Top baby powder - what to choose for your child?

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10 May 2016

Top baby powder - ratings, reviews Today, the abundance of cosmetics for the care of the baby is able to completely confuse the person who is going to buy them.And really - a lot of brands, price categories, types of cosmetic products for children cause parents to closely approach the issue of choice and buy only the best and necessary for them.

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  • Selection Rules powder
  • rating the best children's powders
  • Baby powder WORLD OF CHILDHOOD effective birth
  • most popular baby powder JOHNSON`s BABY
  • Baby powder JOHNSON`s BABY bedtime
  • Baby powder BUBHEN - best for newborn
  • SANOSAN Baby Baby powder with useful additives
  • Baby powder with chamomile our mother
  • Karapuz Baby powder - any part of the choice
  • Baby powder ALENKA protect against chafing
  • Baby powder helps Fluffskin regeneration
  • Reviews and advice on choosing moms powder

How to choose baby powder?Selection Rules powder

Top baby powder

  • Like any other cosmetic product, baby powder can forge.In order not to buy counterfeit goods or of very poor quality
    , carefully study the label .Cheerleaders have an error in the text description, dull and fuzzy label printing, label glued crookedly, open the lid without the membrane and the protective film.In jar with baby powder should be clearly specified shelf life, as well as the manufacturer's name and address of the company.
  • have bought powder first examine the consistency and smell .The baby powder should not be any lumps, and the smell should either be absent or be very unobtrusive.For infants of the first months of life is better to choose unscented baby powder, or the child may receive allergy.
  • Top baby powder carefully study the composition of baby powder when buying .It should only be a mineral talc, potato or rice starch, corn flour, and zinc.The baby powder can also be added extracts of chamomile, aloe, lavender.The presence of other chemical components in baby powder is a sign that the cosmetic product is better for the baby not to buy.
  • Buying powder should compare multiple, choosing the best of them .Not always the most expensive - the best and the cheapest is not always the best value is a powder (maybe its price is lower due to the very small weight in the package).
  • For those children, whose skin is very dry by dusting or an allergy to it, better to buy liquid talc .
  • Carefully examine how to use the powder for children.

What to choose for baby powder?Ranking of the best children's powders for infants

Feedback from parents a rating of the best brands of children's powders.

  • Baby powder WORLD OF CHILDHOOD effective for babies from birth

    Production: Russia.
    Best baby powder - World of Childhood baby powder "World of Childhood" can be used from the first days of life.Powder dehumidifying children's skin, is a good remedy for diaper rash.Powder is made from natural ingredients that do not cause allergies and irritation of baby skin.Powder also prevents the friction of the diaper on the baby's delicate skin.Zinc oxide in baby powder composition has a good dried and bactericidal action.
    Packing baby powder "World of Childhood" in 100 grams costs 85 rubles.

  • most popular baby powder JOHNSON`s BABY

    Manufacturer United States, produced in Thailand.
    Best baby powder - JOHNSON`s BABY Dzhonson'c Baby Baby powder is made from specially refined mineral talc (from minerals deep bedding).Talc particles have a round shape, and can not injure or cause irritation on delicate baby skin.The moisture from the skin, this powder eliminates instantly.However, it does not prevent the penetration of air to children's skin.In its composition powder has a menthol flavor, which makes it effective for sweating of the baby in the summer - a little powder capable of cooling the skin.The product is hypoallergenic.
    Price Dzhonson'c Baby powder packing 200 grams - 150 rubles.

  • Baby powder JOHNSON`s BABY bedtime

    manufactured by Johnson @ Johnson .
    Best baby powder - JOHNSON`s BABY bedtime Baby powder JOHNSON`s BABY bedtime created specifically for her baby to rest.The product is made of the mineral talc (from minerals deep bedding).Powder JOHNSON`s BABY bedtime has aromas of chamomile and lavender, it relieves skin irritation kid eliminates chafing and gives a feeling of freshness.With this powder, you can make your child a massage before bedtime, it glides well.The product is hypoallergenic.
    Price JOHNSON`s BABY baby powder before going to bed for the packaging of 100 ml - 105 rubles .

  • Baby powder BUBHEN - the best powder for babies

    Production: Germany.
    Best baby powder - Byubhen The composition of baby powder Bubhen contains only purified mineral talc.This cosmetic product for the care of babies does not contain dyes, fragrances, chemicals.Do not clog pores, allows skin to breathe, quickly absorbs moisture, rolled into lumps.The product is hypoallergenic, it can be used for children from birth.
    Price Bubhen Gia baby powder jar 100 grams - 150 rubles .

