How to decorate an apartment for New Year?

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23 April 2016

Approximation beloved holiday felt everywhere.Soon the New Year bells ring out in the streets, falls upon champagne and float over the country smell of tangerines and candy.And in order not to lose time in vain, until you can easily buy gifts for relatives of people and decorate your home for the New Year.And it is not necessary to spend the right and left half of their hard-earned to the house shone with all the colors of celebration.Just turn imagination and get into cupboards and on the mezzanine of materials that each house in abundance.Although, if the financial opportunities allow, then create the right atmosphere of fairy tales will be much easier.

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  • garlands New Year's interior
  • candles - the best Christmas decoration
  • main hero of the occasion
  • Christmas table
  • Festive decoration of windows and window sills
  • security measures in the design of the house
  • Tips for decoratingat home.Reviews forums
  • Interesting photos and videos on the topic

House decoration garlands

  • To make it easier to adapt to different parts garlands its interior, choose their preferred different colors, lengths, shapes and fluffy .Do not forget about electric garlands - they create the sense of mystery and magic for children and adults.Before hanging electric garlands, make sure that there is a nearby outlet: hang extension cords around domu- not the best solution.Especially if there are children in the house.
  • Making home garlands should start directly from the hallway .Let the mood of households and visitors have increased on the doorstep.Stand with hangers, wall, box door - all subject to wrapping (obveshivaniyu) garlands.The main thing - do it with taste, style.Indiscriminate purse strings are unlikely to inspire someone.
  • living room (communicating rooms) should decorate from top to bottom: starting with curtains and cornices and ending with table lamps and sconces.
  • Rain, streamers and such a thin tinsel looks solemn, even if you just hang them in photographs, paintings and cabinets.Combining these parts with candles should be with great caution.You can also fill tinsel rain and large glass vases and put them in the corners of the room, to decorate the Christmas balls and fir cones.
  • electric garlands can design your balcony and window , so that even the street people felt that your house has already come a holiday.Many people, with the help of colorful garlands and create real masterpieces on balconies - Christmas trees, snowmen and gifts of colored lights will definitely increase the degree of mood.

Candles New Year

  • Candles at registration of the apartment can be very different: colorful, bright, curly, thick and thin, long and quite short, as the cake.But most profitable they look in a single composition , prepared by skilful hands.
  • Always look magical candles set on a platter with sprigs of fir. only better to choose plain candle and spruce branches can be "covered with snow" from a cylinder with silver paint.
  • You can also add a fir branch Christmas balls, cones, artificial flowers - in short, everything that there is in the house. Red and silver candles - the most "New Year."

Making Christmas tree

  • tree should be, above all, stylish and elegant .Chaotic hung toys, tinsel and rain, of course, will do the job.But the individuality of this issue does not hurt.
  • One colors for decoration Christmas tree - the best option.For example, it may be a silver-blue shades of yellow or red.Bows, tinsel, toys and even candy too, must comply with the same style.Nuts, lollipop and small chocolates can be wrapped shiny foil.
  • There is no place for the forest beauties?Put bouquet of fir paws in a large vase.Decorate a vase shiny tinsel and legs - fresh flowers, ribbons and tiny balls.
  • no desire to sweep away the needle after the holiday?Buy a plant cypress , plant in pots beautiful, decorate it rain, streamers and ribbons.
  • And it is not necessary to approach the issue of registration tree as standard.You can create an entire candy tree .Or fruit (hang on the Christmas tree garland of mandarins).Or decorate a Christmas tree with cones, painted in gold color.

Making New Year's table

Christmas decoration table - special item in the holiday apartment.And approaches to this issue, too, need special - with imagination and thoroughness:

  • To begin to build a large candlestick and decorate it with the middle snowflakes, needles, ribbons, stars and other details.Coniferous candle composition - a mandatory part of the New Year table.Create this song can be a sponge-Floral Foam placed in a ceramic support.The sponge is inserted artificial or natural spruce branches, and in the heart of the composition you can put a few candles of varying lengths.For registration of the needles can be used glitter, paint, accessories and so forth.
  • effect snow can be created as well, plunging tree branches at night in a hot strongly concentrated salt solution.In the morning, after drying, there will be on tenterhooks white salt crystals, like snow.And you can rub on a grater foam and glue it to the needles, such as hairspray.
  • Small candlesticks will also be a very solemn look on New Year's table.Especially if you arrange them in style, releasing the sail in the crystal low capacitance with colored water and glitter.
  • should not forget about a sweet tooth.Large vases previously issued them tinsel, fir branches and bows of wide ribbons can be filled with candy of various shapes and lengths - icicles, candy, chocolates and long Kinder Surprise.
  • If you have a transparent tablecloth, you can lay a white paper under it and pour on top of confetti.And also expanded mini-card with the wishes of guests.

