14 best gifts for February 23 favorite guy

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15 March 2016

Every girl, choosing a gift to his young man who wants to surprise and please him.The aim of the search is such a thing, which would be used and the guy did not leave the subject of collecting dust on a shelf.Gifts - shaving kit, socks and underwear - become commonplace and predictable.

consider the best unique gifts for the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, which you can buy for a loved one for a small fee.

  • Table diskoshar

lamp is suitable for home parties.Plug it in, you will see a room with colored lights blazed.Also present will be the creative mirror ball.When you turn it starts to rotate, and giving him a light source, the entire room will be brilliant highlights.Hang a mirror diskoshar easier - there is a special attachment.For more festive effect on the ball can be directed light sources.

Table diskoshar

  • Mug

perhaps even a mug can make unusual.If you want to have the young man thought about you often make a mug with your joint photo.As soon as the guy will drink tea, will be thinking ab

out you, about your relationship and happy moments captured on a photograph.A perfect gift for February 23 will also be a mug with fun, comic inscription or with the original design.For example, a circle, a battery, an indicator showing the charge.As it is possible to determine how much is left of the beverage.

  • Diary

notepad with the words "plan to capture the world" is perfect for a smart guy who puts in the life of great purpose.A diary "My brilliant idea" push your young person to the creative approach to any business, whether it's school activities or work routine.

  • coughing ashtray

great gift that will eventually cause your boyfriend to stop smoking.Ashtray looks like the human lung.It built a special electronic sensors that react to half-smoked cigarette.From the ashes and heat the unit starts to cough badly, and even cry.A good gift, hinting about the dangers of smoking on the human body.

Coughing ashtray

  • Phone Case

today not to meet a man who would not be free.Knowing the cellular model of your favorite, you can purchase it cover to your taste and color.By the way, order it with your co-photos, too real.

  • compact usb-vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard or computer

This amazing gift is powered by usb-port of the PC or laptop and has a removable nozzle, thin, which is excellent for removing dust from between the keys of the keyboard.Of course, your favorite will be glad such a gift, because his workplace is always clean and tidy.By the way, the suction power of this technique, and the average is 250-480 watts.

  • Umbrella - original, and at the same time - a simple gift

Choose umbrella young man difficult.Color, usually black.The manifestation of your creativity is to select the handle of the umbrella.For example, an umbrella with a handle katana like any guy who loves games and movies with a samurai theme.

  • Board and other games

If your man likes to come home now, give him a board game "Mafia" or "Uno", "Air Hockey" and "Twister."These popular games will create a fun atmosphere, and your mutual friends will definitely not be bored.

Air Hockey

  • Headphones

As a rule, young people are not even part with headphones lying down to sleep.Treat her boyfriend, give him February 23 unique headphones with different tips.For example, a smiley face, skull, bolts or bananas.Wearing them, the guy will be bananas from the ears stick out.Funny, is not it?But his family will be immediately clear that he does not hear them.

  • Points

accessory designed motorist.Buying a present special polarized glasses, you will save your young man from the accident on the road.Accessory eliminate glare in the sun or those that are reflected from snow, water or the headlights of oncoming vehicles.

  • sneakers

Creativity gives shape to this gift.You can purchase sneaker-tanks that will just feast on the subject.By the way, you can link them by yourself, thus showing their concern for the beloved.A inveterate motorist can give slippers with flashlights in the form of machines.Convenient and comfortable sneaker illuminate the room when walking.

  • unusual world map or globe

Traveller exactly like such a gift.Using a coin, the young man will erase the protective layer on the map or write marker on the globe, at the same time celebrate the country he visited.Submit items can be in a room or office.Opening your guy will see all relatives and family.

Unusual World Map

  • book or e-reader

Knowing the preferences of a loved one, you can give him a cognitive gift.If he spent all his time at work, pay attention to literature, to be associated with its activities.If he is still in school or another institution, note the fantastic knigi.Fantastiku also read many gamers.By the way, if you are not sure about your hobbies Man, you give him a certificate to a bookstore in which he himself will be able to buy what he wants.

  • gift certificate or card

You can buy them in a sports shop, pub, restaurant, brasserie, home appliances and digital electronics.If you do not know what to give this surprise will be selected straight to the point.The young man himself to decide on purchase and pay for it using cash a certificate or a nominal amount on the map.In addition, you can purchase a certificate for any activity, such as archery, karting or visit the fitness center.

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