How to draw a husband or boyfriend from the computer - 7 female tricks

By Admin | Relations
16 March 2016

with computer addiction in men today know a lot of women.On the basis of this relationship crumbling relationship fall apart "family boat", disappears completely understanding, cease participation father in the upbringing of children.Computer addiction has long put experts on a par with gambling, as well as drug and alcohol addiction.How can divert a spouse from the computer and prevent the process of getting used to the virtual world?

  • intimate conversations


If your relationship is still at the stage when a man catches your every word, and even a day without you - it is flour, it will be simple enough to explain to him,in the real world is much more interesting, and to compete with the computer, you are not going to.If you are eloquent, the spouse will like and a bad habit will come to naught, and has not appeared.On a solid phase (when the couple already a little tired of each other, and the passion of youth subsided) intimate conversation, likely will not bring results - we need a more

radical methods.

  • ultimatum - "either the computer or I┬╗

Hard and ugly, but it can help.

  • Copy the behavior of the husband

He shrugs off Home Affairs, comes to bed to 2-3 m night and immediately falls asleep in the morning, instead of kissing vyhlebyvaet tea and immediately runs to the computer, it does not deal with children?Do well.Children, of course, continue to feed / clothe / to walk (they are in no way to blame), but her husband, "sweet" may be deprived.Engage in your personal affairs, and completely ignoring her husband, and her chores.After a week or two, he might get tired there sandwiches, wearing a dirty shirt and do "not sweet."Then the moment will come when you will be able to discuss the problem and find a common solution.However, if the relationship is strong, this option also may not act.

  • Fight fire


option that combines the previous two.Driving the action is simple - sit down at your computer yourself.Suppose that you now it fishes from the virtual world requires a return to the family and psycho from uncertainty (you never know what you're so busy out there).Once reaches boiling point, put an ultimatum - "do not like?That's me, too! ".Let feel in your skin.

  • poured into its "sphere of activity┬╗

That is, start playing (to sit in social networks and so on.) With him.We get carried away to such an extent that he was frightened and refused to use the computer in real life.This option often works, but there is one drawback - you can immerse yourself so much that you have the very "treat" of computer addiction.

  • Full lock

There are different ways.For example, set a password to log on to the web.If the spouse is not strong in this case, the focus on "system glitch" would be the best.However, not for long.Sooner or later, the husband finds out all he ever sort out these "subtleties".2nd version cardinal - disconnect the electricity (or just "accidentally" pull the wires from the router, etc.).3rd option (if familiar Electrical) - turn off the light (the Internet) at the very moment when the husband usually sits at the computer.It seems like you are here and there is nothing, and at the same time, the husband is free and is provided to you entirely.Less: if it is repeated regularly, the husband decides the problem quickly - or will deal with electricians, or buy a modem.

  • seduces the wife


here already - who at that fancy enough.Will it supervkusny candlelight dinner, erotic dance or daring seduction directly at the computer - it does not matter.The main thing that worked.

  • cultural program


Every day at the same time that her husband after work using immersion in a virtual world, plan an interesting event.Tickets to the theater's wife hardly interested, but airsoft, billiards, the last row of the cinema, bowling or go-karting - it can work.Every day, invent something interesting and exciting, and do not forget to remind his wife - you miss him in real life.

  • And finally ....

If the husband spends time at a computer for work or reading the news - there is no sense of panic.It is better to learn to take your time so that you are not offended by the lack of attention to her husband.That is, to become self-sufficient.
If the husband's relationship, and not something that children have forgotten what it looks like a normal dad, but also on the work of a spouse is not seen for 2-3 months, then it's time to talk seriously and fundamental changes in the family.

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