How to give your child a name: the rules for choosing a name for the baby

By Admin | Children
13 May 2016

Baby Names After the birth, and even before the birth of the baby, moms and dads care about is one of the main issues - how to name your crumbs.Certainly, it is a private matter of each parent, but to choose a name to be very cautious and careful not to accidentally break the child of his future life reckless choice.What you need to know when choosing a name for a newborn?

  • aware of the responsibility , that you are behind the choice of name.It is not the principle - "my baby, my business."The kid grows up, and it will only own life.And in this life will be enough emotions to which it is not necessary to add facilities over the name.
  • choosing unconventional name - do not rush, think.His originality child will be able to emphasize not only the name - be sensible.Of course, the unusual name has always attracted attention, but, in addition, it is also becoming a serious moral tension.Especially the children (and the child becomes an adult at once) are more inclined to make fun of these names than to swoon wit
    h delight.Many eventually grow up, they are forced to change the names, which namudrili birth parents.
    Baby Names
  • expressed his fondness for the crumbs you can simply changing the name - it's easy.Any parent will always find a pet, even a derivative of the very strong name.But the choice is too affectionate name for the metric can, again, cause the child discomfort in the future.This is for you baby - "sweet karapuzichek", and for a very indifferent and cold world outside the window - just a man.And the name, such as "Motya" in the passport is unlikely to cause puppy dog ‚Äč‚Äčenthusiasm in others and the child.
  • not need to rely when choosing solely on behalf of its sound. Because beautifully and tenderly it will sound just out of your mouth.And a stranger will say and accept it still differently.
  • Remember that one of the selection rules - harmonious combination found the name with the last name and patronymic .That is, when a patronymic "Aristarkhovich", for example, the name "Christopher" will all interfere with the pronunciation.And the name "Raphael" is simply ridiculous next to the name "Poltorabatko."
  • not have to chase fashion. This is pointless and the risk that a child will change the name at the first receiving a passport.
  • name - it is also a part of nature, which gets the baby together with the metric .On the history, the nature of the name written much - Polyubopytstvuyte about the significance of the name, read about people with the same name, listen to the name of energy - you will understand, on what it takes to give, and what will suit your crumbs.
    Baby Names
  • Do not forget about the emotional color name .If the name "Alexander" always sounds good and carries a certain charge of confidence and victory, "Paramon" immediately evokes associations - the village, cows, hay.
  • Surely, you already have a list of names that you like. Try them not only to the kid, but someone stranger. you will immediately feel - if the name is rejected.
  • Refer to the church calendar. You can select the name of the saint, the day is a pipsqueak was born.

And, of course, no hurry to name the baby in honor of the great men, relatives and so on. There is a belief that the named someone the child repeats his fate.Of course, there is no evidence that, but do not hurry - at least analyze how successful was (is) a man in whose honor you suddenly decided to name their child.