I love two at once - how to choose between the two men, the one and only?

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10 March 2016

How to choose from the two boys or men alone? Someone will say - "to love two at once - it's promiscuity."And someone will note - "Wow!Double portion of attention! ".And someone even said that it does not love, just pulls you right in the two sides.And only one in a thousand will understand how hard it is when the heart is torn by love directly to both men.

What to do?How to choose a single of the two?

content of the article:

  • 8 selection methods between the two men
  • choice is made - what next?

Testing itself - 8 methods of choosing between two guys or men

If the heart is very, very not willing to be determined, and peace weathervane spinning like crazy, it makes sense to test yourself and make it easier for such a serious choice.

appreciate positive qualities of each ...

  • Does he have a sense of humor? Can it cheer you up, and you understand your jokes?A man with a sense of humor completely different looks at the world with his optimism and charges all around.
  • What do you feel when you touch it? and whether he is able to restrain himself in the expression of feelings?
  • What are his interests in life? Purposeful whether he is a man with his own outlook on life, or bore, which most in life appreciates the comfort of your own?
  • how it behaves when someone needs help ?Hastening to help, do not hesitate, or pretends that he does not care?
  • What exactly attracts you to his (except for your appearance)?
  • How much time he spends with you? relishes every minute stretches fun coming your way soon, hardly had a free "minutes"?Or rushing to date, constantly looking at the clock, goes immediately "after ..."?
  • How often he calls you? immediately before visiting a brutal "Baby, I'll stop now?"Or, barely having time to go beyond the threshold, with a sigh - "baby, I miss you" and almost every hour just to find out how you?
  • he Flirting with other girls in your presence?
  • as it relates to children?

assess their own feelings ...

  • What do you feel when she calls or sends you a message?
  • Do you feel close to them "in their place" and "at ease"?
  • Makes Does your heart beat faster just one touch of your hands?
  • Can you introduce yourself to him in his old age?
  • whether he accepts you for who you are?
  • Do you feel close to him that the "wings bloom" and "I want to live to the fullest?"
  • Or are you close to him, like a shadow or a beautiful bird in a cage?
  • Do you feel that with him become better?
  • Does it your desires and aspirations in development?
  • Do you feel close to him special, the most loved and cherished?
  • Without any of them you choke, as if to pull the plug?

evaluated negatively by both ...

  • Does he have bad habits , that annoy you?
  • As far as he is jealous? bad if he is not jealous at all - or disingenuous, or he just does not care.It is also bad if jealousy rolls, and each passer-by, fleeting smile to you, risking to get into the nose.The golden mean is - the most it.
  • care whether it what you wear and how to look? Of course, every man wants his woman was the most stunning and beautiful, but mature man usually hides from view long legs and his half disapproves of short skirts, too bright makeup and other amenities.
  • How heavy burden of the past behind him? And if "very hard" - he does not hurt your relationship?
  • Does he attempt to control you? Or always looking for a compromise if there is a controversial issue?
  • Can he admit that he is wrong?
  • How often he case of an outbreak unjustified aggression?
  • Can he make the first step towards reconciliation , if you had a fight?
  • Have you noticed him lie? As far as he is frank with you?How high is the level of trust between you?
  • he ever tell you about their past love? And in what tone?If he remembers the former too often - most likely, his feelings for her are still hot.If you remember "bad words" - is worth considering.This man will never say bad things about the former passion, even if it gave him a "hell on earth".
  • If you are sick, he runs and Drug sitting in your bed? or wait until you get better, occasionally sending sms "Well, how have you got?"

We appreciate the feelings of the two ...

  • How deep his feelings for you? Is he ready to link their lives with you forever, or your relationships superficial and based only on physical attraction?
  • What he is willing to sacrifice for you? Will he yank you if you suddenly decide to study / work in another city?
  • What might be his reaction if you decide to part with it? «Come on, goodbye" or "What happened?"?As soon disappear from your life, or will you fight for?Ask me, of course, not necessary - just try to imagine such a situation and its consequences.

Help room or call a friend

If you have a trusting relationship with their parents , share with them your problem.They certainly prompt - how do you best and express their opinion "from a height of past years" about both candidates for your heart.

You can talk with your friends , but only if you give them 100 percent trust.

And the solution is, of course, still only take you.

makes the list ...

  • What do they look like each other?
  • What are their differences?
  • What specifically do you feel each (describe every feeling)?
  • What qualities do you like about them?
  • What qualities do not like strongly?
  • With whom are you more to do?
  • Who are you with great pleasure will have to wait to work with a delicious meal?
  • one of them you want to meet with parents and relatives?And how can parents accept everyone?

throw coins ...

Let tails will be one, and another eagle.Throwing a coin, make sure your thoughts - who it is you want to see on a palm?

not in a hurry ...

Do not try to find a solution immediately.Give yourself (and them) a little time.Take a break from both at least a week - on which of them you will miss most?Just do not over-tighten the selection process is too long.

And if your relationship has not yet crossed the border very close - do not pass it.Make a choice before you realize that someone of them have changed.

choice between the two guys did - what next?

The decision was made to do next?

  1. If the decision is really made, it's time to part with one of them. No need to leave him "in reserve" - ​​tear at once. In the end, if both of you are dreaming to live to old age, then torturing both of you - is simply inexcusable.Release the one you care less.
  2. No need to tell him in parting, that you "different". Do this gently as possible.It is unlikely he will be delighted by your recognition, but in your power to soften the blow.Try to leave your friends.
  3. The feeling of emptiness from the loss of the second - this is normal. It will pass.Humble and not twist the self.
  4. Thoughts like, "What if I was wrong?" Is also in the side. Build your relationship and enjoy life.Do nothing to regret.Life itself will put everything in its place.
  5. accept the fact that someone from the three of you will be hurt. no other way out.
  6. If your conscience is tearing you up inside, and the decision by no means comes, and they, among other things, even the best of friends, the part with both .So you ensure yourself a very solid "time out" to understand the feelings and not become a wedge in their friendship.

general - listen to the heart! It does not lie.

Did you make a difficult decision, and that you can advise the girls had a choice?