6 of the most fashionable and effective treatments for hair salon

By Admin | Beauty
13 March 2016

a beautiful and obedient hair dream of all.Brilliant, beautifully arranged and confusing locks - a fairy tale!But how can you achieve this result?In modern interiors provide a range of services to improve the condition of hair.

To your attention - the most effective treatments for the hair salon.

  • Keratinirovanie hair

This procedure is specially treated hair with a special compound.Which, in turn, enriched with keratin, a protein having an origin.Keratin is a real building material for hair, so you get after the procedure is not only smooth hair, and a protective layer, which protects them from external influences.

This procedure fits all owners of long hair, which bothered to deal with split ends and hair disobedience.After keratinirovaniya they become docile, soft, smooth and shiny.

The effect of this procedure lasts more than three months, but the price is a little bite - from 4000 rubles (depending on hair length).

keratirovanie hair

  • Elyuminirovanie hair

Under such a beautiful name hides the

procedure, the meaning of which is sparing staining using special funds with restorative effect.

During the procedure applied substance Elumen, from which came the name of the procedure.With this structure of the hair dye is restored and the hair roots strengthening.Color is saturated and lasts a long time.

procedure lasts about two hours, the result is visible immediately.Effect after the procedure elyuminirovaniya lasts from 1 to 2 months.

procedure costs 2,000 rubles.

elyuminirovanie hair

  • Enrobing hair

During this procedure, each hair covered with a layer of glaze with ceramides.The hair becomes shinier, obedient and natural hair color - brighter.The procedure can be both colored and colorless.

If you want to give your hair some particular color, you can say in advance about the master, and you do color frosting you to notice dramatic changes not only in the structure of the hair, but also in their color.

hair become more elastic, easy.This procedure is usually done models fashion houses before the displays to improve their hair condition and, if necessary, to paint without damage to the hair structure.Hair slightly thicken and create volume at the roots, so that sometimes not enough.

effect of the procedure is retained for about a month.

Price - 2000 rubles.

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glazing Hair

  • Screening Hair

This procedure is a complete hair treatment aimed at hydration, nutrition and givingshine.After the screening of each thread is formed thin shiny plyonochku, which protects the hair.

As part of the screening means to present a large amount of nutritious substances's Skin.As a result, women with dull and unruly hair becomes entangled acquire strong, elastic and shiny hair.

effect lasts about a month, the cost varies from 2 to 5 thousand rubles.

Shielding hair

  • Biolaminirovanie

This procedure uses the enormous popularity because it is fairly simple, and the result exceeds all expectations.Hair, who a few hours earlier had been dull, devoid of life and very thin, as if by magic become elastic, shiny and extremely smooth.

essence of the procedure - applied to the hair a special air- and moisture-permeable cellulose-based tool.Most often, this tool makes on the basis of dandelion juice.Experts say that the composition protects hair from all kinds of damage.

effect of Biolaminirovanie persists longer than a month.The cost of 3000 rubles.


  • Keraterm

This procedure is meant by a straightening of the hair with a special agent.This procedure also applies keratin protein, but unlike keratinirovaniya hair Keraterm straightens hair due to high temperature.

hair after the procedure looks smooth, straight, shiny.The procedure can help those girls who are tired every day to straighten utjuzhkom unruly and curly hair.

not necessary to carry out the procedure for pregnant and lactating mothers.

procedure lasts a maximum of two hours, and the result is stored up to 4 months.

cost 3,500 rubles.