What additional features are needed in the fridge?

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24 April 2016

In this article we will try to familiarize with all the functions that can be equipped with the latest generation of the refrigerator.This knowledge will help to choose a refrigerator that best meet your needs.

content of the article:

  • Zone freshness
  • Superzamorozka
  • System No Frost
  • drip system
  • Shelves
  • signals
  • Section ice
  • Vitamin plus
  • vacation mode
  • Compressor
  • Independent savingcold
  • surface «Anti-Finger-print»
  • antibacterial function
  • Achievements electronics

Zone of freshness in the refrigerator -Need whether null zone?

Zero Zone - a chamber in which the temperature is close to 0, which provides better preservation of products.

Where is it located? The refrigerator is usually placed at the bottom of the refrigerator compartment.

why is it useful? This camera allows you to store seafood, cheese, fruit, vegetables, fruits and herbs.When buying fish or meat, these products will keep fresh for further cooking without freezing them.

For a better safety of produ

cts is important not only temperature but also humidity, as different foods have different storage conditions, so this camera is divided into two zones

Wet area keeps the temperature from 0 to + 1 ° C at a humidity of 90 - 95%and it allows you to store products such as herbs to three weeks, strawberries, cherries fungi to 7 days, 10 days, tomatoes, apples, carrots three months.

Dry area of ​​of -1 ° C to 0, with humidity up to 50% and allows the cheese to save up to 4 weeks to 15 days, ham, meat, fish and seafood.

Reviews forums:


This thing is great !!!For me, much more useful than no frost.Without no frost had 1 time in 6 months to defrost the freezer, and the zero area use every day.The shelf life of products in it a lot more that's for sure.


I double chamber Liebherr, and I built this zone prevents, as it takes a lot of space, biofresh area, the area can be compared with two full boxes in the freezer.For me it's a disadvantage.I think if a family consumes a lot of sausages, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, this function is very useful, but for me personally, there is no place to put the usual pots.(((As for storage, the humidity there is really different from the vegetable compartment.

We Liebherr. The zone of freshness is great! Now the meat is not spoiled for a long time, but the volume of the refrigerator turns less ... it does not bother mebecause foods cook every day new.

I Gorenie with «no frost», area of ​​freshness - a beautiful thing, the temperature - 0, but if you put in the refrigerator for an unspecified temperature, then at the rearzero zone condense as frost and the temperature in this zone freshness shift from 0. Also, it is not recommended to store cucumbers and watermelon, but is suitable for sausage and cheese, cottage cheese, fresh meat, if bought today, and will be ready tomorrow -poslezavtra todo not freeze.

Superzamorozka -Why need in the refrigerator?

Typically, the temperature in the freezer - 18 ° C, so when downloading new products in the freezer, so they did not give up its heat they need to quickly freeze, for thisfor several hours to press a special button to lower the temperature from 24 to 28 ° C, so far as the compressor.If the refrigerator is not designed for automatic shut-off, as the products will freeze, you must turn off this feature manually.

Benefits : rapid freezing of products ensures the safety of vitamins and integrity of the product

Disadvantages : the load on the compressor, it is recommended to use this function in case you want to download a large number of products.For example, because of one of the legs should not do.

In some refrigerators are used with trays cold accumulators, which will help to better conserve frozen and ground products, they are installed in the freezing chamber in the upper zone.

Supercooling: To preserve the fresh products they need quickly cooled, for this purpose there is a function of supercooling that lowers the temperature in the refrigerator to + 2 ° C, evenly distributed throughout the shelves.Once the products are cooled down, you can switch to the normal cooling mode.

Reviews forums:
I often use mode superzamorozki when I load a lot of products, which require fast freezing.It svezhecleplennye dumplings need to quickly freeze them until they stick together.I do not like the fact that this regime can not disable itself.It is switched off automatic after 24 hours. The compressor has a very large freezing capacity, and operates quietly.


when we chose fridge superzamorozkoy chosen without automatic shut-off, so I advance for instructions include 2 hours before loading, then a couple of hours to freeze, turn off.

No Frost system-necessity or whim?

System No Frost (in English translation c "frost free") does not form frost on the inner surfaces.This system operates on the principle of the air conditioner, fan cooled air is supplied.The air cooled evaporator.There automatic defrosting air cooler every 16 hours and thawed the frost on the evaporator heating element.The resulting water passes to the tank of the compressor, and the compressor has a high temperature, it is evaporated therefrom.That's why this system does not require defrosting.

Benefits : does not require defrosting, distributes the temperature in all departments, the accuracy of the temperature regulation by 1 ° C, rapid cooling of the product, thereby providing better preservation.

Disadvantages : This refrigerated foods need to be stored in a closed form, that they are not dried up.

Reviews forums:

I fridge system «no frost» 6 years and works fine.I never complain, do not want to unfreeze "the old" constantly.

embarrass me expression "fading and shrinkage" my products "fading" do not have time.)))

Cohnut nothing!Cheese, sausage - pack.Yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, and certainly not dry.Mayonnaise and butter well.Fruits and vegetables on the bottom shelf, too, is normal.Nothing like this had not noticed ... in the freezer meat and fish laid on individual bags.

I remember that's how old refrigerator - already shudder!This horror had ever thawed!Feature «no frost» - super.

drip system in the refrigerator -otzyvy

This system drain excess water from the refrigerator.On the outside wall of the refrigerator compartment evaporator is located, which is located at the bottom of the sink.Since in the above-zero refrigerating compartment temperature, when the compressor is on the rear wall of the formed frost.After some time, when the compressor stops, the frost melts, while trickling down the drain, therefrom in a special container placed on the compressor, and then evaporated.

advantage : in the refrigerator compartment the ice freezes.

