How to treat chickenpox in children : how much to smear green paint , what to feed and when to bathe the child with chickenpox ?

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11 May 2016

How to treat chickenpox in a child For every mother there is nothing worse than the disease of her native crumbs.Even understanding that the chicken pox - a natural phenomenon and, in fact, is not terrible, on the unrest does not help.What here calm when the child sprinkled rash, high temperature, and the itching can not be saved even during sleep.How to help your child?Than to treat chickenpox?And whether it is possible to bathe the baby during illness?

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  • Chickenpox in children - Treatment
  • Diet chickenpox
  • Baths chickenpox

Chickenpox in children - Treatment;how to smear green paint chickenpox than smear besides green stuff?

most popular "treatment" of the disease - Zelenka .This means parents smear each "spot" chickenpox scabs before falling off, naively believing that Zelenka helps cope with the disease.In fact, the "brilliant green" has only antibacterial effect , counteracting the spread and destroy microbes.That is, a child of brilliant green color does not necessarily - there are more e

ffective means to protect against infection.
Zelenka chickenpox

The rash can be lubricated, besides green stuff than to treat chickenpox?

  • solution of potassium permanganate (1-2%).Potassium permanganate will help to dry the rash and reduce the symptoms of itching.
  • Furatsilin help with rashes in the mouth (rinse).
  • Acyclovir and gerpevir reduce the intensity of the eruption and inhibit their spread.
  • Fukortsin.
  • When the temperature rises above 38 degrees, should be given antipyretic .From aspirin to abstain - it adversely affects the liver chickenpox.
  • Sedatives with a strong itch preferably selected from homeopathic medicines , avoid allergies (EDAS, Leova, daisy, peony and so forth.).
  • Antihistamines help reduce allergic reactions - feksadin, tavegil and others. Simultaneous administration of antipruritic external and oral antihistamines can cause overdose - be careful.
  • antipruritic and antiseptic lotions and ointments - calamine, and so forth.

How often lubricate rash?Regardless of the external agents, 7 days windmill is on the wane.For drying rash enough to grease them on the first day.Excessive use of pimples lubrication is not necessary - it will lead to dry skin and scarring wounds. should not be used for these purposes iodine (it increases itching), and alcohol.

Remember caution - consultation of the doctor is obligatory!

Diet chickenpox: rules of supply a child with chickenpox

such diseases as chicken pox, causes discomfort, not only on the skin - lesions observed on the oral mucosa, so many products contribute to increased itching, typical of the disease.To maintain immunity and solutions to these problems is a special diet , prescribed by a doctor in accordance with the situation.
Diet chickenpox

The main provisions of this diet :

  • most gentle food.
  • soups and broths , providing "film" in the mouth, reducing pain.
  • also until symptoms show jelly and dairy dishes , juice diluted with water, vegetable soups, semi-liquid porridge (milk added to the end of cooking), cold mashed potatoes, cottage cheese (low-fat, and grated).
  • As the recovery can be extended menu - add omelets, burgers steam, steamed vegetables, sweet fruits, etc. .
  • Mandatory rule - plenty of fluids , which promotes the removal of the decay products of the child's body.The water - non-carbonated, herbal teas, etc..

special diet in each case depend on the baby.

course on child nutrition should consult a doctor.

Baths chickenpox - can bathe the child with chickenpox?

question about swimming during chickenpox concern to all parents.You can or you can not swim?You can and should!It is in times of public baths and the impossibility of maintaining hygiene refused bathing and smeared with green paint.Today, the statement "do not wash in any case!" Sounds, at least, absurd.Hygiene has not been canceled.And with the temperature goes sweat, which further contributes to the spread of infection and increase itching.
Can I bathe the child chickenpox

Therefore, it is necessary to wash.But - given the multiple nuances:

  • absolutely contraindicated bath at an elevated temperature and chills .If such symptoms occur, should be limited to wiping (a wet towel soaked in herbal teas).
  • Do not use hot water. preferably from baths to opt out at the time of illness, preferring warm soul.
  • added to the water decoction of herbs. example, chamomile, oak bark, or celandine and calendula.They will help reduce itching and soothe the skin.You can apply a collection of herbs.
  • In the absence of herbs can be replaced with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Do not use soap and shower gels , leave them until recovery.
  • not aggravate skin irritation kid - hide for a while washcloths .Now - only easy and quick wash 1-2 times a day to alleviate the condition of the skin and prevent the spread of infection.
  • not skovyrivayte crust on rashes , to prevent infection from the wounds and scars in the future.
  • not rub baby towel - carefully blotted skin soft bed sheet.
  • After water procedures treat the baby's skin means reducing itching .

If the doctor has forbidden the child a bath (shower), you should listen to his advice.And also remember to as often as possible to change baby clothes and linens, wear long-sleeved shirts constantly ventilated room.
How to treat chickenpox in a child

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