  • SANOSAN Baby Baby powder with the addition of avocado extract, olive oil

    Manufacturing Company SANOSAN, Germany .
    Best baby powder - Sanosan baby Baby powder Sanosan (Sanosan) incorporates a mineral talc, zinc oxide, allantoin, avocado oil, olive oil, flavor.Powder protects delicate baby skin from inflammation and irritation, it quickly removes moisture from the baby's skin and prevents friction of the disposable diaper on the skin.Hood Avocado - natural, it helps to soften the skin and prevents drying of the skin.Olive oil in the composition of baby powder Sanosan Baby also helps alleviate children's skin.Natural additives in the composition of this powder allow to use active cosmetic product, even in those cases where the baby's skin there is any damage, including - atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis.The product is hypoallergenic.
    Price Sanosan Baby baby powder packing 100 grams - 106 rubles .

  • Baby powder with chamomile our mother

    Manufacturing Russia .
    Best baby powder - Our Mother very soft, gentle powder made especially for very sensitive skin of a newborn baby.The composition of the powder consists of only natural ingredients without chemical flavorings and colorings.Chamomile extract, which is also a part of the cosmetic product, protect the skin of babies from inflammation and irritation, quickly eliminates diaper rash.The product is hypoallergenic.
    Price baby powder Our mother packing 100 grams - 140 rubles .

  • Karapuz Baby powder - any part of the choice

    Manufacture: Ukraine .
    Best baby powder - Tot Karapuz Chamomile Powder is available in different compositions - with chamomile, Sensitive, 5 herbs.It consists of pure mineral talc, starch.Different powders have different additional components - extracts of medicinal herbs, chamomile.This powder can be used from the first days of baby's life, it is hypoallergenic.
    Price Tot baby powder (any kind) per pack 50 grams - from 40 to 60 rubles .

  • Baby powder ALENKA effective protection against chafing

    Manufacture: Ukraine .
    Best baby powder - Alenka Baby powder is ALENKA in net mineral natural talc composition, zinc oxide, starch, chamomile, succession.Powder prevents diaper rash and irritation on baby's sensitive skin, it has antiseptic, healing, drying effect.
    Price ALENKA baby powder packing 75 grams - 60 rubles .

  • Fluff Baby powder helps to regenerate skin

    Production: Ukraine.
    Best baby powder - Fluff Fluff Baby powder is available in several formulations, it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin from inflammation babies, diaper rash and irritation.Due to its composition, powder with panthenol and celandine, with panthenol, a panthenol, chamomile and calendula, panthenol and a series of acts on the baby's skin smyagchayusche, promotes regeneration of the epidermis, the rapid healing of diaper rash.
    Price Fluffy baby powder (packs of 100 grams) - 150 rubles.

And what do you use baby powder?Reviews and advice moms

From the first days of his son's birth, he had a terrible rash all powder.As a pediatrician, it is - it is a reaction to the minerals.The son was covered in spots, rashes localized at places where I tried to put powder - under the knees, on the elbow, armpit, groin.Since my son was also a diathesis (bottle-it), he often had diaper rash.On the advice of my grandmother began to use corn starch, and it saved us home remedy!

pediatrician told me that all the same from birth do not need to use powder.A cream and often do make air baths baby.Powder can be used for elbow and popliteal pits, but not affect the groin area.

And we saved the liquid talc.However, to put it on the baby's skin evenly learned as a family, but all of diaper rash disappeared and did not appear.Now the baby six months, sometimes use if the baby is sweating, and a diaper.

heard much negative about Johnson's baby powder, as well as a lot of positive.And my daughter just the powder there is no allergy, all other cause dryness of the skin.

in our medicine cabinet has powder byubhen - bought the cosmetics for the baby on the advice girlfriends.Cosmetics - a miracle!I used for yourself creams and shampoos byubhen as a child, and now we're on the same makeup with him.Dusting powder for the baby, we almost did not need, we have done without chafing.And I was useful - the girls, it's a miracle!Used after hair removal as powdery deodorant - perfectly removes moisture of the skin on hot days.

Thank God that powder - inexpensive goods, and you can choose the one that best!We used powder our mother, we are quite satisfied.The remaining powder we use in the summer, sprinkling his legs to less sweating in the heat.