A child being bullied in school - what to do: Tips for parents to psychologists

By Admin | Children
14 May 2016

A child being bullied at school School - these are the first steps in an independent life, which, alas, are often accompanied by problems with social adaptation, grievances and concerns.Unfortunately, the children's conflicts in our time - a very common phenomenon, and parents sometimes find themselves in a very difficult situation.What if the favorite child being bullied at school?Should we intervene or correct to let the children to understand their own?

content of the article:

  • How to understand that the child being bullied?Why
  • child being bullied at school?
  • What if the child being bullied?

How do you know that your child being bullied at school?

Not every child will tell parents about school conflicts.One not very trusting relationship with mom and dad, the other just hesitate a third does not want "to pass a wimp" and so forth. One way or another, children often silent about the true state of affairs.In order to avoid more serious problems, should be attentive to your child .

When to guard?

  • child "not himself» - sad, angry, depressed;the child does not sleep well at night.
  • Falls performance in school.
  • teacher constantly leaves comments Blog of late and so forth.
  • Disappear baby stuff - until the eraser.
  • child regularly looking for an excuse to stay home .

A child being bullied at school

Sometimes the child complains about himself.Of course, the first reaction of any parent - to take off to school and show everyone "what's what."But the panic here - the last thing.To get started is find out - why hurt a child .

child being bullied at school - in what could be the reason?

As a rule, the main reasons for conflicts between classmates - is ...

  • indecision and weakness child's inability to stand up for themselves.
  • physical weakness (chronic disease, etc.).
  • flaw in appearance, health (such as glasses or a limp, stammer, and so on.).
  • demeanor (boastfulness, arrogance, or, on the contrary, cowardice, timidity).
  • less fashionable than their peers, form.
  • low performance.

A child being bullied at school

Whatever the reason, in a situation where the child has nothing to oppose unjust, he is forced to put up with all the bullying.Therefore important to understand how to properly operate , to help your child.

child being bullied in school - the parents how to act?

What often advise parents (especially employment) in this situation?Do not mention it.Of course, if the boy classmate pulled pigtails, or someone had called someone, there is no conflict, and the Council is quite right.But if the conflict develops into a problem that affects the mood, academic performance, and even the child's health, it is time to resort to more effective methods.

  • Council of turning the other cheek, if the child is hit on the left is fundamentally wrong for today's children.Cowardly or meekly swallowing insults, the child will have to initially accept the role of victim.Consequences for subsequent formation of yourself as a person can be disappointing.At a minimum, child closes a .
  • sympathize, emotional support and be there in any situation - this is the first task of the parent.The child should not be afraid to share their feelings with their parents.Your task - to properly explain to the child why he is right or wrong, and what to do.
  • Definitely should not rush to the school and to punish the offender .First, you have no right to punish someone else's child, and secondly, after your "act of revenge" for the child may begin to treat even worse.That is, the problem is not solved, and the child will be a "sneak."
  • One option - gather all the parties together and come to a common decision .That is, both the child's parents on both sides and a teacher.
  • teacher - a person who plays a major role, "referee" in the conflict.In forces teachers - how to avoid conflict and properly reconcile the parties before the intervention of parents.That teacher, first of all, to find a way to unite the conflicting parties - through conversation, friendly instruction, a game or a joint work.By the way, the sharing of a task - a very effective way to reconcile children.
  • to send their children to the sports section - also a good educational moment.But not only that your baby will learn to defend themselves physically and be able to "parry".Section leader must educate children in terms of education in the child leadership and correct assessment of the situation.Experienced teacher teaches not shaking his fists, and develop self-confidence and resolve conflicts, first of all, psychologically.
  • Be excluded in solving the conflict. That is, try to discard the emotions a parent who is willing to break any tears for his crumbs, and look at the situation from the outside.That is, judiciously and wisely.
  • Look for a way to reconcile children. Arrange children's parties, holiday.Think of the scenario of the holiday, which will involve all parties to the conflict.
  • If the source of the conflict - the wearing of glasses, problems with the pronunciation of sounds and so forth., You can (if possible) switch to contact lenses, take your child to a speech therapist, etc. If the problem is in the fullness of - record the child in the pool and take his physical form.
  • question "hipness" in school was at all times. level of income at all different, and envy / resentment / bragging, alas, do occur.Introduction to form in schools partially solved this problem, but remain backpacks, jewelry, various trivia.In this case, the parents and the teacher should explain to the children that need to be proud of his successes and achievements, not beautiful and expensive things.
  • Do not ignore the problem of the child. I Am always on the alert, pay attention to even small things.This will help you prevent many conflicts still in their bud.
  • If the conflict goes beyond the permissible, if we are talking about children's cruelty to physical harm, harassment and humiliation, there is already problem is solved at the level of director of school and law enforcement officials.

A child being bullied at school

Of course, this is important - to eliminate possible sources of the problem, to teach the child to unfold at its best, give him the opportunity for self-realization, that the child had reason to be proud of themselves, for self-confidence.But parental support outside the school is very important. Teach your child to stand up for yourself, believe in yourself and be strong and fair person.