Director himself: how to filter content that children watch?

By Admin | Life Style
14 March 2016

We still remember the days when cartoons were waiting all week, and the TV program was subjected to scrutiny.Today, children's channels offer a transfer to suit all tastes, and children, of course, like: they can easily spend a whole day in front of TV.But moms and dads have to take great care that the child looks.

MediaGuideReplay Toshiba has come to the aid of responsible parents who want their children to correctly attach to the television culture.Japanese experts have learned to analyze the preferences of TV viewers and make them individual television program.This function is called MediaGuideReplay, and its support Toshiba TV line L74.Parents just need to create an account for a child, and then a "smart" TV handle himself.He remembers that the child loves "Happy trains from Chaggingtona" writes all series of cartoon and make a list of recommendations to the view - certainly the young lover like railways and other cartoons on this subject.If parents prefer to focus on developing programs, MediaGuideReplay certai

nly take this into account and will select them in the etheric grid.

¬ęSmart" TV Toshiba analyze the transmission from the first day, and eventually learn to better recognize and anticipate the desires of a small audience.Soon the child will be your personal channel with separate convenient menu, which contains his favorite cartoons and programs.And if a son or daughter interested in another gear, use the Personal Video Recording, which records television broadcast at the touch of a button.

profiles and personal channels created for all family members, and small, and adults.With Toshiba TV dad and daughter will not have to argue that choose: a new series of "Little Pony" and football news.While my daughter looks cartoon, smart television newscast will keep fresh in my father's profile.The end of the struggle for control!Now no one will miss your favorite programs and will be able to watch them at your convenience.

And even if there were no etheric grid transmission that would be interested in a little fussy, it does not matter!"Smart" Toshiba TV connected to the Internet and supports its own "cloud" service, which means that all of the variety of online movies and videos will be available directly from the TV screen.

Now small audience at any time be able to see something new and interesting, and the parents will be sure that the children spend time with pleasure and benefit.In addition, they will no longer have to study long to find a TV program or cartoons online television will take it upon themselves.The child is busy, the adults are free, thanks to "smart" technology Toshiba!