How to cure the child cough folk remedies

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12 May 2016

How to cure the child cough folk remedies «adult" medications parents try to treat their crumbs as little as possible.Yes, and often desirable to use a medication for the treatment of children.A kindergarten, as it is known - is a constant shake-up of children's immunity.As soon as the baby will recover, and was again - a cough and runny nose, you have to take sick leave.What to do if your child gets sick very often?What methods can be tested folk beat cough in children?

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  • Traditional recipes from coughing children
  • Herbs for cough in children

How to cure a cough child folk remedies - folk recipes from coughing children

Do not forget about the rules of admission of folk remedies: kids up to 4 years - 1 hr / l three times a day, 4-10 years - dessert spoon three times a day, and the older kids 10 - dining room, 3-4 p / q.So, what are people most effective methods to cope with a cough?See also: What traditional methods can improve the immune system of the child.

  • onion and sugar.
    chopped onion with sugar
    to fall asleep at night (2 tbsp / L) in the morning and during the day to make himself a bow with juice (juice or even if very disgusted crumbs).The course - 3-4 days.
  • onion juice with honey.
    Mix honey with onion juice, one to one.The tool helps with colds and bronchial cough.
  • Radish with honey.
    Radish cough in a child cut the top (cover) with a pot-bellied black radish.Scrape the inner pulp, resulting in deepening folded a couple of spoonfuls of honey, cover up "cover."Place the vegetables in a ponytail jar of water.The resulting juice to give the child three times a day, no more than 3 days.
  • warmers potatoes.
    Boiled potatoes cleaned thoroughly knead, adding iodine (2 drops) and olive oil (20 ml), lay on his back and chest on top of the paper, cover with plastic or foil wrap.Hold the mustard to cool.
  • Soar legs in mustard.
    Soar legs child cough Dilute pure pelvis couple tablespoons dry mustard, pour hot water.The right temperature - not less than 37 degrees.Add a cup of water of about 40 degrees during the procedure (of course, at this point the legs must be removed).Soar legs no more than 15 minutes.three times a day (in the absence of temperature!) After the procedure, wear warm socks, foot warming previously smeared ointment (asterisk, Dr. Mom, warbler, etc.).You can also between c / b woolen socks and fill dry mustard, or to make dry mustard.
  • inhalation.
    Inhalation Cough in a child Inhalation most effectively carried out with mineral water or baking soda.Just remember that the water temperature in this case should not exceed 40 degrees.You can purchase a nebulizer - inhalation him to do much easier and more efficient.
  • Fresh air cough.
    Do not forget to ventilate the room, baby!Dry stale air aggravates the disease itself cough.Mandatory - wet cleaning and airing.A dry cough is much more difficult to treat.
  • chest compressions.
    Very useful when you cough massage chest and back.Massage several times a day "expel" the phlegm from the bottom up toward the throat.
  • Bear fat honey.
    Packs of cough in children Mix 1st h / l - honey vodka and bear fat.Slightly heating, rub the baby and wrap up at night.
  • compress with salt water.
    Dilute in water (40-45 degrees) salt - spoon with a slide at the plate water - stir, using wool to make a compress for the night.Top wrap sweater.
  • Pine nuts in milk.
    Milk with pine nuts cough in children Boil a liter of milk a glass of raw unpolished pine nuts.After 20 minutes of boiling strain and drink twice daily.
  • figs with cocoa and visceral fat.
    Mix melted suet (about 100 g) with milled figs (100 g) and cocoa (Article 5 / l).At one time - 1 spoon.Course - 4-5 days 4 times.Suet and can be rubbed in the chest at night, do not forget to wrap up warm.
  • Iodine mesh.
    iodine Moisten a cotton swab, apply on the chest mesh.The distance between the lines - about 1.5 cm.
  • Lemon with glycerin and honey.
    Lemon with honey cough Squeeze the juice from the cooked for 10 minutes, lemon, add purified glycerin (2 tbsp / l), mix, add liquid honey to the top of the glass.Reception - spoonful per day.In severe coughing fit - three times a day.
  • milk and butter, soda.
    Do not forget about the warm milk with butter and baking soda (on the tip of a knife) at night - it promotes discharge of phlegm.
  • figs with milk.
    Brew fresh figs (5 pieces) with hot milk (0.2 liters), present and grind directly into the milk.Drink before meals for 3-4 p 70 ml / h.
  • banana with sugar.
    Banana cough in a child Wipe 2 bananas through a sieve, boil 0.2 liters of water, adding sugar.Drink hot.
  • milk with honey and mineral water.
    Add hot milk (1: 1) alkaline mineral water and 5 g of honey (0.2 milk).For the very crumbs of medicine will not work, and older children can be successfully treated.
  • Onions, garlic and honey and milk.
    Onions, Chesney and honey cough in a child 10 Cut onions and garlic head, boiled in milk until soft, add honey (1 h / l) and mint juice.Drink 1 tablespoon / l when a dry cough subsides at least 20 minutes.
  • candy cough.
    Pour into a spoonful of sugar and gently to keep over the fire until the sugar darkens.Then pour into a saucer of milk.Candy dissolve in dry cough.
  • Gorchichnik cabbage with honey.
    On cabbage leaf to put honey, to the breast, cover with paper and secure with a bandage wrap sweater at night.
  • compress cheksnoka on legs.
    Rub the head of garlic with oil or grease (100 g), rub the night at the foot and leg wrap.
  • Inhalation of potatoes.
    Inhalation of potatoes cough in a child Boil potatoes and breathe alternately - the nose, the mouth - over a saucepan, cover with a towel.Course - 3-4 days for 10 minutes to overnight.You can also use for inhalation pine buds, cooked in boiling water for 15 minutes (1 st / L) and dilute 10 drops of essential oil of cedar.
  • cough mixture.
    Mix honey (300 g), crushed nuts, walnuts (0.5 kg), the juice 4 lemons aloe juice (0.1 L).Reception - three times a day before meals, for h / l.

Herbs cough children - a popular treatment for cough in children decoctions, infusions and medicinal tea.

  • decoction of pine buds.
    A decoction of pine buds cough in children Pine buds (2 tbsp / l), add water (half a liter), boil for 10 minutes., To insist hour, drain.Drink three times a day with a spoonful of honey.
  • tea thyme.
    Thyme (1 tbsp / liter) pour boiling water (glass), after 5 minutes of boiling insist 30 minutes and strain.Drink three times a day for 0.5 cups.
  • infusion of Viola tricolor.
    A decoction of pine buds cough in children Viola tricolor (1 h / l), pour a glass of boiling water, keep the water bath for 10 minutes., To insist further 30 min., Filter, be sure to bring the boiled water to the original volume.Drink three times a day for 1/2 cup.
  • decoction of anise with honey.
    Pour 0.2 liters of water anise (2 L), boil for 10 minutes., To insist 10 minutes., Strain, add a spoonful of honey.Drink a quarter cup three times a day.
  • Tea of ​​lime blossom.
    Lime Blossom (handful of flowers), pour boiling water (0.5 L), boil 10 minutes, for 30 minutes, after straining drink warm with the addition of a spoon of honey, ½ cup three times a day.
  • ginger tea with honey.
    Tea made from ginger cough in a child purified ginger (ringlet 2 to 3 mm), pour boiling water for 20 minutes, remove the ginger, add a spoonful of honey and drink hot.

The main thing - remember that the consultation of the doctor is obligatory!Joking child health is impossible.Especially because in the cause of coughing is quite easy to make a mistake.

Site warns before contacting any national methods, you should consult a physician about the nature and causes of cough in a child self is unacceptable and dangerous!