Should I send the children of 7-12 years in the children's camp?

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12 May 2016

Whether it is necessary to send the child schoolboy 1-5 class children For parents of children of school age summer - it is always a difficult time.Especially if to send the child to the village to her grandmother (relatives) is not possible.And if a preschooler has the option of summer kindergarten, the younger students have nowhere to escape.In their work with them not to take, and school camps do not work more than three weeks after the end of the school year.Remains of two scenarios - to leave a child at home (if not to take the job), or send to summer camp.But not too small junior high school student for the camp?Should I send him there? And what about the risk of sending a teenager to the camp?

content of the article:

  • Benefits recreation younger students in a summer camp
  • Disadvantages recreation younger students in a summer camp
  • you decide to buy tickets for children.What's next?
  • From what age you can send a child to camp?
  • What parents need to remember?
  • correct choice of the children's camp for younger students
  • Children's camp and living conditions
  • Reviews parents

Benefits recreation younger students in a summer camp

Whether it is necessary to send the child schoolboy 1-5 class children

  • The main plus - the child learns independence .This experience recreation in the camp and useful to parents who are afraid to let go of the child under the wing, and the kids themselves.
  • Due to the fact that in the camp are children of various ages and absolutely different interests, the child has to find a common language with the "society┬╗ unchecked ubiquitous parents.As a result, the child can open itself completely new way, becoming, for example, a demure, prudes or coward in a confident, matured man.Summer Camp - is a kind of platform for the destruction of stereotypes and older.
  • Outdoor activities. Outdoor games.Fitness outdoor - is the basis of rest in the camp.
  • new knowledge. among children's camp is completely different from school or home.Unfamiliar surroundings promotes observation and care of children.We should not forget about the various hobby groups, which are in each camp.

Disadvantages recreation for children 7- 12 years old at summer camp

Whether it is necessary to send the child schoolboy 1-5 class children

  • Camp - is also schedule and clear to follow him.Therefore, for some children, especially those tired of school, such tiresome burden camp as early downs, the game strictly on time supervision of tutors.
  • If in ordinary life daze not enough attention always busy father and mother, the rest in the camp can significantly weaken the already shaky relations parent and child.
  • sending a child to camp, we must understand that incompetent employees can meet and there.Undeserved insults and humiliation from such people can cause serious damage to the mental health of the child.Therefore, care must be taken against people who leave the child.
  • By comfort level camp often lags behind the level of home and family.
  • same - with power .Children are used to house one food, and the camp will be completely different.And, mostly, it is a healthy diet, suggesting dishes on the menu such as steam cutlets, jelly with fruit drinks, squashes and soups.
  • skills in establishing real contacts in modern "computer" almost no children.Without mobile phones and tablets, and even in a foreign team, the children tend to experience stress.Well, if the children are caught educators, able to take their heads useful and entertaining program.And if not - be prepared for the difficulties and "Mama, take me home."

Should I send the younger schoolboy in a children course, the pros and cons of the camp is not unique. Each case is individual. happens that one group of twenty school kids in the camp do not like, and one will be delighted.Or vice versa.The main thing - remember that if a child is afraid of change, or simply does not feel enthusiastic about their future holidays, do not just give up and despair.This is an occasion more careful approach to the selection camp counselors and , who will look after the child.

you decided to purchase vouchers for child -shkolnika.What to do next?

Whether it is necessary to send the child schoolboy 1-5 class children

  • Look camp with established perfect reputation .
  • Look camp, the interests of your child .
  • Talk with the parents of those kids , which already rested there - look for reviews online about the camp staff, power and nuances of recreation.
  • Learn about opportunities soon-to-child (there is a limit).

Without a doubt, the camp - it is a positive experience for children.It makes no sense to avoid this form of recreation.But care and parental instinct should be in first place.

From what age you can send a child to camp?

At what age can send a child to camp child can be taken to the camp at any age .But the choice of the camp must be driven by its terms of accommodation, programs corresponding abilities, interests and abilities of the child.Nowadays you can find camp that focuses on a particular age group - for teens, for preschool age children for primary school children or youth camp.

Summer camp for children 7 -12 years.What parents need to remember?

how to choose the right summer camp for your child

  • When choosing a camp, it is better to give preference to the one in which labor knit team of teachers .Such groups have in their ranks counselors undergoing special training.
  • Price for vacation in the camp will depend to a greater extent, on living conditions and diet .Find out what it paid tour.
  • Consider the child's wishes when choosing a camp.Son, much stuff anyhow (and cheaper) - the worst option.Talk with your child, find out what he wants.Better yet, if the child will go to the camp with someone from their friends, acquaintances, or siblings.

correct choice of the children's camp for student grades 1-5

Whether it is necessary to send the child schoolboy 1-5 class children very difficult to find the perfect camp.Careful, scrupulous in matters of children's health of mothers everywhere will see the shortcomings.Therefore define a search pattern and make a list of requirements , and only then start the search.What you need to focus and what to consider?

  • Wish child.
  • Specialty camps (sports, health and so forth.).
  • Area taking into account transport interchange and the possibility of regular visits to the child.
  • Cost of the permit. price range available for you.
  • Poll, search reviews, personal visit to the camp to check its compliance with your requirements.
  • camp certification activities (food, accommodation, medical activities and health services).
  • staff (better to communicate with the staff in person and in advance).
  • program philosophy , schedules and discipline of the camp.
  • Additional services.

Children's camp and living conditions

Living conditions in the children course, living conditions in the various camps differ from each other.But comfort - a relative term.It may be a small wooden cabins and amenities in the street, and can be a serious housing capital, where there is a shower in each room and other benefits.As practice shows, children comfort is perhaps the last place .Much more important creative and always friendly atmosphere, and a rich program of care counselors.If it's all there, and even food varied and tasty, the home child will not even remember about such trifles as beds, toilets and so on.

What do you think about the children's holiday camp?Reviews parents

- Sent son of nine years in the camp in Anapa.Another small, but psychologically it was quite comfortable.The program was intense and interesting.He liked.Complaints about any staff.The son asks, and this summer, too.Independent began.) I think it's a great experience for younger students.If only with himself lucky to camp.

- We sent a daughter of eight years for the first time.Since - each year.The child already glows with happiness, because she likes it.Were in different camps, all was well.Good-natured teachers, no shouting at children, attentive.With power also lucky - even in the volume added.)

- our son first went to the camp in eight years (nearly knocked).They were afraid of scary, but there was no choice.Certainly better than the flat stick summer city.In the company of relatives took her son.It is where the boys liked, no force majeure and so on. On the phone, the children had no time to even talk - always somewhere to run to play.) Brought a lot of friends there, perfectly rested.I think this is a great option.But it is better to choose the more expensive the camp, of course.

- I would not have dared at this age to send a child to camp.The eldest daughter, remember, sent when she was little.Not only that, she returned there with rubella, so also had a month to wean from different words and acquired habits.No.Only after 15 years.

- even doubt it is not necessary!Of course, it is necessary to send!But!If the camp is consistent with the concept of the child about the rest (food, daily routine, entertainment, etc.).For example, we were in the camp Danskemp.Excellent camp from all sides.The program is good, kids are happy to go there.