10 Best nourishing creams against dry hands

By Admin | Beauty
14 March 2016

Claus, skin sensitivity, household chemicals, "wrong" water - what factors do not only affect the skin, "endowing" it cracks, chapping, dryness and allergic reactions.Source of the problem for each woman - his own, but its solution is usually the same - with a special hand cream.

your attention - the top 10 nourishing creams from dry skin hands.

L'Occitane shea butter

shea butter

  • Action: instant absorption, restoration, protection and dehydrated skin, rapid elimination of tightness of the skin and the preservation of the effect for the whole day.It handles even the driest skin!
  • pleasant but unobtrusive scent of jasmine and ylang-ylang.
  • Ingredients: almond extract, honey and shea butter (20%).
  • Features: complex action, natural composition, absorption without a greasy film, skin care preimum class.
  • Manufacturer: France.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • average price - about 1800 p.

Hand Cream Concentrated Hand Care

Hand Cream

  • Action: deep nourishment and softening of the skin, long-term preservation of its s
    oft and velvety, the rapid removal of peeling, redness, and "winter" allergies, soften even the most rough and dry skin.
  • pleasant, unobtrusive flavor.
  • It consists of antioxidants, micronutrients, penetrating deep into the skin cells and facilitate their rapid renewal, retain moisture components.
  • Features: Universal moisturizer options with and without odor, hypoallergenic, economical consumption.
  • Cons: sticky feeling of the film for some time after the application of funds, thick consistency.
  • Manufacturer: France.
  • Company - Neutrogena.
  • Suitable for dry and normal skin.
  • average price - 250-300 p.

Ultrauvlazhnyayuschy Topicrem


  • Action: deep moisturizing - quick recovery lipid balance, nutrition, prevention of skin dryness, cracking and protection from irritation, elimination of microcracks.It promotes skin regeneration.
  • lightweight, unobtrusive flavor.
  • Ingredients: 3% glycerol, oils, glycerol, 3% of urea.
  • Features: dermatologically tested, safely and effectively, a comprehensive solution to the problems of the skin - from dry to skin irritation and allergies.Quickly absorbed, long retains its effect.
  • Cons: modest volume tubes (fast ends).
  • Manufacturer: France.
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.It can be used for children.
  • average price - about 450 rubles.

Faberlic Zima


  • Action: restoration of the skin, healing power.Rapid elimination of the "winter" allergy "pimples", flaking and redness.Moisture retention in the epidermis.Improved blood microcirculation.
  • Ingredients: raspberry seed oil, oxygen complex Novaftem-O2, cocoa, shea butter.
  • Features: Budget cream can be used as a basis for make-up, does not clog pores, protects hands even after washing.
  • Cons: flavor for everybody.
  • Manufacturer: Russia.
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.Winter version of the cream.
  • average price - 100-150 p.

Natura Siberica protection and nutrition

Hand Cream Siberika

  • Action: deep nourishment, protection from the cold and other factors, active moisturizing, increase skin elasticity.
  • Light, pleasant scent of herbs.
  • Ingredients: Rhodiola rosea, D-panthenol, Daurian rose hips (oil), Siberian moss.
  • Features: high-performance organic cream that can be used for the hands and body, low cost, completely absorbed, leaves no stickiness.
  • Cons: absorbed for a long time - you will need at least 15 minutes.
  • Manufacturer: Russia.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • average price - 150-160 p.

H & amp; B Multi-Vitamin Treatment for nails and hands


  • Action: moisturizing, skin softening, the effect of lifting, firming - Prevention of their fragility and stratification.The neutralization of the harmful effects of detergents, protection from UV rays and fungi on the nails.
  • It consists of vitamins A, E and C, olive oil, chamomile aloe, Dead Sea minerals, tea tree oil, UV-filters, oil of sea buckthorn and shea butter, lavender and avocado, honey extract, D-panthenol, borage leavestea tree.
  • Features: soft texture, rapid absorption, softening cuticles, leaves no greasy film, improves skin structure.
  • Manufacturer: Israel.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • average price - 500 rubles.

Garnier Intensive Care Revitalizing


  • Action: healing of small cracks, restoring the water balance of the skin, protecting the skin from aging, soothing properties, the return of tenderness and softness of the skin.
  • Light aroma.
  • Ingredients: glycerin, allantoin.
  • Features: thick consistency, absorption rate - the average, the rapid removal of dry skin.
  • Cons: fragrance for an amateur, short term (up to 1.5-2 hours), in contact with the water washed away.
  • Manufacturer: France.
  • designed for dry skin.
  • average price - 150-170 p.

Dr.Scheller Protecting and restoring

et al. Scheller

  • Action: restoring skin elasticity, anti-sagging and negative external factors, deep nourishment.Elimination of irritation and "pimples", damage and redness.Moisturizing, restore elasticity.Regenerating properties.
  • light pleasant scent.
  • Ingredients: natural oat extract, panthenol.
  • Features: rapid elimination of redness, a reflection of UV rays, prevention of skin aging, ideal frost protection (the effect of "glove"), no greasy film.
  • Cons: long soaking.
  • Manufacturer: Germany.
  • designed for dry skin.
  • average price - 150-170 p.

Green Pharmacy Chamomile - soothing and regenerating

Green Pharmacy

  • Action: restoration of the skin of hands and strengthening of nails, soothing properties of skin regeneration, healing of fractures, protection from dryness.Soften and moisturize the skin.Protection against wrinkles.
  • Light aroma of herbs.
  • Ingredients: chamomile, vitamins A, E, F, allantoin, vitamin H and B, glycerin, mineral oil, keratin.
  • Cons: long absorbed the flavor for everybody.
  • Manufacturer: Ukraine.
  • designed for dry skin.
  • average price - less than 100 rubles.

Miracle Cure for Severely Dry Hands

miracle cure

  • Action: skin softening, protection from the cold and wind, the rapid elimination of dryness, redness.
  • easily, quickly erode flavor.
  • Ingredients: demitikon 1% collagen, ceramides, vitamin complex.
  • Features: eliminating redness, reliable protection from frost, no greasy film, economical consumption.
  • Cons: absorption rate - C grade.
  • Manufacturer: USA.
  • Designed for very dry skin.
  • average price - about 350 p.