Lack : ice may form in the freezer.That require manual defrosting refrigerator.

Reviews forums:

Every six months unplug the refrigerator, wash it, there is no ice, I like it.

My parents drop Indesit, double chamber.Drip system, I do not like, they have a fridge for some reason constantly leaking all the time in the pallets and on the back wall of water collects.Well, it must be thawed, though rarely.Not comfortable.

What are needed in the refrigerator shelves?

The following types of shelves:

  • glass shelves are made with environmentally friendly material with a plastic or metal edging that keeps shelves leak spilled product to another department;
  • plastic - most models instead of expensive and heavy use of glass shelves shelves of durable high-quality transparent plastic;
  • lattice of stainless steel - the dignity of the shelves that allows for better air circulation and evenly distribute the temperature;
  • shelves with anti-bacterial coating - is the latest achievements of nanotechnology development, the thickness of the silver coating 60 - 100 microns, silver ions have an effect on harmful bacteria, preventing them from multiplying.

Shelves should have a function Glass Line regulation shelves in height.

For convenience freeze ravioli, berries, fruits, mushrooms and fine food provided plastic pallets and various trays.

Accessories refrigerator:

  • «Oiler" storage compartment for butter and cheese;
  • compartment for eggs;
  • compartment for fruit and vegetables;
  • bracket for bottles allow you to conveniently place the bottle, it can stir as a separate cooler and door in the form of a special plastic device that captures the bottle.
  • compartment yogurt;


What signals should be in the refrigerator:

  • when the doors are open for a long time;
  • with increasing temperature in the refrigerator;
  • of power failure;
  • protection function gives children the ability to block the door and electronic control panel.

Section ice

in the freezer provided small drawer for ice to freeze forms ice .In some refrigerators to save space the existence of such a shelf is not provided. Ledoformy simply placed in the freezer with all the products, which is not very convenient, because the water might spill or clean water can get food, so in that case it is better to use ice packs.

For those who use food ice frequently and in large portions, the manufacturer has provided icemaker - a device for producing ice is connected to the cold water.An ice maker automatically preparing ice as cubes and in crushed form.For a glass of ice, just press the button located on the outside doors of the freezer.

Section chilled water

Plastic containers that are built into the interior door panel of the refrigerating chamber allow to obtain chilled water by pressing the lever, with the valve opens and a glass filled with a cold drink.

The same system can be connected to the function of "clean water" connecting to the water supply through a fine filter to give the cool water for drinking and cooking.

Vitamin plus

In some models, provides a container with ascorbic acid.

How it works: through the filter, the moisture accumulates, and the vitamin "C" evaporative cooling chamber diverges.

vacation mode

saves energy, long-term absence at home.This feature introduces a fridge in "sleep mode" prevents the formation of odors and mold.

refrigerator compressor

If only one small refrigerator compressor.
two compressors - are two cooling systems which are independent of each other.One provides the refrigerator, while the other provides the freezer.

Reviews forums:


2 compressor in a well when you can defrost the freezer without turning off the second.It's good?But if it happens that breaks one of the compressors, you need to change two.So for that reason I am for one compressor.


We have a refrigerator with two compressors, super, gives the cold to complete the program, the temperature is regulated in different cells.In summer, the heat is very great rescues.And in the winter, too, the pluses.The refrigerator compartment temperature do more, so as not to water was not too cold, and you could just drink.Advantages: High operational life, as each compressor is switched on only when needed for my camera.Performance Cold significantly higher.Convenient control, because you can separately adjust the temperature in the chambers.

Standalone cold preservation

case of power failure, in the course of time from 0 to 30 hours refrigerator temperature from - 18 to + 8 ° C.What ensures the safety of products to solve the problem.

surface «Anti-Finger-print»

This special coating made of stainless steel, which protects the surface from dirt and fingerprints from the fingers of various contaminants.

antibacterial function

  • Antibacterial filter passes through a air circulating in the refrigerator compartment, captures and destroys bacteria, fungi that cause odors and infection products.Read how to get rid of unpleasant odors in the refrigerator folk remedies;
  • The light to combat harmful bacteria, can use infrared radiation, ultraviolet and gamma irradiation;
  • Deodorizer. modern refrigerators are available with built-in deodorizers, dispensing deodorizing substances in certain places by destroying odors.

Review: previously had to be placed in the refrigerator soda or activated charcoal, with antibacterial function of the refrigerator no longer such a need.

Achievements electronics

  • electronic control panel built on doors, showing temperature and allows you to set the exact temperature, namely that you want to keep in the refrigerator and freezer.It may also have the function of storing electronic calendar, which records the time and place of all products Bookmark and prevents the occurrence of expiry.
  • Display : LCD screen, built on the refrigerator door that displays all the necessary information, all important dates, information on the temperature of the products inside the refrigerator.
  • microcomputer , connected to the Internet, which not only controls the contents of the refrigerator, but also allows you to make orders for products by email, you can get tips on food storage.Recipes cooking of the products that you order.During cooking, you can communicate interactively and receive a variety of information that interests you.

We have listed all the features that has a modern refrigerator, and what additional features will be equipped with your refrigerator, it's up to you.It depends on what means you have, and what features do you consider mandatory in your fridge.

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