How to become an interior designer from scratch - an independent training and the necessary programs

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13 March 2016

Not so long ago appeared on the labor market is such a profession as an interior designer, and its popularity today, leaves no doubt, and every year is gaining momentum.If the earlier registration of the dwelling, each worked independently, in our time without the services of a designer virtually no cost.

How to become a designer from scratch?

content of the article:

  • Pros and cons
  • Responsibilities
  • Self-education and training
  • Useful Sites
  • need a program for

Pros and cons of the profession interior designer

Specialty "interior designer"Today the great demand (without a piece of bread with butter and sausage is not exactly stay) - training in the profession are offered by many institutions.

However, it is fair to note that high demand is maintained solely on professional designers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this work?

interior designer


  • creative work.We can not say that the absolute freedom of action here, but exactly creative component "does not take away."
  • broad scope of the acquired skills.
  • OK (or simply different) earnings.
  • Constant communication with new people, useful contacts, broaden their horizons and "weighting" store of knowledge.
  • In a situation when it is "calm" (no customers), you can always get a job at any company where your handy very broad knowledge.
  • Free schedule.
  • No need for advertising: if you are a professional (but still talented), the "word of mouth" to quickly provide you with popularity.
  • prestigious professions.
  • joy of udavshihsya projects.
  • Independence "uncle-chief."
  • gradual filling his personal portfolio.
  • can work in retirement (your age, nobody cares, the main thing - the work).


  • this is not possible, as the vertical growth.Extension possible (for example, opening his own design studio), but to rise above professional designer nowhere.
  • practice / training is required.
  • not do without the accumulated range of reliable partners (from carpenters, furniture makers and electricians to companions Interior, repair, etc..).
  • Contractors sometimes fails.
  • work is not always constant.
  • your views on beauty and practicality do not always coincide with the views of customers.And the customer is always right.
  • irreplaceable.Take sick, you can not.If you started the project - exactly what you need to bring it to its logical conclusion, whatever - you have a runny nose, fever or personal affairs."Take out so positive!"
  • sharp start after training - a rare rarity.You need time for producing customer base, creating its own name promotion.And most importantly - not stained his reputation at the start.
  • 'll have to learn the special programs on your computer.Without them, today is not enough.
  • It should also have artistic skills.

Responsibilities interior designer - how does it work?

room design

Basis for interior designers - what talents and knowledge, he should have?

  • taste and creativity, his own creative look.
  • Patience and hard work.
  • ability to listen and hear the client.
  • ability to present their project to the whole still at an early stage.
  • PC skills at a sufficient level (that is, the advanced user).
  • Knowledge and understanding of the basics of ergonomics of space, architecture, painting, design, color combinations, construction, installation and communications, sequence of processes, the properties / characteristics of modern building / decorative materials.
  • Knowledge of basic interior design styles, as well as the principles of embodiments of data sheets in the interior, taking into account all the nuances.


Usually, the first steps of the young specialist - a work in group projects or design studios.In practice and training will take some time, the lion's share of that spent on the study programs and layouts.The top step of career - own design studio or a solid "post" in the company.

conditional phasing career ladder:

  • specialist without experience, but with the formation and the presence of all the necessary knowledge.
  • specialist since experience (1 year) with its portfolio well "floating" in all modern trends.
  • specialist, combining responsibilities superintendent and designer, with a high level of knowledge, experience of 3 years of experience in large areas / buildings freely landmark in companies producing system / materials.
  • high-level specialists with experience of 5 years, with a solid luggage technically complex projects, with a knowledge of foreign languages.

What does an interior designer - Acting

  • Creating projects of interiors (from apartments and offices to entertainment centers and so on.).
  • analysis of the customer's wishes.
  • subsequent development of drawings, sketches, diagrams, to discuss them with the client.
  • metering facilities and the development of future design.
  • layouts and 3-D modeling.
  • choice of materials, the overall color scheme (in accordance with the wishes of the client), furniture, interior, etc.
  • Budgeting and accurate count of the value of the interior.
  • Making plans and work schedules for workers.
  • control over the work of the workers and the correction of earlier plans if necessary.

How is the work of a designer?

  • meeting with a client at the facility (as a rule).The study of floor plans, drawings and wishes.
  • Preparation of documents and the / job.
  • photographing the object and the implementation of all measurements.Making those
  • / assignments based on the customer's wishes in style, layout, functionality and acquisition of furniture / equipment.
  • Working directly with the design project.
  • Project approval and (after approval) to develop a set of his drawings with all the / data records.
  • implementation of all necessary work (designer only controls, advises, selects the materials, lighting, etc.).

Design living room

How to search orders?

of the most effective forms of advertising available and can be distinguished:

  • Special prints.Book here advertising have long, and not be able to save.Ideal - the glossy magazines for wealthy clients, though, and complimentary newspapers can "shoot" in your favor.
  • grapevine.This option, as mentioned above, takes effect as you gain experience (positive).
  • Global Network.For a start - a personal website, update the portfolio.Next - the promotion of your site.Do not forget about the groups in the social / networking.
  • Posting announcements (distribution of flyers and so on.).Obsolete method.Good for advertising opening a cafe or anticipated show.Designers also should think about more solid method of advertising.

