13 gifts and surprises his girlfriend on March 8

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14 March 2016

is looming ahead is the most difficult for the men and women of the most anticipated day - March 8.Men advance clutching his head - something to surprise their women at this time?Spirits were flowers were candy - corny movie tickets all the more, swimming with dolphins - expensive makeup - a full house, and for gold rings are not enough fingers.Than to please your favorite?To your attention - 13 variants of surprises for the beloved.

  • pet

Each girl has something of a capricious child who really want to see dreams come true.And for many unfulfilled childhood dream (or is already quite mature and conscious) is a pet.For one, this dream looks like a tiny puppy that is placed in a glass, for another - a cunning and a fantastic Huskies, for the third - the Egyptian cat, for the fourth - naughty mink, and so on. Before March 8 every man has a chance to become a little magician.Give the girl her dream.

  • Sweets

Well and where without them?Anywhere!Life should be sweet, and preferably every day

.Primitive cakes and a box of chocolates - right side.Be original!If the cake - just order it in a candy store.Let it represents your feelings or character (hobbies) your girl (or even a hint of the future marriage proposal?).Let a sweet surprise will be unusual - a huge basket of fruit and sweets favorite girl (such a cart is exactly no upset!), A bouquet of chocolate eggs (if your pet loves Kinder Surprise), a large chocolate sculpture custom box with curly ginger or pechenyushkamitrue colors of candy.

  • Author's book

your girl writes prose?Or poetry?Dreams of his book?Surprise her this author's book.Consider the cover, make the printing minimum circulation and send favorite courier for March 8.However, if you want to make a surprise, then you have to take care in advance - what a girl wants to issue, and how these materials are quietly "tisnut" her to publish.

  • portrait on canvas

original surprise - and a pleasant gift and interior elements.Several options: a portrait of yourself (if talented), to commission a portrait of the artist (for photos), or simply order a print on canvas, the benefit of today lack such services are not.And not necessarily to copy the photo of the girl.Include imagination!Let the canvas looks at you Empress, an English lady with a cup of tea or a rider on a black horse - today it is fashionable to combine classic and modern.

  • 3D lamp

One of the modern interior design novelties: Lightbox or wall lamp, on whose surface - light scattering poster together with your photo (or a photo of your girl).Almost three in one - a fashionable lamp, interior and photo pictures.Instead 1st great photos can be used hundreds of little, or no art portrait - it all depends on you.


  • pillow with your photos

touching certainly pleasant and useful surprise for a favorite - even with a pillow to sleep it will be with thoughts of you.Design cushions - it's almost "album", which collected together your best photos.Only by ordering a gift, make sure the fabric is natural, not paint "will flow", and hypo-allergenic filler.


  • Fotokristall

Commemorative thing, element of the interior and really exclusive gift that is not very expensive - let it be able to afford every man.This is a photo of his girlfriend a present inside a glass crystal (if desired - a backlit).Photos can be color, but the most realistic black and white 3D-drawings.Do not forget the labels, greeting!


  • lamp moon

great gift for the romantic girl - a real personal moon, so even with the remote control.The atmosphere of "heavenly" comfort, soft moonlight in the bedroom and even the ability to manage "phases of the moon" at their discretion.And most importantly - no impact on the health of the tides.You promised his beloved the moon and all the treasures of the world at her feet?Start from the moon.

Moon Lamp

  • Frying pan with smiles

Positive utensils for young (and not so) housewives.Merry pan to lift the mood: pancakes, emoticons (or scrambled) absolutely cause a smile in the morning with relatives and friends.Of course, the main gift this pan should not do it - just as a joke (well, useful thing "in reserve"), otherwise these emoticons printed not only on the pancakes.

Frying pan with smiley

  • Homemade apparatus for making cotton candy

have your girl this yet?So, it's time to make it a surprise!Well, what girl does not like cotton candy?Few give up this high-calorie, but a pleasant sweetness.And such a pleasure now, not only on holidays in the park, and right at home.We can say the device to generate smiles.It weighs no more than 2 kg.That is, the device can easily be transported with you to the cottage or on a picnic.Yes, and the house party atmosphere never hurts.

Apparatus for candyfloss

  • Bouquet of toys

Surprise girl a bouquet of flowers is almost impossible (unless it is a bouquet of snowdrops in midwinter), but a bunch of toys exactly slay your favorite spot.Bunch, who never wither, and be sure to give the mood as young freshman, and a young mother - from teddy bears, rabbits, or other charming toys.This bouquet can be ordered to buy out the proposed on numerous sites of gifts or to make their own (for example, filled chocolates bouquet base).

Bouquet of toys

  • Still - flowers

Like it or not, and without them the March 8 and March 8 at all, as well.Even flowers can become an original surprise, if we approach the issue from the imagination.For example, fill the room with your favorite flowers (expensive, but effective), or use the "industrial climbers" and "knock" to favorite right into the window with a huge bouquet of her favorite flowers and a bunch of balloons (if she lives on the 1st floor of climbers can benot to invite).Also, do not forget about the toys, flower heart or flower in the glass.Incidentally, the last option for men pragmatists - the flowers are placed inside a glass vessel in a vacuum.They do not need care, and the freshness of flowers is maintained up to several years.

  • clutches in a Loaf zip

original and fun gift for a girl with a sense of humor.Even if used for its intended purpose clutch will not (yet not every girl will be decided on a walk with a loaf under his arm), there definitely use it.If a loaf - it's too "epic", you can give your favorite clutch as watermelon or banana slices.And for serious girl - intelligent clutch of books.

Clutch Baton

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