My friend was not invited to the wedding - whether to be offended, and sort things out?

By Admin | Relations
12 March 2016

Together - through fire, water and copper pipes.Together - tears in the pillow of unfulfilled love.Always there, and no secrets from each other.Best friend - well, who could be close (after the parents and loved, of course)?And now she is preparing for the wedding, and even the invitations sent out, and you go shopping, looking after the best gift you ... but for some reason not invited.It's a shame, a shame, is not clear.What is the reason?And continue to communicate?

content of the article:

  • reasons for which I was not invited
  • What if a friend had not invited?

reasons for which I was not invited to the wedding - looking together

reason may be the most unexpected (women - they are unpredictable creatures), but the most popular are the following ...

  • you - not so much to her close friend.It happens.You think man's best friend, and he will - no.That is, there is friendship, but other than you, and it has more close friends.
  • you something hurt her.Remember - you could inadvertently hurt
    her friend, offend, insult.
  • wedding day has not yet arrived, and the invitation will not come, because you and without any invitations - Chief welcome.
  • Circle invited - limited, the limit of funds for the wedding - the same as family too much to invite even close friends.By the way, this is the most common cause.
  • Her future husband against your presence at the wedding (or parents).


  • you are an ex-girlfriend of the groom, his friend or someone from the guest.In this case, in order to avoid unnecessary problems and force majeure, you certainly will not be invited.
  • Your friend and her fiance decided not to invite to the wedding in general anyone.And to celebrate it together, quietly.They have that right.
  • She just forgot to send you an invitation.And so it happens.When you fly on the wings of love, and even in the pre-wedding bustle - so easy to forget about everything.
  • invitation sent by mail, just did not make it (got lost).
  • you do not know what a "golden mean" in alcohol.That is, the girlfriend is afraid that you overdo it with champagne and begin to "dance on the table."
  • your husband (partner) - undesirable person at the wedding.

What if a friend is not invited to the wedding - all options for your actions

So, you are not invited.The reason you do not know.Are you confused, you are offended, upset.What to do and how to react?It all depends on you ...

  • easiest way not to read tea leaves, and just ask a friend.It is possible that the reason is much simpler than you imagine "clocked".
  • or (if you're a proud man) just to pretend that you did not even notice this fact.Wedding?What wedding?Oh, wow, congratulations, my dear!
  • Wedding still ahead?Wait panic.You may have forgotten in the turmoil or send an invitation for you to open the door without these conventions.


  • Wedding Date - the next day, and a friend had not called?Go directly to the registrar.In response girlfriend you immediately realize - she forgot about you or do not want to see on your holiday life.In the second option, you can simply give a gift and wished happiness, retire, citing the case.
  • can and does nothing to ask.Simply break off relations and forget that you had a girlfriend.Option is not the most beautiful or the most correct (you need to be able to forgive wrongs).
  • declared directly to the restaurant, where they celebrate the wedding, drink, dance a striptease and groom at the end with someone to fight - not exactly an option.It is unlikely that a friend will appreciate.
  • Send greetings via SMS.Without reproach and podkolok - just sincere congratulations and forget (you fulfilled your duty, and the rest on the conscience of your girlfriend) about the offense.At the same time save on the present.

But if without jokes, there are situations in life when you just need to understand the person and to forgive.The wedding will take place, and friendship (if it really friendship) - it's for life.