10 best gifts for Valentine's Day girlfriend

By Admin | Relations
15 March 2016

Very soon come forward to all lovers day - 14 February.Valentines Day, flowers and sweets, surprises and confessions of love.Even hard-nosed "conservatives" (which recognize only native Russian holidays) that day thawed and fried eggs soulmate in the form of heart.Of course, every girl is waiting for February 14 a small miracle from his beloved.How to please her, and that you can give?To your attention - the top 10 gifts for a favorite for February 14.

  • Courier-Cupid.If February 14 your girl studying or working, we will send a courier directly to the classroom or on the job.Prepare in advance a huge fantastic bouquet of flowers, write a message for loved ones who have to read the courier, adding beautifully wrapped gift - and let the whole world wait and girlfriends will be jealous!If your beloved on this day is free - organize for her chat with her friends somewhere in the cozy cafes and submit to the courier.If you have enough money, you can organize your music remote congratulations - to negotia
    te with the musicians and complete gift favorite song girl.And in the evening to congratulate your favorite person.


  • video greetings. create it with the help of friends.Writing greeting in freestyle form or in verse, then write short clips (for the camera), where each of your friends are reading part of congratulations (the more friends - the better).Next, combine all clips in one video editor, add at the end of congratulation from his face, do not forget about music and ... send favorite.You can replace the song lyrics, if you have the capacity and creativity.
  • Situation. more surprises!For this gift you have to agree in advance with his friends, which is your favorite does not know either with the staff of the holiday agency.The essence of the gift - the unexpected surprises.Outlines a pleasant evening in a cafe and push him by judicious route - on foot, of course.Suddenly, a man comes to you with a bouquet of flowers - brings the girl disappears (within the bouquet sure to fasten the mini-card with congratulations, anonymously or from you - you decide).After 100-200 meters - banner greeting.Of course, congratulations to you.After a further 100-200 meters a new surprise - a stranger with a bottle of champagne and 2 glasses (for you).The number of surprises depends on your ability.
  • «Oh married unbearable." If you are mature enough to make your favorite offer - now it's time for that.Just ring - corny and "for show".But a marriage proposal in the day - every girl's dream.The main thing - to choose the right place for presenting gifts.Let it be anything unusual.For example, at the height of bird flight (during the walk over the town by helicopter) or on the beach (if you can take a couple days off and fly to the tropical island).If you have enough money in your wallet just for lunch in the restaurant - a favorite arrange a romantic dinner on the roof.Now the organization of mini-festivals are engaged in many agencies.


  • quilt. Each "flap" - a photo frame of your life together.Independently make such a gift does not, therefore please find the company that can help you realize this surprise.Photos simply transferred to the fabric, and have already created the world's warmest blanket that will be an unforgettable gift for your favorite.The main thing is make sure that the fabric was of good quality, otherwise your gift then "float and will shed" in the wash.
  • toy flower. This surprise can be ordered in any contemporary florist shop.Bouquet - is too trivial.But toy flower, showing the whole range of your feelings - the most it!This can be a teddy bear or a big heart made of flowers, guitar (if a girl is interested in music) or the different floral shapes, the symbolism of which is known only to the two of you.A nice bonus to this gift - box with tropical butterflies.Opens your favorite cover and the butterflies fly out of the box.In the midst of winter.A beautiful and romantic gift - appreciate any girl!Just specify in advance all the details of the "awakening" of butterflies (cold they sleep, and a box is usually heated in a warm place in the heart, for example).

Toys from flowers

  • Give your favorite memories. This holiday, which she will never forget.Boxes of chocolates, dinner at a restaurant and gold "bling" are forgotten very quickly.But paragliding, quad racing or a romantic evening in Paris - is a dream.By the way, do not forget about the certificates - even the most modest girl will be happy to receive a gift certificate for a spa massage, a relaxing chocolate bath for dance lessons and so forth. In general, to be a favorite kind Fey.
  • handmade gift. It can be (in the absence of funds) and make your own, and you can, again, turn to professionals.The surprise could be handmade soap with your names, registered two clubs "for two" or custom jewelry, especially for the beloved - engraved and specific pattern.
  • Your girl has long dreamed of pet? Buy a puppy of her dreams, put in a gift box, the trailer to the collar with a greeting card to surprise and leave the door of his beloved.Just choose the right time - the better to put the box in just a few minutes before the arrival of the girl and check that this "package" got it exactly.If you already live together - it's much easier.Surprise can be placed beside the bed in the morning, or just put your favorite puppy in bed with her awakening.
  • personal website for free. your favorite writing prose or poetry spoiled, a keen photographer or needlework?Or maybe she sews beautiful costumes for dogs, and do not know - how to sell them?Or is it the artist writes wonderful paintings and even gives master classes?Give her personal website - will let her "calling card" and an additional opportunity to "earn".