Your man constantly remembers his ex-wife - how to stop once and for all?

By Admin | Relations
13 March 2016

woman in a relationship rarely recalls the former man.And even if remembers - that he can not stand the thought "to the public" (why once again teasing her man?).Men sometimes allow themselves to not only remember the former, but also constantly tell them about their new wives.Fortunately, these little men, but the problem is this is not going away.

How to be a woman if her half constantly mentions former lover?

Why he remembers his ex?

reasons not so much:

  • He compares you to the former

you not wash the dishes, do not dust, do not bake pancakes and still can not remember how manyspoonfuls of sugar to pour his coffee.And she remembered!Such a comparison is not in favor of your relationship.Although it is possible that he simply tactless whine, and under these comparisons there is nothing other than "planed" you under their habits.

  • He does not let the past

That is, he still loves his ex.

  • He's just a braggart

Some men do not feed bread - let talk about his exploits.Pat

him on the head, scolded for bragging and calm - it will pass as they mature.Or will not pass.


  • wants you to feel sorry for him

Not terrible, but not good.A man who is looking for his wife's sympathy over the past relationship ("She dumped me," "so many years of life means nothing", "I did so much for her, and she ..."), looks at least strange, and not Thereforeman.A real man would never say about his former bad word.Even if she was a real bitch and really ruined the best years of his life.However, a real man would not even dwell on the past, you do not accidentally hurt his current wife.

  • wants to call you to jealousy
  • just wants to talk and throw you like a person whom he trusts, his pain and resentment.

What a woman, how to respond to the constant revelations about his former men?

  • First, do not panic

What's the point?If he loved her all the same to her leave, and your task - not to fall into hysterics and release it on all 4 sides.Because if he goes - so it's not your prince on a white horse.And your - somewhere close (almost rode).And if he loves you - how much more to worry about.

  • Try to understand - why, he tells you about it

Please note - in what context, and how?

He recalls former

  • If you complain, he or whiner (and nothing good to your family it promises), or he is so "subtle" hints that you should dosalivat soups, to meet him in the morning with a cup of coffee, learnarrows to strip his pants and so on. That is, it wants you to have changed, but just can not say.
  • If brags talk to him

Just explain that it is unpleasant to you, and that if again you hear the story of his exploits, then meet him after work will only fish and ficus in the corner.

  • If you want you jealous , explain that you are just such revelations angered and do not cause the desire to love him even more.
  • If it hurts hurt , and revelations about the former - just a way to get rid of the ghosts of the past, let him talk.But warned that it is unpleasant to you.If the situation does not change, most likely situation is bad, and he loves her too much to forget.
  • Do not try to compete with his former

And so he - yours.That is, you have already won.It may be that your man simply does not possess tact, and he even does not occur, you can be upset by his memories or references to the former.

  • not Mess in response

Many women laugh off, trying to negate the desire to quarrel, or not wanting to hurt her husband.But men - straight people.If you want to bring something - say, in the forehead, not yulite, do not try to soften the 'blow'.Do not you love these revelations - and tell his wife.If he loves you, make conclusions.Otherwise, you will just 'grateful listener "suffering because of fear of" offending "the beloved.And he will get used to it.

  • Do not ask a man that he forgot about his former

Firstly, it is impossible.Secondly, such ultimatums will not give the desired result.Relationship - a page of life that you can not just pull out physically.Moreover, if a man has to have not just a lovely woman, and a full family and children (in which case you will have to live with the invisible "presence" of his ex in your life).

matter - what was your man for his ex.It is important that with it now - it is you.Do not wrap the waste itself - a simple conversation sometimes solves all problems at once.