Getting rid of drooping eyelids - operation or exercise?

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14 March 2016

Many women faced with such a problem, as the impending eyelid.Most people think that the problem is inherent only to women "aged", but also for young girls impending eyelid - a very unpleasant phenomenon, as it has the effect of fatigue and painful eyes.So, why this problem occurs and how it can be combated?

content of the article:

  • reasons drooping eyelids
  • change habits
  • massage technique
  • Exercises
  • Folk remedies
  • When the operation is necessary

reasons drooping eyelids - they signal the disease?

If the cause drooping eyelids lies in genetics, we can safely say that getting rid of this problem can only be with the help of surgery, but reasons may be others:

  • lack of sleep. The most obvious and easily solved problem.In today's world, the extra minutes of sleep - this is happiness, but in fact they are very strong influence on our body.Lack of sleep - the main cause drooping eyelids at young girls.Also, lack of sleep is manifested not only drooping eyelids, but also an increa
    se in the bags under the eyes.
  • Fast weight loss. 's face also has a skin that is pulled up by the overweight.With the dramatic weight loss skin droops a little, but this problem is solved by complex procedures and simple home exercises.
  • cheap and badly chosen cosmetics. Yes, it can cause the eyelids hang, because the makeup is not suitable for your skin type can go allergy.You should also ensure that funds care consisted mainly of natural ingredients.If you are not sure that the tool will not have an allergy, it is best to carry out the test on the wrist.If there is no itching or redness can safely use cosmetics for the eyes.drooping eyelids
  • allergy. often is not allergic to cosmetics and food.In this case, swollen eyelids - it is a normal reaction to an allergen.Clean the body and start the right eye care.

To get rid of drooping eyelids, change your habits!

often cause drooping eyelids is banal fatigue, or failure to comply with simple rules.So, what habits should buy and which to get rid of, to remove such a problem, as the impending eyelid?

  • Water - our friend. Every morning you should drink a glass of water to start the work of the body.During the day you should drink at least 8 glasses of water to maintain the water balance in the body.Often swelling appear over the eyes and under the eyes.Swelling may be a lack of, or excess of water, so as to remember - you can not drink for 2 hours before bedtime, or in the morning can "swell" the entire face, not just the eyelids.
  • Say "no" cosmetics. No, no, we do not ask you to renounce the use of cosmetics - just try to fully and thoroughly wash it before going to sleep to at night on your face, especially the eyes had no excess makeup that causes irritation.For better cleaning, first use liquid or lotion to remove makeup and then wash your entire face foam cleanser to clean before the end of the epidermis.Then apply a night cream on his face and a special cream on the eyelids - then you can not be afraid that in the morning will face swollen, and will hang forever.
  • Refusal of bad habits. You should give up smoking and alcohol, to be sure that the problem of drooping eyelids - the problem of poor lifestyle choices.Often eyelids hang only on the fact that the girl is not watching their health.Is it worth something only to give up a bad fried food that clogs blood vessels and prevents proper circulation of fluid in the body, give up smoking and alcohol.
  • Son. So, first you need to understand that, after 3 hours of sleep your ex's face is clearly not in perfect condition, so the pro fit and fresh skin of eyelids can safely forget.Learn how to sleep more than 7 hours a day.The next step will be the conditions of sleep - the room should be aired one hour before going to bed, the pillow should be sufficiently elastic to your head is slightly higher than the rest of the body, or in the morning except for drooping eyelids will still sick neck.

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massage technique for the impending century

Massage century problem still hover in the event that it is caused by a loss of skin tone, or a problem with blood circulation.So, how to correctly perform a massage A drooping eyelids?

  • Preheat the skin (best to deal with that steam bath), but you can do usual washing with hot water.
  • Apply to the skin around the eyes Eye Cream - it helps slip your fingers over the skin, and will not stretch the epidermis.
  • massage is done only ring fingers, to reduce the risk of stretch marks.
  • starts moving from the nose to the temple on the upper eyelid, and then reverse the movement along the bottom.Repeat this movement for 3-5 minutes.
  • massage is performed in the morning and evening and a week later will be seen a remarkable result.If
  • massage combined with exercise, the results will come very quickly.

exercises impending century

Another great remedy for the impending century - exercises.The eyelid can be trained just like any muscle in our body, so if you combine exercise with a massage, then by drooping eyelids can be removed in a short time.

  • workout. First you need to stretch our muscles, so as not to traumatize the skin and eyes.Just open your eyes wide and pat cilia.Then rotate the eyes in different directions.Following these simple manipulations can begin to exercise themselves.
  • Exercise 1. maximum wide open your eyes and for a 4-eh accounts remain in that position.Then zazhmurte and also counted up to 4.Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.
  • Exercise 2. Fingers eyebrows and put on hold their muscle begins to frown and try to keep his eyebrows.Be careful not to between the eyebrows began to form wrinkles.Repeat this exercise 10-15 times also.
  • Exercise 3. slightly pinched brow in the direction from the nose to the temple, with much straining muscles.Repeat 8-10 times.

Folk remedies to combat the overhanging upper eyelids on the eyes

Many love homemade recipes, so for them we have specially prepared some folk remedies, which are popular with women for many years, without losing efficiency.

  • Add half a cup of crushed parsley in a glass of water.Then warm up the liquid, but not boiling.Constantly stir.It is necessary to infuse fluid.After the infusion has cooled, pour it in molds for ice, and send in the refrigerator overnight.Now, every morning and every evening, wipe the eyelids of parsley ice cube - this is one of the most effective means to combat the impending century.
  • If you have a little bit of parsley broth, then it is possible to make wonderful gadgets.Just soak the infusion cotton pads and attach them to the eyelids for 10-15 minutes.
  • Another recipe lotions - on the basis of a sage.In the cup boiling water, place one tablespoon of dried sage.Infuse be about 3-4 hours, after which the infusion divide into 2 equal parts.One of the store in a refrigerator, and the other, on the contrary, warm.Next, take a cotton pad and first soak them in cold infusion attach for 1-2 minutes, then warm - and also attach for 1-2 minutes.Repeat this 5-6 times the contrast.Doing this should compress before bedtime every day and in a week you will see noticeable results.

When the operation is necessary when the impending century?

If impending eyelid caused by herniated or just lots of skin above the eye, such a procedure is blepharoplasty can help solve this problem in one session.Complications from this procedure is almost there, so nothing to fear.So, what is the procedure, and if it all fit?

  • Blepharoplasty - an effective way to eliminate drooping eyelids.During the procedure removes excess piece of the century and are closed with stitches, so that none of the others later will not notice any traces of the operation.
  • Some time will be uncomfortable and visually eye will look worse for a while.
  • Blepharoplasty will also help get rid of small fine lines that appear in women.
  • It should also be remembered that in addition to the cosmetic effect, blepharoplasty, and gives the advantage as improving vision.The terms of increased review and do not have to strain your eyes so much.
  • Contraindications: oncology, poor blood clotting, menstruation, skin diseases, diabetes, chronic and infectious diseases, inflammation, thyroid hyperthyroidism, increased intraocular pressure.