Herbs and fees for bathing babies - detailed guidance for young mothers

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10 May 2016

Even our great-grandmother in the water for bathing babies added to herbal teas.Thus, they are disinfected water and solved many other issues.But a huge amount of herbs, which of them can be used for bathing babies and in what situations?That's what our article.
Herbs and fees for bathing babies

content of the article:

  • What herbs are used when bathing a baby?
  • At what age should use herbs for bathing?
  • Basic rules for the selection and brewing herbs
  • use herbs for bathing

What herbs for bathing a newborn can be used when bathing a baby?

There more than 30 different herbs , which can bind harmful substances, so obezzarazhivaya water and skin.However, not all of them are allowed to be used for bathing babies.What herbs are suitable for bathing a newborn?For a correct orientation in this matter you can see part of children's cosmetics - powders, creams, lotions, milks for the skin.
Herbs and fees for bathing babies

Many manufacturers in the cream, bath foams, shampoos added extract proven herbs:

  • succession - used in the treatment of ma
    ny skin diseases.It reduces inflammation, reduces the rash, helps to cure seborrhea and dairy crust-gneiss.However, bathing the newborn in a series can be carried out only once a week, because it is strongly desiccate the skin;
  • Chamomile - have disinfecting properties, relieves irritation, tension.Chamomile is recommended for bathing baby girls as preventive gynecological diseases;
  • Nettle - strengthens the hair, softens the skin, as well as general strengthening effect on the body;
  • Lavender - a great sedative.Its aroma relaxes and improves the well-being;
  • Oak bark - helps treat skin rashes, such as diaper rash, or prickly heat;
  • Valerian - perfect for active and excitable children.This broth has a favorable effect on the cardiovascular system, promotes healing of wounds;
  • Peppermint - has soothing properties and perfectly helps with scrofula;
  • Hypericum - helps with wound healing, helps with staphylococcal lesions and diathesis.

Herbs that may not be used when bathing infants:

  • Tansy;
  • broom;
  • Wormwood;
  • Celandine;
  • Citrus.

Remember, if the child has health problems, before using herbal baths it is necessary to consult a pediatrician !Your doctor will tell you what plants are best at helping those or other diseases.

At what age can use herbs for bathing babies?

Use herbal bath for bathing children can be, starting the second week of life - after a bit of umbilical wound healed .While the child is small, it is possible to bathe in a small baby bath.If you bathe your baby in a large tub, you should choose the correct concentration of herbal infusions.
Herbs and fees for bathing babies

Basic rules for the selection and brewing herbs and fees for bathing newborns

before using herbal baths consult your pediatrician .He'll tell you: from what the plant is better to start, what concentration of broth should be in the water.

  • Remember - any natural products and herbs, including, can cause allergies. best to start swimming from one type of grass .So you can easily determine which herbs are contraindicated for your child;
  • When entering a new herbal decoction necessarily make "skin test» .To do this, prepare a small amount of infusion and drip it on the baby's skin.If within 35 minutes the skin will be a reaction in the form of flaking and redness, so you should not use this plant;
  • Do not use a decoction of herbs for more than 4 .Also, do not experiment with combinations, this may have an unexpected effect.If your child brings a good bath with a decoction of herbs on the basis 1, you can try to apply the charges.
    Herbs and fees for bathing babies
    better use fees for bathing newborns tested composition:
    1. oregano, succession, nettles;
    2. chamomile, thyme, oats, succession;
    3. horsetail, nettle, oats and lungwort;
    4. currant leaves and birch.
  • If you do not understand in medicinal plants, collect them yourself is not worth .Buy them at a pharmacy - is a guarantee that they are collected in the right time and not grown in the contaminated soil;
  • Herbs for bathing the baby must be brewing somewhere in 2.5 hours before bathing , so they have time to brew.It is best to use this porcelain or enameled ware.In one bathroom you can use no more than 30 grams of herbs, because it is very rich solution can provoke allergic reactions.To collect all the plants must be taken equally.

use herbs for bathing babies in water procedures

  • duration of the first dip in the fitovanne should not exceed more than 5 minutes .Next time, you can gradually increase to 15 minutes;
  • Herbal bath can not be used on a daily basis .Experts recommend not to use them more than 3 times a week;
  • can not change the grass at each bathing. First pass rate from one grass, and then take a short break.Now you can start the course with another plants;
  • During herbal baths do not use soap or add other funds;
  • carefully observe the reaction of the child .Maybe your kid is unique, instead of calming effect, the procedure will excite the child.In this case, consider replacing the grass;
  • your child should like fragrant bath .If a child refuses water treatments, nervous and capricious, perhaps he does not like the smell of this plant;
  • Keep while bathing the child does not swallow water ;
  • Do not throw fitovannami treatment if there is no instant positive effect.In order to achieve the result you must least 5 treatments .

Herbs and fees for bathing babies