20 most beautiful tattoos with meaning for the girls

By Admin | Beauty
15 March 2016

Every girl once in my life thought about to put on his body tattoo.Naturally, not every female individuals can immediately decide on this serious step - should seriously consider its decision after weighing each "pros and cons".And while you're thinking, we will tell you about tattoos, which are now among the weak half of humanity are most popular.So 20 different tattoos and their meanings.

  • Birds

Sweet birdie on the wrist, or a whole flock of birds on the collarbone - this is probably one of the most popular tattoo among modern women.These cute tattoos are popular because of their value.

Birds associated with the element of air, are a symbol of freedom and of the Holy Spirit.Bird was the embodiment of the spiritual quest for perfection.


  • Lily

Lily is one of the most common symbols of the ancient world.Lily symbolizes purity, glory, nobility and innocence.Girls, stuffed lily (according to the prevailing opinion), attract the youth and wealth.This tattoo can also be construed as ten

derness, fragility.

However, the value of the tattoo can vary and depending on the color in which it is made.

So, yellow lily denotes pride and arrogance, white - innocence, pink - young and tiger - originality.


  • Dragon

tattoo depicting a dragon, the body of a woman is most often refers to the richness and mystery, wisdom and longevity, strength, however it depends on the application and type of dragon tattoos.The dragon depicted with five legs, denotes short life, so stuff like tattoos should not be.

In a general sense the dragon is neither anything good nor bad, but it is popular for many centuries and women continue to fill it.

One thing is for sure - while the dragon embodies all the elements - sky, earth, water and air.


  • Hummingbird

This tattoo - the personification of ease, trepidation and tenderness.Tattoo depicting a bird is a symbol of joy and universal love.Also, this tattoo is energy, strength and well-being of its owner.

This tattoo is perfect for the young and determined girls who want to decorate your body beautiful and attractive image of a bird, a radiating positive.


  • Cake

cake at all associated with the holiday, so the girl, having in his body tattoo in the form of cake, is considered to be a girl, holiday.If on top of the cake - cherry, it means that she likes to be the center of attention.

Such vivid tattoo If ye can see all the girls, who lead an active lifestyle, love to have fun, and never sit on the ground.


  • Octopus

Octopus often depict men symbolizing their love of the sea, but among women this symbol also enjoys great popularity.

In ancient times, people believed that the octopus rescues sailors from death.

The modern interpretation of an octopus is an eternity, longevity and commitment forward.

Octopus - wisdom and knowledge, so this sea dweller will be a great companion of the girl.


  • Seahorse

very mysterious inhabitant of the underwater world.This is a good sign, symbolizing the commitment and success in your endeavors.It is believed that the tattoo with the image of this "beast" can help to overcome all of life's obstacles and problems.

Most often this tattoo stuffed creative personalities who dream reveal a new thing.

sea ​​Horse

  • Anchor

Initially anchor tattoo stuffed pirates only to recognize each other.Anchor represents a permanent link with a high water, so people who live close to the sea, can easily fill his present tattoos as a talisman.

There are many different embodiments of the anchors, so each design can tell the person something different.It is important to know that the vertical bar indicates the yang (masculine energy) and the crescent moon feminine (yin), so this character will also bring harmony in your personal life.


  • Fox

In China, the fox is considered a symbol of longevity, so often this sense is put in to fill his tattoo.

White fox - a symbol of wealth and abundance.

tattoo fox may also contribute to the development of their own talents.

This tattoo can improve your ability to work and perseverance, as well as help to develop your hidden abilities.


  • Swordfish

tattoo with the image of the deep-sea dweller is a symbol of happiness, fertility, abundance, health and wisdom.In Japan, this fish is the courage, stamina, and vitality.

most common swordfish stuffed confident confident people who dream to reach their potential.


  • Owl

In the modern interpretation of a tattoo with the image of an owl symbolizes wisdom, joy, supreme intelligence.Owl is also a symbol of loneliness, so most likely the owner is enough melancholic and closed in itself.

Today tattoo with the image of an owl is a powerful and reliable talisman.


  • Wolf

One of the most popular and common image, executed in the form of a tattoo.At all times, the wolf worshiped and feared at the same time, however, it should be mentioned that this tattoo can have a very powerful energy.If

frivolous girl, she should not be to fill the wolf as a wolf monogamous, and the loss of his partner her whole life is dedicated to revenge.

On the other hand, a tattoo of a wolf - this is the generosity and wisdom.

So before to fill this tattoo several times better reflect this decision.


  • ship

ship has always been a symbol of wandering and travel.Most often portrayed sailors ships to land, they even remember about the sea, but among ordinary members of the fairer sex is also a host of carriers of the tattoo.

ship - a symbol of prosperity and commitment to change.Most often, ships (especially sailing) choose creative people are constantly looking for inspiration.


  • Perot

image pen - a symbol of lightness, of weightlessness and love of freedom.And the inspiration!

This image Body emphasizes femininity and inner strength while stored inside each girl.The owner of the pen on his body, of course, is attracting attention.

most common feather stuffed only one color, but a combination of different colors or images, for example, peacock feather looks as impressive.

Since the pen is also associated with the writers, the creative people are often applied to the body is drawing pen.


  • Watch

This pattern, which can be interpreted in different ways.On the one hand - a symbol of perpetual motion, on the other hand - a reminder of the inevitable end.If you are not afraid of death, afraid of tattoos, reminiscent of the transience of life, you do not need.

Many stuffed a watch with a certain time for them to remember some important event in their lives.

One thing is for sure - this tattoo carries a very large sense, so not every girl will dare it myself stuff.


  • gun

This hooligan image is popular among both young people and for young females.For girls it is a symbol of pride, self-sufficiency.

Most often it is the girls who want to go against the system, do not follow the rules and want to live free from stereotypes.

tattoo gun in a perfect match with any important to you inscriptions and colors, but if you fill the gun with a rose, in some circles, it means "blood for treason."


  • Star

among girls tattoo of a star is in great demand.This may be one small asterisk behind the ear, and can be a whole constellation on waist - all depends on the owner.

Star represents inaccessibility, mystery, and this symbol has no relation to any particular religion or nationality.

This tattoo helps creative people in the business, as well as success.


  • Crown

Image crown on the body - this is the dream of everyone's attention.Most of these tattoos show the high position of human society.

Crown symbolizes good luck and divine.

This tattoo can be seen very often, but if you met this girl with a tattoo, then you can safely assume that it is confident and knows what she wants from her own life.


  • Wings

This tattoo draws attention the most.Lightness, freedom and a complete spiritual freedom - that's what the tattoo represents a wing on his back.

Girls, stuffed like a tattoo usually have boundless energy and are able to turn the whole world upside down.

Wings - the desire to excellent, and this tattoo will help to achieve this goal.


  • Compass

Compass - one of the oldest tattoos that have magical properties.It is believed that the tattoo allows you to find your way of life and not to get lost in life.Compass - a symbol of certainty and balance.

For girls, this tattoo also means dedication and loyalty not only partners, but also his life.
If you dream of a "helper" -talismane, this tattoo for you.