Baby walkers: at what age, and whether they are harmful - expert opinion

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14 May 2016

Baby walkers - benefit or harm One of the most controversial issues in the selection of children's "gadgets" - it's a matter of moms walker.As it is well known among parents and professionals have both supporters and ardent opponents of a walker.Read: How to choose a walker for your baby.How did they are harmful or helpful?What do the experts say?And what are the rules for their use?

content of the article:

  • Walkers - for and against
  • When walkers contraindicated child?
  • what age a child put into a walker?
  • What child can be in the walker?
  • Safety when using a walker

harmful to a walker for children - expert opinion;Walkers - for and against

Baby walkers a consensus nor experts nor the mother still can not come.For some walkers - way to teach your baby to walk, while others believe that they, on the contrary, can be moved when the baby takes the first step.In the Soviet Union the subject was discontinued because of such effects from the use of a walker, as a violation of muscle tone, strengthening the wrong position of feet and s

o on. And in Canada at the end of the last century were not only banned the sale and production, and even import walkerwith a motivation - "are a danger to children."
So what pediatricians say a walker?

Walkers harmful!Because:

  • baby starts to walk later, he is not able to keep the balance because of the feeling of constant support.
  • is slowing down the development of skills mobility (stand, crawl, etc.).
  • gait deteriorates significantly - it becomes springy.
  • There is a risk of injury.
  • disrupted muscle tone and squeezed the crotch.
  • restrict freedom of movement.
  • There disorientation.

Walkers useful!Because:

  • is the development of coordination.
  • child learning to walk.
  • easier child to explore the world.
  • strengthens the back muscles and legs.
  • Provide strain on the muscles, increase appetite, promote sound sleep.
  • Empty the child's hands to play.
  • bring joy to kids and free time mom.

Baby walkers - whether they are harmful absolutely opposite opinions, and conclusions make every mother alone .But the decision should be made in accordance with health of the child and the opinion of your doctor .Buy walkers just to not hurt the child - of course, wrong.But if you do decide on them, do not forget about certification of goods, contraindications and safety rules.

Attention parents: When baby walkers contraindicated

Experts do not recommend the use of a walker at:

  • inability to sit and keep your back flat.
  • presence of inflammation on the skin, contact with a walker.
  • signs of rickets.
  • Availability hyper hypo feet.
  • disturbances in the locomotor system.
  • Reluctance (fear, discomfort and so forth.) Baby.

Baby Walkers - at what age a child can be put in them?

Baby walkers - the age at which they can be used? Asked about the age at which it is already possible to put the crumbs in a walker, experts meet - no earlier than six months, your baby will turn .It is a 6 month old baby will already be able to hold yourself back and stay confident.However, we must not forget that being in a walker for the baby - a burden that should be dosed in accordance with the level of development, contraindications, instructions for walkers and age .

How you can use a walker for a child in time - councils pediatricians

introduce crumbs with a walker, you can have a half a year.What you need to remember?The residence time in walker increase gradually.You should begin 3 minutes , and a maximum of 2 times all day.Next time use increases "priplyusovyvaniem" in a couple of minutes a day.The maximum residence time in walker - 40 minutes .All that additionally, it may lead to serious future problems.

Safety in the use of baby walkers - recommendations orthopedists and paediatricians

  • Baby walkers avoid flatfoot, make sure that the baby's legs firmly stood on the floor .
  • Adjust the height of the walker and put crumbs shoes with hard sole .
  • See that kid played about ladders and other dangerous places .Even with thresholds - not too count them.
  • not leave crumbs in a walker alone.
  • Before buying a walker, check with your doctor .

And, of course, do not forget that the child with a baby walker can reach dangerous objects.Be careful.And remember that no matter how comfortable walkers were not, attention mothers they will not replace .