How to congratulate on March 8 his girlfriend to a holiday to remember?

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14 March 2016

That does not suffice for it to be completely happy?As her surprise and please?What is to come up to March 8 did not become just another holiday, when it can not wash the dishes?These issues are given every man who sincerely want to see genuine joy in the eyes of his beloved.

Even the most pragmatic realist with principles such as "hate hate this March 8" always waiting for a small miracle.Something special.To not just flowers and a gift in a box, and the soul felt.

How can congratulate beloved to March 8 she remembered forever?

  • Plan ahead for holiday

not in a hurry, did not return calls for work to dedicate this day to her, his beloved and unique.

  • Stand before it

Bouquet of flowers

Let her wake up from the rustling of a bouquet of flowers on the pillow, aroma, your kiss and "Good morning, darling."Do not forget to coffee - buterbrodik with caviar or strawberry cream (well, you know - that most loves your woman).

  • woke up, had breakfast, smiled, cheered?Please send in your favorite salon

advance to make her the procedures for which it did not have enough time and money usually, but who would very much like (massage, manicure, fashionable hairstyle and so on.).Or at least one of these procedures, if there are restrictions on the festive "budget."


  • Would be great if your woman before the release of the apartment will find little surprises along the whole route to the bathroom, the kitchen, etc..

not necessary at every step to overwhelm her with diamonds.More valuable are your attentions from the heart - chocolate under the pillow, greeting on the mirror in the bathroom, "You've got the most beautiful!", Her favorite candy, suddenly found in his coat pocket, a note on the front door "A kiss?" And others.

  • further - it's time for fun

It all depends, again, on the budget - a lot of options.For example, a trip on a hot air balloon.Extremely cool, exciting.Gather blanket, wine and glasses.Or a romantic dinner on the roof.And you can book a sauna for two, remove the VIP room at the cinema or take a plane ticket and jerk to another city, there to sit in a cozy cafe.You can sit in the usual cafe in the city, only to come up with any unexpected surprise.For example, it is possible to agree in advance with a friend who pretend visitors cafe.And go, each of them will fit your girl and give her a bouquet with the words "the most beautiful girl in the world."

  • Gifts should not be just giveaways

They should be surprises!If a box of chocolates, then let it lie within a small box with earrings.If it is a toy, let her be hidden pocket movie tickets or a ticket to the sea.

Box of candies

  • All the places you plan to visit, reserve in advance!

Places in the cinema or a restaurant, tickets to the compartment or on the plane and so forth. In order not to spoil the party force majeure "no vacancies".Every detail has to be thought through.

  • One option to surprise his woman - a cartoon about it

original gift that any girl would be delighted.By the way, the story you can think of your own.In the wallet, of course, strike, but if there is some kind of ability, the cartoon can be done independently.Or record a song for her.Or at least to make a video - cutting of your collaborative video, with music, with warm comments (this can be done in a normal program).

  • Drawing

Engage your friends from the traffic police, or simply arrange them in advance.The traffic police stopped a car for a long time and "squinting" check documents and strictly asked to leave the car.Wait favorite hysteria is not (otherwise the rally will end heart attack), so the "traffic cops" can congratulate chorus girl and suddenly held out a bouquet (you have to buy in advance), to wish her a happy journey with the words "This is not a beauty contest you wonLast year?".

  • But the evening - it is only for two

matter - at home you spend it, in the countryside near the fireplace cozy hut on the beach or abroad.Let it be a mini-fireworks display in honor of the beloved (if there is no money, the flapper is also nice with a surprise - to be fun and touching), candles and wine glasses that were released into the sky balloons.It was at night, leave the main prize (up to you) and feel free to their senses and experiments.

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