Mowing children a year - need or superstition?

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13 May 2016

First haircut baby - signs and superstitions Our favorite crumbs grow surprisingly quickly: like only yesterday that the baby for the first time looked at you with their heavenly eyes, and today is taking its first steps and funny looks like the grown bangs.According to tradition (or signs?), It's time the first haircuts.Do I need to cut the child in a year?Who came up with such a rule?And how to cut the crumbs for the first time?

content of the article:

  • Popular beliefs and signs of grooming children a year
  • Is sure to cut the baby in a year?
  • Important Safety haircuts children a year

Why children are cut in a year - the people's beliefs and signs of grooming children a year

In ancient Rus' first haircut hair was associated many believe.All manipulations with the hair (especially children) from ancient times endowed with special meaning - according to legends, they are constantly connected with the vital forces of man and cut them just could not - only on special days and on a certain occasion.What

vintage signs have survive

  • If mow child per year "under a zero» , grown-up child will become the owner of a chic and thick hair.
  • Earlier years old, you should not cut , so as not to incur the crumbs various ailments, such as infertility.
  • first haircut - a celebration , symbolizing the baby to a new level of life, and it should take place in a festive atmosphere.
  • in a year should be cut to "erase" information of painful labor, and drive away the dark forces of his child.

First haircut child per year

Children's hair is considered a sign of wealth, and a thick head of hair - a symbol of good luck.This "symbol» combed coins, ran in chicken eggs , and sostrizhennye volosenki buried in anthills, stoked with the words "come out of the land, to the land is gone" and hide behind the fence.A tradition save the first curl baby is still alive, although its roots go back to the days when sliced ​​curl maintained due to the fact that the soul lives in the hair.In general, it was a lot to take, and modern mom, driven by the requirements of the in-law and grandmothers "To cut a zero!" Lost.Few people realize - is there really a need for mowing nalyso?And why cut a zero girl?Especially if it has grown to this age lush and beautiful hair.

Is it necessarily to cut child per year - Dispelling the myths of modern times

superstitions and ancient rites with egg rolling hair are long gone.Nobody comes out at night to the intersection of seven roads to bury cropped hair and ask the moon about the royal head of hair for a child.But signs live to this day , confusing modern moms - to cut or not to cut.
Is it necessary to cut child per year

try to understand what is myth and what luck really has to come true in reality.

  • «If you do not mow the child under a zero, then in the future he will be sparse, thin hair."
    tab structure of the hair follicles and is carried out before birth.That is, if the baby is not in the genes programmed mop of hair on the cover of the magazine, even a haircut a year on the growing moon and candlelight in a magic circle will not turn into a hair thin tails.
  • «Shaving hair in a year - the key to the thick luxurious hair in the future."
    should know that such a radical method can completely damage the hair follicles.Therefore, if an acute need Shaved No, it is better to not to resort to this method.
  • «Fluff is necessary shear is necessary, otherwise the hair will remain so."
    have kids from birth to grow year formed in the womb, thin vellus hairs.This is normal.Adult - dense and strong - they become gradually.Therefore, panic what pipsqueak year has only "undercoat", and the neighbor boy already "in full and hoo" makes no sense.

First haircut child per year

also need to understand that ...

  • Not all kids grow hair evenly. If volosenki stick "scraps" - it does not mean that and always will be.Uneven hair growth inherent nature.After the "drop" down hair will grow in the quantities that inherent genetics.
  • Shave and a haircut does not affect the structure / quality hair .
  • Immature hair follicle even after shave and haircut still will give thin hair shaft.
  • No haircut, regardless of age, not add to baby's head hair follicles .
  • effect of "density" of hair after a haircut explained only visuals and "placebo" - because after sostriganiya down already beginning to grow real hair.
  • Pediatricians advise against cutting, and especially kids shave , to eliminate the risk of damage to the hair follicles and painful irritation of the skin, through which can get infected.
  • As for the quality of hair - are all in the hands of parents when normal health, nutrition, care and stimulation of growth (regular combing massage brush) hair will grow quickly.

Arguments in favor of cutting hair in a year - which cases haircut baby may be useful

  • too long bangs spoils vision - fact.
  • neat haircut provides a well-groomed appearance .
  • Haircut - one of characteristics that distinguish children of different sexes .For any Mom frowns with displeasure when her princess called "a charming little boy."
  • With short Volosenkov crumbs easier to endure the heat .

child's first haircut - Important safety haircuts children a year

Ideally, if you decide to cut, it is better to implement the plan in children's hairdresser , professionals who know how to mow the baby safely.There is a special "distractions" chairs in the form of toys, toys for yourself, TV cartoons and, of course, professionals will find an approach to even the most restless and timid crumbs.
First haircut child per year

We decided to cut yourself?Then remember basic guidelines for safe mowing:

  • Well, if in the process of trimming baby will take on his knees someone whom he trusts.
  • Accompany haircut game - for example, to the hairdresser.To prepare in advance to work out a hairstyle with a child on toys.Let the kid will remember and love this game.
  • Turn cartoons , let the child in the hands of a new toy.
  • Use scissors with rounded tips Only .
  • lightly spray the hair spray before shearing, in order to facilitate the procedure.
  • haircut curls gently but quickly , pinching it between your fingers.
  • Start cutting child with the most problematic areas, or when he gets tired, you are to them simply do not reach.
  • Do not be nervous.The alarm is transmitted to the child.
  • Boy you can mow with a trimmer - this is the least dangerous option.
  • Do not cut the child if he was sick or not in the mood .

And do not forget to praise your child and show in the mirror , how beautiful it looks now.