of stew, borscht, cabbage, soups, pickle, sour compote - enamel inert to the acidic environment, and does not come with her reaction.

If we talk about the disadvantages enameled pots :

  • low thermal conductivity of shiny enamel.Water in the boiling pot slower than aluminum.
  • Enamel is resistant to corrosion under the influence of acidic environments, but it is very sensitive to shock - especially if the metal base is quite thin.
  • Enamel does not like sudden changes in temperature, and can gradually crack on the pan of what you pour cold water into a hot pan, and vice versa.
  • It can be burnt by boiling milk and viscous thick porridge and other dishes.
  • not use enamelware, which is chipped on the inner surface because there is the danger of toxic transition metal compounds prepared food.

Cast iron pans: the advantages and disadvantages

Although cast iron pan in our kitchens is almost completely embossed with their modern, lighter counterparts, many housewives with nostalgia his indispensable assistant.The shop cast-iron pan is not met, but families live specimens from the past, which, because of its special strength, are truly immortal.Cast iron pan or utyatnitsu, well suited for extinguishing poultry stews.

advantages of cast iron pans:

  • in a pot to cook well thick dishes requiring long extinguishing longing - rice, stew, stew.
  • Speaking of cast iron pots, not to mention the dishes made of cast iron, enamel coated on the inside - in a saucepan food can be stored after preparation.

Cons of cast iron pans :

  • Store already cooked meal in a cast iron pan can not be - the food may darken.
  • Cast iron is very resistant to scratches and mechanical damage, but is afraid of falling from height.
  • Cast iron pans require no special care for them - but they must be wiped dry after washing, as cast iron can rust.
  • Cast iron is very heavy saucepan, a fact attributed to the majority of housewives cons dishes.Furthermore, such a dish can not be used on modern ceramic hob.

Pots of refractory ceramics: the advantages and disadvantages

pan of refractory ceramics looks very nice, it is easy to clean and clean, looks good in the kitchen, as its decoration.The taste of food cooked in a pot, with incomparable taste food from other pots.This dish meal languishes, as in the Russian stove, it is good to cook stew, porridge, Russian hearty soups.

Pros ceramic pots :

  • Refractories bad conductor of heat - after cooking it slowly cools, and the dish is prepared in it for a long time after switching off the stove or oven.
  • new generation of these pots are made of glass ceramic and refractory porcelain.
  • This cookware is perfectly suited for use in ovens and microwave ovens.
  • In addition, a new generation of glass-ceramic pots resistant to shock and temperature extremes.
  • Pan refractory porcelain, glass ceramic is environmentally friendly - it does not react with food.

Chief minus refractories - its fragility, it can crack by impact or even temperature changes.This utensil has a rather high price, compared with dishes from other materials.

Pots of fireproof glass: the advantages and disadvantages

pan from heat-resistant glass is the last "squeak" kastryulnoy fashion, and to the latest invention china industry.It immediately won recognition of housewives, including those who advocate for the usefulness and environmental safety and food dishes in her cooking.

By undoubted advantages of this type of pans include:

  • entirely neutral with respect to any product, easy cleaning and washing dishes, lack of scale on the walls.
  • To clean glass pan that can withstand high and low temperature, you can use any cleaners - except for gross motor, which can scratch the wall.
  • With skillful handling glass pot is a long time.
  • Refractory glass dish can be used for cooking in the oven, not only, but also in the microwave oven, as well as open gas burner (using a special tool - "splitter"), on a ceramic surface and electric cooker.

Cons pan from heat-resistant glass :

  • possibility of cracking from the temperature difference from the uneven heating on the stove.
  • Such dishes are well prepared food with plenty of fluids, but may simply explode if all the liquid boils away.
  • Furthermore, if such a pot attempt to prepare any dish of eggs (eggs, omelets), it simply stick to the walls of the dishes, even with oil.

Glass saucepan requires careful, much to her treatment - hot, it can not be put on a cold or wet surface - it simply will crack.But hygiene and environmental friendliness of the dishes makes up for all of its few drawbacks, and besides - she always looks great in the kitchen, and long retains the original appearance.

pans with Teflon coating: the advantages and disadvantages

By pans with Teflon coating need to take a closer look closely, because they may have very different properties and vary in quality.As patented by TEFAL non-stick coating Teflon allows you to prepare all the dishes in the dish - and even without oil, the dishes immediately win the market, and is by far the most popular of the large number of proposals.In a pan with Teflon coating can cook stews, soups, borscht, acidic fruit drinks, cereal, boiled milk - food will clean as Teflon does not react with substances from products and protects food from contact with metal or steel core dishes.

