Not all mice to be afraid of women!

By Admin | Life Style
13 March 2016

Show me a woman who does not like to spend time in an embrace with the beloved laptop.Once issued free time, we all run into the Internet: update the status of "VKontakte", chat with friends, listen to music and to find interesting film for the evening.Often you have to take a laptop on a business trip or holiday - hardly worth explaining why.This way of life requires a faithful assistant - a small bright-eyed and a wireless mouse that will take up very little space in your bag, "make friends" with any surface and conscientiously carry out their work.I recommend to pay attention to a nice wireless mouse Genius NX-6500 - a small, little red and ... "green"!


To begin with, it is probably the most female mouse in the world.She is incredibly compact, so comfortable in the hand, even the most elegant women.Such a device can be used not only for travel or sprawled lazily on the couch with a laptop - with a mouse, you can fully work all day.Moreover, the model Genius NX-6500 is provided in a red color th

at makes it has feminine.

As for the "green" of the device, it is, of course, about the energy-saving functions.Genius NX-6500 uses an infrared sensor with a low voltage.As a result, the mouse is powered by a single AA battery as much as half a year!This will not only save you in the long run on batteries, but also make an important contribution to environmental protection.Nowadays, each ejected battery brings irreparable damage to the environment.Not to mention that during the one and a half years did not even have to think about nutrition and breaking manicure, changing the battery.And when did the time comes to do so, the mouse notifies his mistress red LED flicker.

Genius NX-6500

manipulator looks attractive, not only because of the bright design, but also thanks to the rounded convex shape.By the way, you can use the device and right-handers and left-handers, as his body is completely symmetrical.On the sides are comfortable rubber grip (also red), so the mouse will not slip out of his hand.

red elements set off the glossy.They are not very much, so worry about fingerprints is not necessary.

Works Genius NX-6500 from a tiny USB-receiver.It is so small that it can not be removed from the notebook even during transport: the receiver will not break and will not subsequently function worse.And the chances of losing it literally reduced to zero.Signal transmission occurs at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, and noise-immune duplex technology ensures stable reception at a distance of 10 meters from the source.

For smooth cursor immediately respond infrared sensor with a high resolution of 1200 dpi.This is the best indicator for Internet surfing, games and simple majority of other tasks.If the future owner is not a gamer or a professional designer, Resolution Genius NX-6500 it will be enough.Unlike optical sensors, infrared less picky when running on non-standard surfaces: the mouse can be used not only on the table, but also on the fabric or leather sofa, and then placing the magazine in place mat.


Finally, the keypad provides only three buttons - right, left and scroll wheel: no extra controls, which are unlikely to be useful for common tasks, but would make the price tag is not so pleasant.

Mouse Genius NX-6500 is certainly very practical and could easily be any mouse.