How to get rid of the inferiority complex of 12 easy steps - Instructions for the timid

By Admin | Life Style
10 March 2016

How to successfully get rid of the inferiority complex What are the facilities?First of all, our thoughts are those that are limiters for the behavior and actions.As long as the limiter "on" in the head, we are not able to perform certain actions, resulting in suffering from their own helplessness.The reasons lie in the wrong complexes parenting, insults imposed "standards", failures, "defects" appearance and others.

How to deal with these "cockroaches" in our heads?

Get rid of complexes forever!

  1. First of all, you need to realize - the root of the problem. not need to lie to herself.Honestly and openly admitted himself - "my problem ..." (curves tights ass does not like Jennifer Lopez, bulbous nose, stuttering, fear of the public and so on.).Identify the problem and recognize it - this is the first step to success.
  2. list of problems compiled?We start with an analysis of the "fat" of the complex. «It seems to me that all they look at me, as ugly creature, and whispering behind my back."Keyword - "seems."You never know what someone looks.One th
    ing is when every second is coming to you, and reports a pimple on his nose, and quite another when you "think".Do not confuse reality and their fantasies.
  3. further action - find out why this complex is in you such emotions and fears. Any complex, as a rule - a consequence of fear.That someone will laugh, do not love that do not reach the ideal, and so on. This means that we must first get rid of the fear.Selfishness and apathy - not the best assistants, but a little bit of selfishness does not hurt (do not overdo it).For example, you are afraid to get acquainted.Why is that?Because you can reject, ridicule, and so on. A sense of fear?Self-confidence and a sense of humor works wonders!Meet with everyone until your confidence is at the desired level, and fears dissolve in the past.
  4. Try to change yourself. You would think that all the scare your glasses?Buy lens, change the hairstyle, a little makeup - all at your feet.Not too thin waist?Change your wardrobe.Clothing should emphasize the advantages of stylish, but not over-emphasize the shortcomings.Pimples on your face?Take care of proper nutrition and skin care.You can not put two words together and communicating with new people?Go to a special training, join a drama school, fight with his shyness (or it you, or is it for you!).
  5. Stop thinking that everything around looking at your stretch marks on thighs, a mole on his chin, venous spider veins on the legs. Yes, people do not care!Nobody really do not care - who you are, what you are and how you are.This is a huge plus (minus) the present.No need to rave about, you do not have dice press on the abdomen.Look around.Lush ladies are not shy to wear tops and short skirts - they love themselves for what they are ... Yes, just like myself, and all.The men are not shy about their beer "cubes press" and bald patches (they generally do not care).What can we say about the children - they just enjoy life without torturing yourself with such difficulties as appearance.Learn from children!Depend on public view and opinions of others - this is the way to depression, then to depressants, and then ... (do not even talk about it, you do not come to that, right?).
  6. Do not try to please everyone.You have to like yourself, period. Well, still on his way the second half.The rest let him go by.Do you like how you look?This is - the main thing.The rest should not interest you (it's not your problem).
  7. Appreciate their strengths and do not dwell on the negatives. If there is an opportunity to correct deficiencies - fix.From sagging abdominal workouts you can get rid of.Protruding ears can hide beautiful squares.Add yourself freshness and "charm" can simply changing hairstyle, image and work with the cosmetician.And to get rid of fear is a lot of useful training even online.Work on yourself!And remember that perfect people do not exist.
  8. Do not wait until the fairy fly and save you from weaknesses and fears. Under a still stone, as they say ... If your systems have begun to deliver you discomfort and problems in life, from which urgently need to get rid of.It is clear that in the area of ​​"comfort" is much quieter - you can hide in his chair under a blanket, watching the drama and tearful sobbing about his plight.It is much harder to act, and it is only possible to a strong and strong-willed people.Weaknesses remain in the area to weep "comfort."
  9. It's time to become an optimist! nagging pain, depression - all leave in the past.In the new life you have no right to a sour face and dark thoughts.Only positive!In all looking positive and increase their self-esteem.Optimist fear no complexes - it simply does not happen.Learn to manage their emotions.Smile in spite of everything.Remove all irritants, get rid of negative things, do not communicate with people who introduced you into a state of melancholy and sadness.Surround yourself with bright and cheerful companions, buy positive things, see only good and funny movies.
  10. Find a business that will occupy your mind more than your complexes. Maybe you've always wanted to dance?Or open your business?Husky or divorce?A favorite activity is always displaces evil thoughts, fears and complexes - you just will not have time to think about them.
  11. Start loving yourself. finds time to wallow in a fragrant foam bath, read a good book, sit with a cup of coffee by the sea (river), postrochit stupid poems or draw another abstraction on "Summer".You can not live on a schedule, you have to live for yourself, too.
  12. not get carried away in soul-searching and self-criticism. Within reasonable limits, they are even useful.But the abuse of self-criticism is not just a complex, and neurasthenia.Analyze your attitude.If your self-criticism - it is an occasion for self-improvement, it's all right.If the reason to suffer in silence - it's time to do something.

And remember that cockroaches in the house and not have to head to cultivate and display!