How to use baby powder - Instructions for new parents

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11 May 2016

How to use the powder for babies A wide variety of cosmetic products for the care of delicate baby skin, which are presented on the market today, forcing confused even experienced moms.What can we say about the young mommy, first time faced with a difficult task - caring for a baby?Today we talk about the most common and very necessary means - baby powder.How to use it properly?

content of the article:

  • main purpose of baby powder
  • What to choose - baby cream or powder?
  • How to use powder - User
  • Important rules and tips for using powder

What is baby powder?The main purpose of baby powder

How to use the powder for babies Baby powder - is a cosmetic powder, which is used for dusting the skin with the kids diaper rash, and as prevention of diaper rash .The composition of the powder consists of absorbent material - zinc oxide, talc, starch , may include moisturizing, anti-inflammatory components, How to use the powder for babies bactericidal agents, flavoring agents .

Intertrigo the baby - an inflammation of the skin folds, which is caused by prolonged soaking, severe sw

eating, friction due to incorrect, uncomfortable diapers or underwear.

What to choose - baby cream or powder?

How to use the powder for babies In the house where the baby grows, you need to have and baby cream and baby powder.But does not make sense to put on baby's skin and the cream and powder simultaneously - by this "neighborhood" would not be confused.Mom should always be guided by their feelings, when to use each of these tools.If the skin is irritated kid on it have redness, but it does not wet her diaper rash is not - you can use baby cream for diaper .Baby powder should be applied when the skin gets wet the diaper baby, and shows pockets of diaper rash in folds , very strong reddening.Powder can quickly dry the baby's skin and prevents the effects of urine and feces on baby's skin and at the same time - allows the skin to breathe.

How to use baby powder?Instructions for new parents

How to use the powder - User must be borne in mind that the powder - the fine powdery substance, and awkward movements can be very dust - there the risk that the baby inhales powder .Currently, parents' attention can be directed to a new type of cosmetic products - liquid talcum powder or liquid , which has a property right, and cream and powder, enjoy it much more convenient and safer for small children.

Instructions for use powder:

  1. During dressing baby skin clean it with water, oil, hygiene baby wipes .
  2. After this procedure skin should be thoroughly wet or dry cloth diaper , the baby should be held in the air without panties to his skin very well dried up.Keep in mind that the baby powder in any case not be applied to damp skin of the child - it is "grasped" in the folds of the skin, forming dense clumps, which in itself can cause irritation and rub the delicate skin.
  3. at hand, apply a small amount of powder. powder should be rubbed between the palms , and then hold hands over the baby skin - where possible occurrence of diaper rash.Dusting powder may be applied to the skin with a ball of wool - but it will be dust.Also - my mother's gentle touch to the child much nicer!It is not recommended to pour powder from a jar directly on the baby's skin - a risk of spray powder in the air and on the skin can get extremely large amount of money.
  4. Parents should keep in mind that the next dressing the baby powder which was applied last time, it is necessary to wash his skin .This can be done using napkins, oils, but the best - clean water.You can alternate the use of powder and baby cream for diaper - so baby's skin is not too dry and irritation on it will be much quicker.
  5. parents can determine when it is not necessary to use powder.If the skin is completely healthy baby, her not appear red, moist areas of chafing , the powder can not be used.
  6. Malo, who knows - but baby powder also has a shelf life .Open a jar of baby powder should be used within 12 months (the shelf life of baby powder claimed the majority of manufacturers).And, for example, baby powder from the company, "Our Mother" in an open jar can be used for two years.

Important rules and tips for using baby powder

Terms of Use baby powder

  • baby powder skincare toddler can use from the birth of the child , it is completely safe if you use the powder according to the rules.
  • If the skin of the child have any sores, unhealed umbilical wound, peeling and skin problems, questions about the use of powders or creams better to talk to your pediatrician .
  • If the baby appears allergic to any powder or if it has very dry skin from the factory powders, parents can use a home remedy - cornstarch .To use this tool you need to exactly the same as the powder factory.
  • Powder is widely used for skin care baby in the first month of his life .In the summer, the child under one year is also very strongly sweats, and powder may need to care for the baby and older.
  • To prevent diaper rash powder must be treated not only the inguinal folds, and the ass, but also all other natural folds - popliteal, axillary, cervical, BTE, inguinal.
  • How to use the powder for babies If a kid is in disposable diapers, parents should not be sprinkled abundantly skin child and baby powder surface of the diaper, otherwise, when driving a porous material diapers, diaper absorption will be broken, and it will remain moist inside, that is bad for children'sskin.
  • When applying powder must be well rubbed her hands over the baby's skin , not to leave lumps.