15 best books about love - popular, romantic, the most interesting

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12 March 2016

Before Valentine's Day, of course, still far away, but for a book about love is a special day and not necessary.Like a hundred years ago, a work of love read avidly, without being distracted by extraneous stimuli, a cup of tea or coffee.One looks for the answers to their questions, the other is not enough love in his life, and the third just enjoy the quality of the text, the story and emotions.To your attention - 15 most romantic books about love!

  • Thorn Birds. author of the novel (1977, the second): Colleen McCullough.Saga of 3 generations of one Australian family.About people who had a lot of experience, that life gave them happiness, love for their land, about the choice that confronts every one of us.The main characters of the book - Maggie, modest, gentle and proud, and Ralph - a priest torn between Maggie and God.A devout Catholic, swept through the love of a girl all her life.Whether they are destined to be together?And what will happen to the bird singing Damned?

The Thorn Birds

  • Loneliness in the network. author of the novel (2001, the second): Wisniewski Janusz Leon.This novel became a bestseller in Russia, having dipped readers in life, clear to many modern lone, whiled away their days on the web.The main characters fall in love with each other on ... ICQ.In the virtual world is their meeting, experience, communication, sharing erotic fantasies, the study of each other.They are alone in reality and is almost inseparable in the Internet.Once they meet in Paris ...

Loneliness in the network

  • time to live and a time to die. author of the novel (1954, the second): Erich Maria Remarque.One of the most powerful books Remarque along with the product "Three Comrades".The theme of war is closely intertwined with the theme of love.There is year 1944, retreating German troops.Ernst received vacation, leaving home, but Verdun turned into ruins by bombing.Looking for parents, Ernst accidentally meets with Elizabeth, with which they approach each other, hiding in a bomb shelter from air raids.War again separates young people - Ernst should return to the front.Will they be able to see again?

time to live and die

  • PSI love you. author of the novel (2006, the second): Cecilia Ahern.This is a story about love, which was stronger than death.Holly loses her beloved husband and depressed.She does not have any powers to communicate with people, and even to leave the house, there is no desire.Suddenly came by mail a package of letters from her husband completely turns her life.Each month, she opens one letter and clearly follow his instructions - this is the wish of the wife, who was aware of his impending death ...

I love you

  • Gone with the Wind. author of the novel (1936, the second): Margaret Mitchell.Ostrosotsialnye, fascinating book that unfolds during the American Civil War.A work of love and loyalty, war and betrayal, ambition and war hysteria, a strong woman, which nothing can break.

gone With the Wind

  • Notebook. author of the novel (1996 th was) Nicholas Sparks.They are just like us.And their love story - completely normal, no thousands of cases around us.But from this book impossible to put down.They say the greater the love, the more tragic is final.Can the heroes save their happiness?

The Notebook

  • Wuthering Heights. author of the novel (1847, the second): Emily Bronte.Book of Mystery of stormy passions, colorful life of the English provinces, and the evils of prejudice, secret love and forbidden desire, the happiness and tragedy.The novel, which is included in the top ten for over 150 years.

Wuthering Heights

  • English Patient. author of the novel (1992, the second): Michael Ondaatje.Subtle psychological tuned work of 4 warped fates at the end of the 2nd World War.And charred unnamed man who has become for all a challenge and mystery.Several destinies are closely intertwined in a villa in Florence - reset mask exposed soul, tired of losing ...

The English Patient

  • D The doctor Zhivago. author of the novel (1957, the second): Boris Pasternak.A novel about the fate of a generation that has witnessed the Russian Civil War, revolution, abdication of the king.They entered the 20th century with hopes that did not come true ...

Doctor Zhivago

  • Sense and Sensibility. author of the novel (1811, the second): Jane Austen.For over 200 years, this book leaves the reader in a state of light trance, due to the surprisingly beautiful language, heart and drama inherent in the author humor.Repeatedly filmed.

Sense and Sensibility

  • Great Gatsby. author of the novel (1925, the second): Francis Scott Fitzgerald.20s of the 20th century, New York.During the chaos of the 1st World War, the band begins a rapid development of the US economy.Also, crime is growing rapidly, and multiplied millions of bootleggers.The book is about love, unlimited materialism, lack of morality and the rich 20-ies.

The Great Gatsby

  • Great Expectations. author of the novel (1860, the second): Charles Dickens.One of the most widely read books of the author.Almost a detective story, a bit of mystery and humor, the thick layer of morality and fantastically beautiful language.Little boy peep during the narration turns into a man - with his appearance changed his peace of mind, his character, outlook on life.The book about the failed hopes of unrequited love for the heartless Estella, the spiritual rebirth of the hero.

big hopes

  • Love Story. author of the novel (1970, the second): Erich Segal.Picturized bestseller.A chance meeting students and future lawyer, love, life together, the dreams of children.Simple story, no plot - life as it is.And understanding that it is necessary to appreciate this life until you give it the heavens ...

love story

  • Night in Lisbon. author of the novel (1962, the second): Erich Maria Remarque.Her name is Ruth.They are fleeing from the Nazis, and the will of fate, are in Lisbon, where trying to get on a ship to the United States.The stranger is willing to give the protagonist 2 tickets to the same ship.Conditions - listen to his life story.The book is about true love, the cruelty, the human soul is so finely displayed Remarque, if the story drawn from real events.

nights in Lisbon

  • Consuelo. author of the novel (1843rd g): George Sand.The action begins in Italy in the mid-18th century.The daughter of a gypsy Consuelo - the poor girl with a divine voice that would become her happiness and grief at the same time.Youthful love - to the best friend Andzoleto, growing, experienced by betrayal, the contract with the Berlin theater and the fateful meeting with Count Rudolstadt.Who selects the prima donna?And can anyone wake the fire in her soul?


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