Making windowsills, cabinets, shelves and other surfaces

  • on a horizontal surface will look great composition redecorated in baskets, boxes, vases, dishes and flat.For such compositions can be used fresh flowers, including domestic, that can not cut, placed in the center of the New Year "masterpiece."For this fit Guzman, mistletoe, poinsettia, or nightshade.
  • Do not forget to fill the space between the windows - for example, big fluffy tinsel, Christmas toys and spruce branches.

Safety in the New Year

  • Electric luminous garlands can not be combined with artificial snow (cotton), curtains and others, flammable objects.
  • Candlesticks should have a solid foundation and a very broad form of drip hot wax.Preferably put them away from the kids and, again, inflammable items.
  • New accessories, which can reach up to a child should not be beating, and have small parts.
  • Christmas tree should be secured very thoroughly to a child or adult in a fit of joy festive dropped it on the floor.Decorating the Christmas tree candles dangerous.

Tips for home decoration for the New Year

  1. crosswise stretched filaments with streamers and hung it rain - it's the last century. departs from the usual design options , New Year - a holiday of imagination, imagination and creativity!
  2. Windows easily be pasted cut, and very beautiful, snowflakes .But much more interesting is to look painted glass , to which you can draw and children.Regular tooth powder is diluted with water to the consistency of thick cream, and "voila" - the glass, with a brush, appears frosty pattern, is easily washed off with water afterwards.
  3. For curtains can choose decoration bows and light shiny balls. Jewellery curtains are attached to the common pins.Bows can also engage and cones, but it is better not to hang on the curtains, and the walls and furniture.
  4. Flowerpots can wrap gift paper and tied with ribbons.The main thing - to maintain a single selected style festive decoration.
  5. Hedgehogs of oranges, cloves bristling , incomparable aroma filled the house and become a great part of the festive table decoration.
  6. impressive look and Christmas lanterns of different sizes and colors on a curbstone x, windowsills and tables.Lanterns can make their own, and put them into small candles in glass containers.No less interesting and ice lanterns, which will delight guests with about four or five hours of general merriment.To create these lanterns to be filled with water, and tiny balloons, tying, send in the freezer.Before the chimes stilled lanterns are released from the rubber, and the recess created by the top with warm water, a candle is inserted into a metal mold.
  7. Magic creative wall an ideal option New Year decorations and a reminder of the intentions and the timing of their implementation.Sheet fiberboard (its size will depend on the number of households promises) is attached with screws to the wall and made out in accordance with the overall style - with garlands, snowflakes and toys.Leaflets tear-off calendar created randomly glued on the wall, and then they can leave the promises and wishes to all members of the household, guests and friends.
  8. addition to the main Christmas tree, you can decorate small Christmas trees for sale, apart and hung around the house.Christmas trees can be cotton, knitted, stitched like a mini-plush toys, edible, wood and woven beads - what is enough imagination.You can make the toys for the Christmas tree with his hands.
  9. Each element of the house on the eve of this magical holiday should help improve mood. therefore choose details of registration in accordance with this requirement.In the usual cups and glasses can be pasted shiny snowflake stickers on the fridge - Christmas trees magnets.The glass vessel can be placed with lights, tinsel to decorate decorative pillows, and on cupboards and shelves sketch "snow".
  10. to easier to arrange the main room , in which all will be gathered at a large table, you need to decide exactly what it is?Magical forest?Or maybe the underwater kingdom?Or New Palace?Designating direction can safely decorate a room in the selected style, not forgetting of surprises.

Reviews forums:


Already hands itch!:) Rather would have to proceed to registration.The elder sliced ​​snowflakes have beautiful on the window.True, Jr. broke all.But so selflessly, that do not want to swear.:)


The sooner you start to wait for the New Year, the wonderful days before the chimes.:) We have the whole house in the New Year debris.Snowflakes, snegovichki, red socks ... :)


And we in the past year so overworked that to design the house survived only on the last day of December.:) hung garlands, have thrown confetti, balloons vases scattered in groups - at least something. :) And it has once been.

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