Choose the best walkers - Assistant for the first steps of your baby

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14 May 2016

Top baby walkers Every year more and more modern technology make life easier for a young mother.Time for housework with the birth of crumbs are left, and my mother had to look for opportunities to take her baby for a while, to free himself for 10-15 minutes beneficial.If the child has mastered half a year, then the mother can help walkers.Read: At what age, and whether harmful walkers - expert opinion.How to choose a walker for the baby right?

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  • Types walker for toddlers
  • How to choose a baby walker for
  • Reviews and opinions of parents

Types of walkers for babies - photos, features models of baby walkers

Probablyeveryone knows how to look walkers: special frame on wheels, a seat for the crumbs, the possibility of independent movement in the apartment.These devices differ in design, the presence of additional items (toys, for example), the color and so on. What kinds of walkers offered today?

  • Classic walker.
    They kid can move around without parental support in the room, study
    ing the world, strengthen the legs and walking skills.
    Top baby walkers - classic
  • Walkers transformers.
    This design involves a combination of several functions - rocking, and with the presence of conventional walker height adjuster, comfortable seating, a bar with toys and so forth.
    Walkers Transformers
  • Walkers Wheel.
    option, much loved kids - toy on wheels that you want to push ahead.Designed for crumbs have the ability to stand and walk.
    Walkers Wheel
  • Jumpers.
    exterior design reminiscent of "baby carrier" with elastic straps.Jumpers usually hung in the doorway.They can be used as a half a year.However, only after the resolution of a podiatrist.
    Walkers jumpers
  • Walkers for children with cerebral palsy.
    These walkers - with support for the elbow or rollatory-walkers from the rear pillar.
    Go-carts for children with cerebral palsy

How to choose a walker for your baby - choosing the right walker

All the nuances of such a purchase you must be thought out in advance, because it depends on the choice of the competent health and safety of your baby.Unfortunately, poor quality products are found among children's products, so in order to avoid injury to a child pay attention to the following criteria:

  • design meets the age, weight and height of the baby.
    For example, if a walker is recommended crumbs growth not exceeding 85 cm, of course, to put them in a child with growth above this -there can not risk loss of the baby walker.
  • base construction.
    basis walker usually has a circular or rectangular shape.The second option - a more secure.And the first - less stable.The size of the foundations must exceed the dimensions of countertops walker.
  • wheels.
    This point should parents worry more than the toys on the panel.Number of wheels usually - from 4 to 10. Ideal - the wheels 6-8.The more - the less risk that pipsqueak overturn.It is desirable that the wheels were removed (as they will be easier to wash).
  • stopper on wheels.
    Such retainer will be useful at the time of stopping the baby.
  • Wheels material.
    least noisy and no damage to the floor covering - Silicone wheel.
  • seat.
    Contrary to stereotypes, the seats are not only color.Note the back line of the rules - it should be smooth and always tough.Requirements to the seat - wide (to avoid discomfort in the groin area) and deep (to reduce the risk of loss).Better to choose a waterproof material to crumb could be in the walker, even without diapers.And the case must be removable, for their subsequent washing.
  • possibility of height adjustment.
    It will grow along with the baby walker.Height levels may be three or more in accordance with the model of the walker.Check correct locking in every position.
  • countertop.
    This item is equipped with everything you might need a little explorer - beeper, rattles, recesses for bottles and so on. It is more convenient when the table top is removable.And if you are removable and toys, be sure to check that no gap under them, in which the crumb can stick a finger.

Do not forget to ask for a certificate of quality , check folding walker and availability pad legs (on the stop), or a special platform that turns into a comfortable chair walkers.

And what baby walkers have chosen you for my baby?Tell us your opinion!