Pros pans with Teflon coating :

  • possibility of cooking and frying with very little oil or no oil.
  • possibility of cooking in the pot all meals from any of the products.This casserole does not absorb odors and can be used for completely different dishes.

Cons cookware with Teflon coating :

  • its service life is quite small.Once on the walls of the pan is scratched, the dishes must be replaced with a new one.
  • Accordingly, during the cooking process you need to use wood, Teflon or silicone kitchen appliances to avoid scratching "the vulnerable" the surface of the pan.
  • Teflon pan, which is made of thin aluminum, under the influence of temperature changes can be deformed - in the same way as conventional aluminum cookware.
  • longer it will serve as a pan with Teflon coating, which is made of very thick steel or bimetal with cellular or ribbed bottom.

Pots made of stainless steel: the advantages and disadvantages

Stainless steel saucepan - «Mirror» the hostess.This eternal toiler in recent years acquired an extraordinary elegance and modernity, this beautiful dish covered with glass lids, she was given the original pen and "flaky" thick bottom.It - durable tableware, it is possible to prepare all kinds of dishes.


  • high environmental friendliness.
  • Such dishes fairly easy to clean, it is a long time preserves the original appearance, it does not deform under the influence of different temperatures.
  • Brilliant wall steel pans give less heat outside, so the food it remains hot for a long time.

Cons steel pans :

  • She still does not like strong salt solutions, and is covered with dark spots if to hold it's something very salty.
  • Brilliant wall a pan do not need to rub abrasive cleaning agents - they are scratched, and eventually will be less shiny.
  • Assuming overheating such dishes on the fire without liquid, the walls appear stubborn or no yellow spots removed.
  • By cons pan made of stainless steel and it is necessary to carry a high price in relation to other types of the dishes.

Tip: When choosing cookware stainless steel look for a tight seal lid to the pan.It should also be borne in mind that a thick sandwich bottom of copper, aluminum and bronze good conductor of heat, makes it easier to cook.At the bottom of the multi-layer food does not burn, they are extinguished, even with a small amount of oil, do not stick to the walls.

Choosing pots for electric or gas stove?

When selecting such an important accessory kitchen as a pot, you should be guided by many factors.One of the most important factors - the type of your stove in the kitchen.

  • If you use an ordinary gas stove burners with open , then you'd better buy all the dishes available on the external surface of the bottom of the small concentric grooves, which increase the area of ​​the heated surface and accelerate the process of cooking.These grooves usually applied to the bottom of the pot coated with Teflon.If you bought a glass bowl, then open the gas burner to put it is impossible - need a special "divider."
  • If your home ceramic hob , you need to acquire the dishes with a completely flat bottom, as close to touching utensils and plates.Such a surface is and glassware, and steel pans.At the round burners not recommended to put an oval or square glass pan - from uneven heating of it can burst.
  • On electric stove with closed rings can use all the pots, but not desirable - aluminum.Cooking food in a glass pan on an electric stove can be, but you must follow safety rules, avoiding strong temperature differences on the walls of utensils.
  • for induction cookers must be purchased only pans with thick steel bottom - stainless steel cookware, stainless steel cookware with enamel or ceramic coating.

What are the best pots - Reviews housewives forums:


I like pots of glass.In particular, I ware firms Tissona, which is no problem - the food does not stick, washes the dishes well.Nice to know that we adhere to family rules of healthy eating, because this tableware does not react with food, and is considered environmentally safe.


We used to have only an aluminum pan.Basically, we were happy with them until those that can be compared.I must say, a set of aluminum pots lost a set of stainless steel kitchenware.Firstly, in aluminum pans over time it appears unpresentable appearance.Secondly, they are, nevertheless, it is impossible to shine naskablivat because it is harmful to health.In general, we left the house a couple of aluminum pans - for water heating and for cooking vegetables in salads.For the preparation of other dishes use steel pots - and very satisfied.


enamel pot - heavy and bulky, inconvenient to use and poorly cleaned.I have a set of dishes, but after a few performances, he was raised on the kitchen furniture - for beauty.By surface enamel pot burnt everything is cooked even soup.I, in particular, use only stainless steel pan with a thick bottom.Teflon-coated pan did not like - always afraid to scratch it.Baby milk boil it in an aluminum pan.


husband and I decided to save money and buy a set of kitchen stainless steel of 7 items on the market.By the way, experience with stainless steel pan I have, because by that time there was only one.Bought in the market of steel products of Chinese-made pale in comparison to the very first of my saucepan of stainless steel - have become cheaper to burns because the bottoms of the dishes have subtle.