The first documents of the newborn baby: where and how to get medical insurance policy on the child?

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13 May 2016

How do I get a medical insurance policy for a newborn baby Main, after receiving registration metrics and kid - design of its health policy (ie, CBOs).It is he who gives the child the right to free (in almost all its forms) medical care in any medical institution of the Russian Federation.How and where to get the document?

content of the article:

  • When it is necessary to draw MHI policy
  • Where can I get a medical insurance policy
  • Whether residence when placing the child policy?
  • policy documents for the newborn
  • when ready MHI policy for your child?

When it is necessary to draw MHI policy for the child after birth?

Once your crumbs appear own official documents that could confirm his identity and, of course, place of residence, you can go for a medical insurance policy. Within 3 months from the day that your crumb was born, you can not do without the policy .After 3 months, the child loses this right.Therefore, postponing receipt of such a document should not be necessary.
How do I get a medical insurance policy for a newborn baby

Where to get medical insurance to the child where the child policy to
make honey?

Generally, medical insurance policy for parents draw up the crumbs:

  • to the insurance company at the place of direct residence (registration).
  • The specialized point of issue (for example, in his precinct polyclinic).

Policy for the newborn without a residence permit - do residence when placing the child policy?

Making health policy carried out at the place of the immediate registration of the child's mom or dad.Not all the time to immediately register the baby, so no rigid binding policy to the place of residence crumbs simplifies parents lives.Permanent or temporary policy is issued in accordance with the type of registration - temporary or permanent residence (stay).The second version of the policy is renewable together with the registration of the place of residence crumbs. Register - a prerequisite of obtaining the policy.

policy documents for the newborn - a list of the necessary documents for the child policy

to get the document on the kid, mom or dad should go to the point of delivery CHI presenting:

  • birth certificate crumbs .His outstanding in the registry office for the period of the birth of the child and to the execution of one month.
  • Statement of an approved pattern.
  • Russian passport of a parent the presence of registration.The requirement to register - territorial belonging to the point of issue MLA.

How do I get a medical insurance policy for a newborn baby

when ready health insurance for your child?

wait long for issuing a document you do not have.This procedure is very simple and does not require a solid package of documents, no long queues at various levels, no endless waiting the issuance of the policy. Typically, MHI policy parent gets on your hands, after only a few minutes after his conversion to the insurance company. Individual organizations can give you a temporary policy for the period until a permanent document is prepared.You just have to drive up on time and take a permanent policy.