What do the pimples on your face?

By Admin | Beauty
12 March 2016

What do the pimples on your face? In today's world problem spots - one of the largest women's issues.But few people know that acne can appear not only under the influence of a bad environment, or improper care.Very often, pimples on the face are directly related to diseases of internal organs.

So, what say pimples on the face, and how you can solve these problems?

line of hair growth

What do the spots on the hairline? If pimples "jump" exactly on the hairline, then we can safely say that there are problems with the gall bladder.

Usually in such cases, reduce the intake of fried / salty foods, as well as get rid of stress voltage common to all women living in cities.

Center forehead

Acne appearing What do the spots in the middle of the forehead?, practically screaming that your intestines are working in violation of the regime, and that you urgently need to purge and at least try to reconstruct diet.

You should also know that pimples on the upper part of the forehead - it's a problem with the large intestine, and the bottom - with a fine.

area above the eyebrows

What do the spots above the eyebrows If you notice that spots are loc

ated in the area above the eyebrows, it alleges a violation of the bowel or heart.

should see a doctor to be examined.


What do the pimples on the forehead? If pimples "has spread" over the entire surface of the forehead, it indicates that the body has accumulated too many toxins.

If you are under constant stress, it can also be the cause of a large number of acne.


What do the spots at the temples of acne on his temples suggests that you are having problems with the spleen or gall bladder.

We need, again, to see a doctor in order to avoid possible complications.

Pimples on the nose

What do the pimples on the nose Pimples on the nose indicate three reasons - diseases of the bronchi, malfunction of the cardiovascular system and problems with the pancreas.

bridge of the nose between the eyebrows If the acne began to emerge, it may signal liver problems.

What do the pimples on the nose This body is responsible for cleaning the blood, so if the nose began to appear small pimples, then it is a sure sign that we should take a blood test in order to check the condition of the liver.

eye area

What do the spots around the eyes If above or below the eyes began to appear pimples, and the reason - is not that what you consume too many sweets, should urgently reconsider their diet.

Such symptoms indicate a problem with the kidneys and adrenal glands.

upper part of the cheeks

What do the pimples on the cheeks Under jaw line acne appear if you have stomach problems.

to quickly eliminate acne with this part of the face, you should start to eat right and take care of the skin.

lower part of the cheeks

What do the pimples on the cheeks Acne on this side of the face may be caused by obstructed lung function.

If you do not care, then seek medical advice still stands, in order to rule out any hidden infections.


What do the pimples on the chin If spots appear on the chin, it speaks of hormonal imbalance in the body of the girl and an increased level of male hormones.This is a sure sign that the time for you to an endocrinologist.

also pimples in this part of the face may indicate problems with the pelvic organs.In any case, you need to see a doctor to check the ovaries and appendages.

area around the lips

What do the spots around the lips of acne around the lips often speaks about the problems in the digestive system.If abundant precipitation, the reason often lies in the large intestine.To solve this problem is for some time on the network, and a balanced diet to normalize the digestive tract.

cope with acne on his face?Now pick up the correct care and cosmetic products to get rid of red spots after acne.