13 most popular hobbies of men - how to treat male hobbies , and whether they can destroy the relationship ?

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16 March 2016

Every man has his hobby - one every weekend get away on a fishing trip, the second pushes ships in bottles, the third to cut a jigsaw, and in between jumps with a parachute.At first glance, all these hobbies, his majority, it is harmless.However, as experience shows, many family boats go to the bottom of men's interests.What hobbies men can be dangerous for the relationship, and what to do?

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  • 13 most popular men's hobbies
  • How to respond to men's hobbies?

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13 most popular men's hobbies and interests - and what your husband is interested?

Men hobbies can be divided into several categories: harmless, threatening the health, devastating the family budget, which destroy relationships.Versed in most popular kinds of hobbies and the level of danger ...

  • Extreme "adrenaline" hobbies
    These include skydiving, rock climbing, auto racing , rafting on the rapid river kayaking, etc.. The level of financial danger for the family budget depends on the degree of en
    thusiasm (once a year on holidays or every weekend, and "all on the highest level, including the equipment"). family happiness such passions can harm only in a few cases - if the spouse is constantly offended thather "again did not bring" Bed and be cold if too much money is spent, if the wife gets tired of sleepless nights near the phone ("Is there alive, my dear ...").The excitement of his wife, it is worth noting not unfounded - the ribs, collarbone and broken legs often.
  • Hunting
    Urban women are not always able to evaluate a hobby.The very thought of the murdered "little animals» caused consternation , and the gun has the right to hang on the wall only as an element of decor.Of course, peace in the house where her husband - a hunter, and his wife - a devout follower of the "Greenpeace" will not.
  • Banja
    quite harmless and even beneficial to health "hobby" if bath day once a month with friends not converted into bath holiday every week with many hours "swims" and the consequences of other people's perfume fragranceon favorite bristles.
  • Fishing
    Passion harmless, relaxing and even relieve stress, and many modern wife to her husband's pleasure to share this passion.What could be better than a weekend at the river with her husband , quiet sound of oars, the fish on the fire ... Another thing is when a spouse rides fishing every weekend in "splendid isolation" or on a "fishing - it is for men," andthey have caught fresh fish gills reason not red, and "hook" at times has to soak in the local STI clinic.
  • Football
    this man's passion is not pereshibit nothing.Even if you buy a super-erotic lingerie and her husband will dance strip-dance on the table, he did not see you - "well as football, Zin!".I enjoy classical and harmless.Of course, if the spouse does not fly for his team throughout the world.Options a bit - to accept, start rooting for a team with him , find a hobby for himself, that was not so sad.
  • Modeling
    That is, creating models from scratch ships , cars and so on. What would a "child" not play, as they say.Harmless, not expensive, calming.The whole apartment is littered with?Give friends.Or sell (extra money does not come in).
  • Billiards
    great way «detente" for the man. course, a little like a wife that her husband every evening after work exhausts balloons luzam in a foreign company.But there is always a way out: a billiard table can be delivered at home.And play with her husband (if space allows).If the husband refuses on principle to such a purchase, and continues to disappear in the evening, then a list of his hobbies has grown considerably.
  • Maps
    harmless hobby can be given only in two cases: if a man playing cards in the company of friends on holidays with his wife, or "strip".In all other cases, unfortunately, card impoverish families and divorce. Moreover, whatever - on the Internet, "paint pulechku" or a real poker table.Maps tightened losses annoying wins give false hope.If the cards are replacing real-life wife, the result is always deplorable - parting.
  • Blogging, writing
    Do not deprive the wife of such an outlet.This hobby, as a rule, does not bear any harm to the family. Writing is definitely addictive, and sometimes a plate of dinner had to bear her husband directly to your computer, but it is an ideal way to relieve stress, to throw out the emotions, to share with the world their thoughts.If you are hurt and shame - Start your own blog too, or register at one of the literary sites.Kill two birds.
  • Programming
    «Lovers code" - is virtually aliens .And if you come out of such an alien married mean to scare you red eyes, night "vigils" for computer and enthusiastic stories about the new program - is impossible.
  • Social networks, computer games
    word, virtual reality .If both spouses are obsessed with the virtual world, and peacefully co-exist at the same time - it's OK (until a certain time, of course).If the wife is forced to "cuckoo" in the real world alone, waiting for her husband is from another "shooter", from the social networks, the scandals are inevitable.Virtual reality can tighten so seriously that does not help even a psychologist.Therefore, this hobby is better to replace the other spouse - real and desirable joint.
  • Collecting
    About Psychology collectors written many articles.Collecting - passion and obsession , which can pass with time, develop into another passion or ruin to the ground.My husband collects labels from matchboxes or rare butterflies?The reasons for the unrest there.Collects rare cars?If the income allows - why not.Collects rare items, devastating the already modest family coffers?It's time to talk heart to heart.Collecting the detriment of the family sooner or later lead to quarrels.
  • Sports
    Healthy, Helpful, great hobby.Unless, of course, you also exercise , if you and your husband have time to dine together at least once a month if the sport (for example, bodybuilding) does not interfere with your love life.
  • Cooking
    can safely say - you are my husband and I were lucky.Because you always delicious feed, you do not have to stand at the stove, and she spouse plate for a much more interesting , than a bath, hunting and fishing together.

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How to respond to men's hobbies, so they do not destroy the family - advice women

  • Hobbies men - this is his testosterone. joy to experience more "child" of his hobbies, his personal need for harmony and harmony in the family (we are, of course, harmless hobbies, do not carry a real threat to the family).Hobbies - is unloaded and the nervous system, which also is good for a family sail boats.As well as a hobby - it's increasing self-esteem, that promotes career and supplement the family coffers.So before you put an ultimatum "I or a hobby," should think - and whether so it prevents you personally.
  • you do not like his extreme hobbies? Go with it - for two adrenaline always brings.Extreme inspires you?Go as his personal reporter.At the same time to supplement the family archive of new and interesting images.
  • Each of his "campaign" in a bath or a trip on a fishing makes you nervous?Jealousy gnawed from the inside, undermining confidence in the foundation of your husband?Is it worth it make her husband "sentence" in advance and to inspire myself that "many wolf feed ..."?If your anxiety is based only on the stamps "yes we know why men go to the bath and go fishing," it makes sense to think about - and it is strong love for your husband, if you allow yourself not to trust him.
  • Make an attempt to understand her husband and to participate in his enthusiasm. unlikely that he will be up against.Suddenly you enjoy it as a hobby that you can share this joy for two.Yes, and the role of "mentor" the spouse is likely to enjoy.
  • not focus on his wife and his hobby. Think about your hobbies.There is no need to stay at home and suffer alone, while her husband was "chopped" paintball or scribbling detectives, locked in the kitchen - Get him.Self-sufficiency has always saves a woman from unnecessary suspicions, fears and future family quarrels.
  • Do not cut each time her husband, when he returns from his vacation jealousy.If a man day and night "to convict" treason, then sooner or later he will think - "We must ever change, getting tired of what did not commit."

Popular men
And remember that from our women's whims, passions and weaknesses men are not always happy.But suffer.With all the shortcomings.Because they love.

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