You can also use the following options:

  • Post a "cry" by friends and family - even if all you have is recommended.
  • telephoned the "privateers" and smaller firms that are engaged in finishing works.Typically, designers do not have, and a separate percentage of the design project you will recommend to clients.
  • ring up large stores and organizations advertise the service.Maybe someone just at that moment desperately needed a design project for the new department or his new office.

salary interior designer

Of course, it depends on many factors.Salaries are not there (unless you do not bother the company, as a simple employee).As for the size of income, it depends on the region.On average, the cost of design for 1 sq / m is $ 40-50.

Separate swimming or work in the company - which is better?

  • work on the company assumes earnings in the order of 20-30%.The rest goes to the "pocket" of the company.Advantages: no need to search orders has social / pack, employment official, the work is always, you do not need advertising
  • When working on earnings will be 100%.But the orders you have to look yourself, not do without advertising, and social / pack nobody will provide.

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Self-education and training for the profession of interior designer

training designer

Choose one of the most prestigious jobs in the world - a little.We must also become an expert.

where they teach at an interior designer?

  • first - tests for career guidance.
  • not prevent art school.
  • Create a portfolio of drawings, graphic works.
  • Next - university and delivery of specialized subjects.
  • parallel development of the subject courses, on the Internet and so forth.

Where to go to learn?

  • State Art and Industry University.Stroganov (Moscow).Learn - 6 years.Donating have at least 10 drawings + very difficult competition.
  • State University of Culture and Arts (Moscow), Faculty of Design.Donating - examination in the specialty, the history of Russia, the Russian language.
  • State University of Service (Moscow).
  • Graduate School style.
  • National Institute of modern design.
  • Moscow Art and Industry Institute (ICEJ).
  • University of Moscow government (Mugu)
  • International Independent Ecological and Political Science University (MNEPU).
  • Moscow State Mining University (Moscow State Mining University).
  • University Russian Academy of Education (URAO).
  • Moscow State University of Technology and Management (MSUTM).
  • Moscow branch of the Russian International Academy of Tourism (RIAT ​​MF).
  • British Higher School of Design (BHSAD).
  • college of arts and crafts of the Karl Faberge № 36.

Pros learning in higher education:

  • more thorough training.Not 1-2 year courses, and 5-6 years of study.
  • Employment and the opportunity to practice / internship.
  • savings of Finance.

And if possible starting from scratch and with no preparation in high school?

possible.If you - a real diamond among designers, you have a queue of customers, and you are ready to work hard.Self-education - a serious thing.

you have to master:

  • Fundamentals of Architecture and Design.
  • The technology of construction work.
  • All necessary computer programs.
  • Lighting design.
  • theory of culture / arts.
  • Accounting.
  • Designing of furniture, etc..

Useful Sites for interior designers

best forum for designers (exchange of ideas, dialogue, consultation):

  • ads, competitions, forums.
  • and Country "rework" consultation forum "help room".
  • design issues to exchange views, designer Exchange, narrow-profile debate closed.
  • building character, search wizard, service offerings and buy / sell.
  • of views, advice on decoration, the work of masters, spetsforumy.
  • consultations, exchange of views.

other sites:

  • Useful articles on
  • Reviews of new products and recommendations on
  • interiors for inspiration on
  • news and reviews, links to blogs on design
  • Interiors at
  • catalogs

need a program for interior designer

Every project designer - a unique creative work, which had long been carried out on paper - were replaced by computers.Now, to help designers do not ink, pencils and rapidograph and graphics editors.With them is a multiple of the process faster, and easier to make changes.So, what should explore the designer? most popular programs:

  • 3D studio Max

Universal program for three-dimensional modeling of objects.

design 3dmax

  • ArCon

simple and convenient program for planning and design.

  • FloorPlan 3D

Pros: automatic calculation of area and determining the size of the projected facilities, a wide choice of materials and textures, the possibility of conducting material lists to export Excel, count the cost of the project.

  • 3D VisiconPro

domestic "response" to the German ArCon.

  • Sweet Home 3D

simple freeware program with more than just functional.

  • IKEA Home Planner

Option for interior design.Available elements of the interior - in the models of the company.Calculation.Even ordering furniture.

  • Design Studio 3D 2010

This program is designed to create simple projects.

  • Ashampoo Home Designer

Option for modeling and 3-dimensional visualization of the interior.

  • DS 3D Interior

options in case of "how to make a permutation."And DS 3D Designer of furniture or DS 3D kitchen designer.

  • Try on a Floor

program to create an interior: after downloading the photos at home, you can "try" to it flooring.

  • Color Style Studio

program to experiment with color.

  • Google SketchUp

Design interior.Video lessons.

also useful: Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Homestyler, SketchUp, 3D Room Planner, Sweet Home 3D, AutoCAD and ArchiCAD.